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  1. Roster updated 2019-03-14 https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Cannonieris Forwards eeskay - (All pos) KukaKaatoiJutin - (W/C) MEICCIMOI - (W) Neazz1 - (W/D) TuomoP83 - (C/W) Defenders iSvamp (RD) Oukkigg (LD) Goalie Ranta83 -------- (POC) @iSvamp & @KukaKaatoiJutin (Still waiting for our logo - enjoy our Aquaman-jerseys)
  2. Cannonieris We're now having an age average of 31 in the team. Welcome! IN : TuomoP83 (From Speedy Bros Hockey) 7/8 ✔️
  3. if anyone wants to boost their team with some supercards for this tournament will I sell mine for...... 1000$ 4 lines, 4 dpairs and 1 goalie is what I can offer. It's totally worth it - or you can try to be lucky and buy them packs by yourself... 40 stockar ettan lös funkar också.
  4. Cannonieris IN : MEICCIMOI (From Mentula SKA) https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=3128 Welcome to the team! ----------------------------- And hopefully, can we announce 1 or 2 more players before this week has ended.
  5. Ah, my bad! 11 * FÖRLÅT! 😯
  6. But, you have 2 games in ELITE in your career, and Keski 30 - tell me how that can be an oportunity to ELITE?? 😌 How about "PRO"?? 😆 Just kidding. Good luck! 😊
  7. Cannonieris With some rally-english the year was 2011 and I was playing in one of the "top teams" at PS3. The GM we had wasn't satisfied with the goalie situation in the team and said that we needed add atleast 1 more goalie to even have a chance in the upcoming tournament. I said that I knew a guy who was talented in every videogame he could "stand still" in (he was a camper and a beast in Bad company 2, and some years before a semi-pro in CS 1.5 - probably camping there as well) - so I told this guy at work to buy NHL 12, and test to play goalie for us. We took him in on a tryout and he was bad as hell the in the beginning. But I convinced our GM to let him stay for some more days before he took a decision. It went well, he started to grind games in drop-in on his free time, he started to play with Americans with bad connection during the nights and slowly started to learn how to play goalie on a decent level. 3 months later was he one of the reasons that we had a record of 121-3-1 in EASHL and made it all the way to the final in EHL with the team called "IIONEII." How the final went isn't that important, but Foppatofflan (Grattis) and Willi won it for TUK in game 7. Later on did he won EC with us in OTP Heroes, and after the final did he followed us over to xbox360. He played 1 tournament for us in Unknown in NHL14, and was one of the reasons that we took our 4th straight EHL/EC-title that year. Last night did he played his last game for Checkmate (1 of 10 clubs during the years I have forced him to join), when they won the series against RES and climbed up to Elite (congratz boys). He's one of the goalies that have been in the top for almost a decade now, together with Dunza (from Synergy Hockey) probably one of maybe 4-5 goalies that have been in the top year after year, game after game - a true veteran so to say. We have had this old semi-fin on a tryout for over a month now, and after 36 games, with 28 wins, 11 shutouts and a saving percentage of 89% is it time to confirm him and say - välkommen tillbaka gubbjävel. FROM Checkmate (my hidden-gem) - Ranta83 ------------------- Some more confirmations will come during this week. But we're still testing guys at fw and D to find the best mix, so PM me or @KukaKaatoiJutin if you are interested. Xoxo
  8. Hansu! 🎩🙌🙏 WOW! Again, Congratz Seppo with friends! 🥇
  9. Cannonieris KukaKaatoiJutin (A) FROM Farminaattori esskay FROM Unity And more will come when our other players are out from the playoffs with their current teams. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Still looking for a starting centerman - PM me or @KukaKaatoiJutin if interested. We're waiting for a logo - but here is a picture of our ugly Aquaman jerseys.
  10. I forgot that we had them on this site now. My bad!
  11. iSvamp

    Welcome to the NACL

    "Someone" said it will come a finnish 6vs6 tournament before summer. Make ECL 9 happen instead.
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