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  1. Jag HOPPAS att P.Nilsson coachar på ett ev LAN. https://youtu.be/YzLzwFwD7bk Grattis!
  2. Grattis boys! Men fy fa-an vad jag hatar FBK. 😅
  3. So, who are you guys facing in the first round? 😂 Will you stream it?
  4. Grattis pojkar! Otroligt skönt för alla HV71 supportrar att nu ha ännu ett lag att luta sig tillbaka mot när de inte riktigt vet vart de egentligen har hjärtat! 😎
  5. We killed the club last night as you can see above. ----------- Free agents - 2 for 1 Fw: amadee21 (winger) https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=2003 eSvamp (can take a backup spot - mainly RD) Looking for a team together ----------- Available between 19-23cest 5 days a week. Contact me for tryouts with both of us Swe/eng/fin doesn't really matter. EDIT: taken
  6. Team name: Cannonieris Team abbreviation: CiE Team captains: eSvamp (C), meicci (A), Niksu2121 (A) Team roster: • amadee21 • Enerfity_ • eSvamp • fnatte1 • meicci • Niksu2121 • oukkigg • Ranta83 • Tepazor • TuomoP83 ... EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/sv-se/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=9815&platform=ps4 Team logo: Same as before
  7. Cannonieris looking for a player who can backup at D and FW in IS CUP Icetime guaranteed
  8. Make @Obagol pay for it
  9. Best goalie in this game after Havuhansulinho. AND - I promise that you will get a lot of sexy pictures of supersexy girls if you just ask. TAKE HIM!
  10. Cannonieris Looking for/testing Goalies Contact: me, @Meiccimoi or @TuomoP83 if interested.
  11. Read Jesus answer. It's not legit to wait for 18-24 months to even be able to play in the highest division if you admins want to call this an eSport. Nuff said
  12. You don't?? Teams giving up cuz it's not worth to start in LITE, pay 100 euros, play 2 tournaments and "maybe" get the chance in the same game/year to play in the highest division. Like Vesa * 4 divisions means that it would be any harder for a LITE team, and not cheaper.
  13. With more divisions do we need more ECL-tournaments every year. You should be able to reach the highest division from the lowest in the same game if you're having a good team. Instead of having good teams like "Vesa Pompa" who decides to split up cuz they don't "have the time" to grind in the 2nd highest division, and "maybe" get the opportunity to play in Elite later in 20. As it is now with 3 divisions is it already too few tournaments. Don't see that 4 divisions would make it any better, for anyone.
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