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  2. **BUMP** - No goalies We want more names - We have now started doing tryouts, but want more names. ---- EDIT - we're done with tryouts and have found what we were looking for. Thank you
  3. "we" are looking for 1-2 long-term players. We're playing in ECL ELITE and eSHL (confirm will come). - we don't want any loan-players. - nationality isn't important. - no loans only for eSHL (it's doping), and nothing for us. Contact me, @Zip player or @Artuzio for tryouts
  4. Sweden have europes best 6vs6 team atm as we speak 😈🔥 That's something! But every swede knows that Linköping HC can't win titles as already mentioned 😙 --- @jtorro1233 förväntade mig dock Hytta Flames. Alla vet hur fantastiskt det kan vara en fredagskväll i januari! 😌
  5. Congratz boys! (I'm too lazy to read) but for how long? Kenu told us that swedish based organizations can't participate in eSM, FCL and IS - so what's the plan about that? Will Bert Robertsson be there at the live-event? Have they tested Surströmming yet?! Cloetta choklad till man of the match?
  6. Isindar! Jag vet vad du gömmer under matchtröjan.. 😉
  7. Annars? 😯 Okej, "tillfälligheter". Otur boys
  8. Scheduling problems with Peking/Sjukstugan/AIK/Syntax Error, whatever - never heard that one before. 😂
  9. Jag HOPPAS att P.Nilsson coachar på ett ev LAN. https://youtu.be/YzLzwFwD7bk Grattis!
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