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  1. BUMP! Teams from Finland - read - understand - repeat. Thank you.
  2. Cannonieris - For Spring League looking for a winger and a backup G Prefer a swe/fin wing Nationality of the goalie isn't that important PM @iSvamp, @KukaKaatoiJutin or @TuomoP83 if interested EDIT: G = ✔️
  3. 100% attribute edit like we had at old gen. More beards 13¨skates
  4. Team name: Cannonieris Team abbreviation: CiE Team captains (PSN IDs): i-Svamp (C), KukaKaatoiJutin (A), TuomoP83 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): esskay i-Svamp KukaKaatoiJutin Meicci Oukkigg Ranta83 Swahneen TuomoP83 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Cannonieris Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  5. Pga många minderåriga läsare kunde jag inte skriva med "övriga aktiviteter"..
  6. Men en kökskniv, utan SKIN? Expected more from the CS nerds! Where is the karambit Connor?
  7. 😏
  8. Just tell me who he is so I don't buy him alcohol by "mistake". 🙃
  9. Stockholm SUCKS! The only people that like "stockholmare" are from Stockholm. So to say 9 000 000 vs 1 000 000. @ahonaattori
  10. Money isn't that important tho. It can also just be a fun thing to do People also spending 700 euros for a trip to Magaluf with plans of getting laid and drunk. and coming home empty-handed.
  11. Well. Eki traveled to the states for some NHL?! Chiimeera did the same some years ago, "WAL" visited Russia in NHL 11 and played live EASHL. A trip with the boat to Sweden is a pretty easy ride compared to that. And - the Swedish teams will probably only take in the "top-players" that is available, and players that want to take that boat, be drunk, buy some snus, win some money, and the same ride back home again. And there is actually a thing going on here in the Swedish community with teams dodging players from Finland. (even the top players) - So I think we all can calm down. Fin teams will not take in Swedish players for eSM, just because they don't need it with the big amount of players available on your side of this community. Relax 🙂
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