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  1. Logotype for commentator EASHL. Jani Hetta , @Jiihooo86
  2. Welcome back, MukiMiehet!
  3. Kiitos työstänne! Uskomatonta!
  4. Logotype "Old Farts". (Redesign version)
  5. New logotype for "Born with it".
  6. Again, everything returned to its place. Ping returned to the original, as usual. Apparently the new server is overloaded and sends to the old one?
  7. Kazan, Russia 38 (40) -> 38 ??? UP. Now playing game: 26 ms , old ping 38-40
  8. New team, new logo.
  9. New works. One awesome work together with Brian McDonald www.iambrian.net @brianstorming
  10. Kenu, you're crazy. Crazy, in a good way. What you do, nobody will do! May God grant you health and strength! P.s. Paljon kiitoksia!
  11. Drew a new logo for the team "Free from Rodents"
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