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  1. iSvamp

    What do we do?

    I'm not stupid. 😂 it was just some bonus facts.
  2. iSvamp

    Free Agents - PS4

    Scanning the market I'm looking for 1: A Swedish team, div doesn't matter. or/ if there is no Swedish team to find 2. Any nationality, -||-. Swedish 27+ y/o Earlier clubs: Kow, IIONEII, Sons, Unknown, Nor, "Frosty", "Checkmate". Pos: Mainly RD, never ever Goalie. Old Gen: Okey Now: Decent Can play 4-5 days a week
  3. iSvamp

    What do we do?

    There is some voodoo going on Then My apartment in Jönköping: 26ms - 1369km from Dublin 1000/100 Fiber My parents' house in Örebro: 16ms - 1484km from Dublin 100/100 Fiber Now My apartment in Jönköping: 29ms
  4. iSvamp

    Free Agents - PS4

    Do you want to talk about it? 🤧 Edit: WE HAVE NOW TALKED ABOUT IT! let's see if we can get any progression.
  5. iSvamp

    ECL 8 Elite: Season Preview

    1. FILA 2. Butterfly 3. Written 4. Symph 5. Frosty 6. Dynasty 7. AIK 8. Rusty -------- 9. Unlucky this time as well. 10. DPH 11. A Famous 12. Synergy 13. Buck 14. Wildcard 15. Res 16. NOS ------ And it will not end like this. Just some fuel for the 🔥
  6. So, you killed the dog? and the pig is still alive?
  7. Nice to hear! but in what team??
  8. iSvamp

    Gotham Knights

    Transformers in Gotham? any decepticons?
  9. No, I really don't care about if "Old" teams are sticking together or not - that was a dream from NHLgamer, I have personally never supported the "franchise-dream" they had. there will always be some guys out there that wants to create something new -> let them do that, idc. The argument FROM "gamer" was to add divisions to force teams to build franchises. just saying that the effect was low. But with that said: you should never be able to join the highest division with a new team. I'm fine with PRO if the team has the skill for it. Lite will always be the division for a low skilled team, unknown guys or amateurs. (but we will always find good teams in that division as well) But there are teams out there that want to fight, but finding it hard to get new players (look at all the bumps in the thread for "teams looking for players" and the amount of Elite-teams that is giving up as fast as they get relegated.) ----> This franchise dream isn't working. Players know that it will take over 6 months until they can play in elite again, with a good run. and people don't want to take that fight. Same with players on the market that "Only searching for elite teams". (Yes, I know what I'm talking about in this case - there were only 2 guys out there from ELITE that asked us about a tryout before this tournament, and that was Ape and Connor - everyone else was like: "yeeeeees, but no - I belong in Elite", or "yeeeeees, but no - I want to play in Elite".) - and that's the story for many of the teams out there. but what if we had more tournaments every year, then should it still be a big chance for the teams to play this season in PRO, and in the next one be back in Elite - IN THE SAME FUCKING GAME!!! From Elite last season NOR -> Dead Rad -> Dead FCM -> Dead SIKA -> ?!?!?! (not dead yet) - Just haven't seen them anywhere.
  10. Still better than two. yes
  11. Okey. it's time for me with some rally English do something on this site without trolling. This site had a dream about "franchise teams" when they added the divisions some tournaments ago - how's it going NHLgamer??? This site is today talking about making this to an eSport, adding more divisions etc, but no one is talking about the format with two tournaments every year with 3 divisions, something that makes it hard for new teams to stay together (hard to get new players, because every free player is searching for a spot in ELITE or a free ticket with a top PRO-team, cuz they only have 2 opportunities every year to get to the highest division), and also makes us play this game competitive for only 6 months every year instead of 10-12. I think everyone knows the feeling between Mar and sep when there is nothing to play for, and the next tournament is 5 months away -> NHL is dead. New teams get created, the lego-knights from Finland is jumping around in the top-teams trying to find the best new (old) mix, teams are dying and pops up again. There are only 3 "Franchise teams" out there (from old gen) - Synergy, Northern Stars and 112 that still is playing together (sorry Written/SjK and Dynasty). This franchise-dream isn't working at all. Why not change the format? and also make it even more competitive? More tournaments/small tournaments every year! Like "Majors" or, let's call them "Gamers" to make it even more cringe. ---------------------------------------------------------- Maybe something like this?? Gamer Autumn (cute name) Group stage - Oct Playoffs - November December - Low season Gamer Winter Group stage - Jan Playoffs - Febr Mar - Low season Gamer Spring Group - Apr Playoffs - May June - Low Season GAMER SUMMER Group - July Playoffs - August Sep - Low Season (new game incoming) European champ = most won "Gamers" from sept -> august. (we can call them "Svamps" as well) --------------- Elite - 16 teams PRO - "40" Lite - rest (really doesn't matters) + 1. More tournaments -> more games -> makes it even more competitive. (maybe even a "light eSport" doh) 2. Every team gets a chance to play against the best and with the best every year 3. NHL will not "die" after the 2nd tournament (as it is today) 4. You don't need to wait for 1 or even 2 new NHL-versions before you can play in ELITE. With a good run can you actually start in LITE in September and be in ELITE for the 3rd tournament - if you deserve it) 5. Every tournament will matter. 6. 4 weeks break between every tournament. 7. this will not make "free playes" scared to join a team in PRO if there is a chance to actually build something good and then take the step up - 1. it's hard to play 4 tournaments with a small roster 2. YOU NEED TO PLAY DURING SUMMER (a problem if you're having a small roster.) 3. NO LONG tournaments, only small ones. 4 weeks for group stage, and 4 weeks for playoffs. --------------------------------------- Low seasons - there for teams to get new players and also play qualification rounds if there is a team dropping from any of the divisons. the admins will solve this part. Expected comments "we can't play during summer, have no motivation for that" - YES, YOU CAN! everyone is playing some EASHL here and there, and also summer cup during summer. And we're talking about making this an "eSport", if your motivation is the problem, will it always be allowed to play in the lower divisions. the "hardcore teams that is talking about eSport and contract with organizations will play". "We can't handle 4 tournaments with our amount of players" - GET MORE PLAYERS! "Our team will die with this format" - probably if you can't handle a bigger core, and can't give everyone ice time "this will kill many teams" - yes, Team ranked 1, 2 and 3 will be in need of more players (maybe not the NERDS/wadamove teams like Written and pleemakers team) and will probably take players from team 5,6,7-16 - but it will just make more players involved. And there are teams dying today with the format of ECL we're having -> Rad, Nor, FCM. "it's not fair that you need to win 2 or 3 "gamers" every year before you can call yourself a "champ"." - More legit than playing 2 tournaments with 2 different winners every year and a summer cup without any prestige. If it's enough for you to only win one of them, do it then. "are you drunk svamp"? - pyttelite --------------------------------------------------------------- I don't know if this is a good Idea, but I know that this format we're having today isn't better. Teams in LITE is asking for more games. Teams in PRO having problems with getting new players and teams in ELITE is dying. ------ Any other ideas? I'm free to listen.
  12. iSvamp

    Free Agents - PS4

    Instead of "UP" and "bumps"... Use this - I will delete/edit this post when I'm not a Free Agent anymore. Thanks xoxo