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  1. OxtreeLAT

    ECL Pro Finals Broadcast - April 25, 20:45 CEST

    LETS GO FILA! 🏆🏆🏆 🙏
  2. OxtreeLAT

    Recent League Administration rulings

    Greetings NHLGamers, In the last few days the League Administration has had to make multiple rulings. Here's a quick summary of the most critical cases. PRO REGULAR SEASON DEADLINE On Wednesday evening, at around 22 CET, EA PSN servers went down. Due to this multiple teams weren't able to play their games. Since this server downtime wasn't part of a scheduled maintenance, we gave teams one day more to play their games by extending the Pro regular season to Saturday, 24th of March. That said, there won't be any delays - the Pro playoffs are still scheduled to start on Monday, 26th of March. Expect a news story about that shortly. SYPPERSTAARS DISQUALIFICATION Sypperstaars have been disqualified and removed from the ECL 6 tournament. The team had massively fallen behind the default game schedule and their captains weren't responding to inquiries by their opponents, nor by the League Administration. As such, the team is disqualified and its captains (@Artuzio, @Nieppii and @PekkoWP) have received a ban covering the end of ECL 6, Summer Cup 3 and a 10 game suspension in ECL 7 in addition to a full season ban from being able to take a role of a captain/assistant captain during ECL 7. PRO RELEGATION Due to three Pro teams dropping out (aforementioned Sypperstaars, disqualified Inter Iceland and The Beagle Boys who are disbanding after having finished this season) we are forced to adjust the Pro relegation system for this season. The current rules state that each season 8 teams participate in a relegation series out of which 4 teams from the Pro division are relegated to Lite. For this season only 1 team from Pro division will be relegated to Lite. As such, here's the adjusted rule: GOAL POST COLORS Our rules have previously defined that the color of the have to be dark red. We have seen some teams use other colors and our options were to punish these teams or to adjust the rule. After further consideration, we have decided to only ban white post colors and from now on officially allow other colors besides red. As such, here's the adjusted rule: - League Administration
  3. OxtreeLAT

    Several rule infractions by Inter Iceland

    They had only played 66% of the entire season. Handing out free wins to a third of the group that got lucky with the scheduling simply isn't the right thing to do. While we understand that it might be upsetting for some to have played all those games for nothing, making sure that everything is fair and that we're not skewing the overall results takes priority.
  4. OxtreeLAT

    IA vs FMI

  5. OxtreeLAT

    Free Agents - PS4

  6. OxtreeLAT

    Clubs looking for players

  7. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - Elite Finals

    You're pathetic.
  8. OxtreeLAT

    SJK eSports vs. Written in the Stars - LA Decision

    I'm sorry, but you're just being silly. Teams are more than welcome to use their "top 6" lineups for every single game. That said, if teams can't play the games on time, their captains need to reconsider their approach and look for more players. Here's the thing that's wrong with your statement - if you want to win something, you have to have AT LEAST 6 good/top players.
  9. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - Playoffs, Round 2 [Elite & Pro]

    Of course. As I said earlier, we try our hardest to help teams out. That said, it's within reason - we will do it, BUT we also need to keep things fair for everyone and avoid giving anyone preferential treatment. We will obviously support anyone If something unexpected happens and if because of it they won't have enough players to complete the games. It's understandable. The thing is - we don't feel that "not being able to ice the best lineup" falls into this category.
  10. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - Playoffs, Round 2 [Elite & Pro]

    We understand that everyone wants to play with their best lineup. Tho it's not always possible and you have to work around it. The deadlines for each round are there for a reason - everyone has to follow the same set of rules and the same deadlines. There's no preferential treatment. OK, lets say we indefinitely extend the current round of the playoffs because of a single matchup where both teams couldn't ice their best lineups. Now what? Everyone's forced to wait? What will we do when another team approaches us regarding the same issue? What happens when in the following rounds teams actually can't play their games because of the previous delays (holidays are right around the corner)? What happens when we are forced to push back/cancel the next ECL/Summer Cup? We're open to all suggestions and will always try our hardest to help teams to overcome any potential issues. There are valid reasons for not being able to finish the series and if such cases arise we can possibly try to squeeze in an extension. That said, demanding an extension simply because one of your main players decides to go on a vacation and then the team doesn't want to play the series even though they have enough capable players is just ridiculous. Please respect other members of this community and their time.
  11. OxtreeLAT

    Free Agents - PS4

    Free RD/G
  12. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - Transfer Deadline

    Good evening, NHLGamers! It has come to our attention that we've made an error during the process of finalizing the initial draft of the ECL5 rulebook. As a result the rule 10.1 regarding the transfer deadline states inaccurate information (that the transfer deadline is set on the last day of the regular season). Yesterday some of the captains may have already noticed that the team management tool had limited functionality. This happened because the actual transfer deadline that was supposed to be communicated in the current rules had passed.In our eyes having a transfer deadline that's set on the last day of the regular season promotes team-hopping and jeopardizes the integrity of the current competition. As such, we've decided to update the current rule and extend the deadline by one week - the new transfer deadline is 12th of November, 23:59 CEST. Effective immediately. - League Administration
  13. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - All you need to know!

    There was no "decision". We're following rules and previously defined procedures.
  14. OxtreeLAT

    ECL 5 - All you need to know!

    That's inaccurate. As per rules, the default owner of the team is its captain. In this case - FIN_Potilas. During the off-season nobody challenged that and as such he retained the ownership and full control over the said team. A captain doesn't need full support from his assistants in order to make decisions regarding his team (e.g. name change). Rynnäkköviikset > Sypperstaars is considered to be a name change and as such the team kept its spot in the Pro division.