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  1. Team name: Six Sticks Misfits Team abbreviation: 6sM Team captains (PSN IDs): Lamsa(C), Tanski87(A), JohtajaTheGreat(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Lamsa Tanski87 JohtajaTheGreat mikaasi x__w1ld__x taemtaem Janikka- Migo_Boona Kempppi EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Six Sticks Misfits Team Logo:
  2. Still open for offers. RD is the position I am known to play. LW and C works well also.
  3. Yes, very dominating season from SKY. Well played and well deserved, enjoy it guys! And a good performance by Fila also, can't win every time.
  4. Free RD or even a forward here. RD is the spot I have played after ECL3. Just mentionimg forward also, as I do like to play it also. I have always counted on good defense, thats why I am pretty defensive defender, but I can handle the puck also and that R2 button. I am realöy competitive person who hates to lose. But at the same time I dont do #ripmoti. You just get up and do it better bext time. One stat I have been shining on is hits. 1518 hits in 251 games. 🤷‍♂️ I can play pretty much every day 19cet to 22cet. At the time being for longer also, but when I start working again it is 22cet at latest during week, later at weekends. Throw me a message in here or at PSN if you are interested to try-out and stuff.
  5. There is always an ending for every chapter. And a start for a new one. This is an ending for this chapter. I have been with Rusty Blades for over three years now. Personally it has been a huge and important thing for me. As many might already know, I have three little kids. Rusty has been my way to get away from the daily routines it brings. A way to be just one of the guys, not a dad 24/7, even if I love that "job" so much. This season, ECL8 Rusty Blades did evolve with few good signings. Top-4 in ECL Elite with this level of competition being so high these days. Not bad, eh? That Symphony series was all about the things I love in this game. A rollercoaster of emotions and a tough competition with two groups going head to head. Win of that series was a huge prize for all the work behind it. Even if Sky was just too great this time, I hold this as a great season. @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan the Sedin twins like we called you guys. It was an honor to play with you two, even if it lasted too short time of a period from my point of view. I can say that Connor is underrated as a player. I thought I was getting a very good player, but instead we got a really great player to Rusty. And he has a great sense of humour, hits the right spot with me. And Foppa, well he is a beast born with that Razer Raiju in his hands. Was nice to play with you. 👏 And then there is @The_Alpha_Furyan great Swedish offensive defender. I know I did not answer anything to your latest message. I just did not knew what to say. I had a good times to play as your defense pair. And the stuff off-ice also. And it is a wonderful thing that you have found your lost passion for this game again. Good luck to you my friend. I have to also say that @PatzyDrake did a great job this season when we needed him. Thanks Patzy. And @Supreex the goalie and a long time team mate. Great season once again my agm. 👍 And @Lamsa of course. Here with me since the very beginning of Rusty Blades. Best friend outside the ice also. Pure killer with those goals. Thanks man, I salute you. Why am I writing this? Well you guys might already guess or know it, there is no Rusty Blades at the momemt. I can't say that there will not be. Long time still to NHL20 and ECL9, but for now it is time to end this chapter, no matter how sad it feels for me. And I feel like I have to write this, even if it most certainly give some laughs to certain people. I feel kinda a disappointment towards myself. Failed as a GM. After a good season I was not able to keep the pieces together. Too many parts gone to fix it right now... I also want to mention few guys that has been a big part of this journey. @koojiikoojii @Eric Daze you guys joined me, Lamsa, Supreex and Wuorio after ECL3. We had great times together and we always had fun on the ice, no matter win or lose. Koojii is one of the nicest guys to have in the party chat. And there should be Kinus picture next to loyalty in dictionary. And @Janikka I am not mad or disappointed at you of how you left the team. I really do think you are a good guy and I liked to play with you. A lot. @Migo_boo the "kid" with us old guys. 😄 Very talented and nice young lad. Aamuja. @kikiukko @epelis @Tauri @Albatross @yrjoo You guys are great. 👌 And thanks to everyone who has played with us, against us and who has been supporting us during these three wonderful years. This is not the end. Will this be? Who knows at the moment. Gg's!
  6. #HorrorKoojiiHockey
  7. Nice work Kenu and everyone putting out countless hours on this! Even the smallest guy just playing and participiating
  8. After signing of @The_Alpha_Furyan and @pentsaa the search was still on. Rusty Blades wanted to get a player or players that would be a perfect match on how they like to play the game. There was several players trying in Rusty, none of them felt bad at all, it was not just the right time for them.  Season was getting closer, it was going to be a short off-season. Puzzle was almost ready but from where to get those couple missing pieces? Then it happened, like a lightning from the clear sky. Northern Ascendancy was no more. Opponent that was always(Cama Svamp, give some love.)enjoyable to play against, their players as a free agent. Could these be the missing puzzle pieces? Some nice pieces these would be. So @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan was reached. These guys must have had so much offers, so many messages trying to recruit them. Tanski87: It was a real pleasure when I heard the news from both of these guys. There must have been many quality offers on the table, but they did choose us Rusty Blades. They are both really good players and I have been a keen fan of their passing game for a long time. We are still getting to know each other on the ice, but I have the most highest believes on how great we are able to perform as a team. Ode to the Joy shall be ringing in our opponents ears after everything clicks on their right places. MartindalexC #16 Another well known character in our community. He is from England. Worth to mention as it is not the most common country ECL players come from. MartindalexC is a force to be reckoned with his offensive skill set. Cunning forward who has his bag filled with tricks to surprise his opponents. Let´s give MartindalexC a chance to tell himself about how he found world of EASHL: MartindalexC: I’m not entirely sure what turned me towards EASHL in reality. My first experience of playing ‘NHL’ came through 2k10 I believe, then I played EAs NHL 10 offline for a bit, finally transitioning to NHL 11 EASHL sometime around Christmas 2010. As far as where I played before ECL, myself and @poliskontroll played 2s / 3s in 11. For 12 we moved up to 4s with @Juizki & his brother @TackleControl. Then, finally, we ‘graduated’ to 6s in 13 and joined up on consolehockey. After this came ECL and Northern Ascendancy participated in very first ECL. In ECL 2 MartindalexC played couple games in Sjukstugan, but after that it has been all about Northern Ascendancy/Unknown. MartindalexC has played 189 regular season games in ECL. He have scored 153 goals and has 210 assist. That is 363 points and it is 1,92PPG. In ECL5 He was the best goalscorer i elite and had the most points in regular season. Why Rusty Blades? A couple reasons. First and foremost, I wanted to keep playing with Foppa since I like getting in his way and trash talking his faceoffs, can’t put a price on teamplay and all that and what better way than to make someone question their life decisions? But nah, basically I’ve always liked how you guys try to focus on carrying out the simple stuff first, making sure that you have that down pat before attempting the complex. Additionally, I’ve wanted to play with Alpha for a few seasons now, plus I think that Supreex is one of the top 3 goalies in the game, in perpetuity, so you could say that helped. Hardest defenders to play against? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, most of what I do is get carried away with spins, curse out my passing, and get confused as to what I’m doing half the time. If I was forced to ‘name-drop’ however, well, in truth it’s somewhat difficult to really think of anyone since it’s tough to accurately gauge someone’s skill / ability from one off games for the most part. Of course, it could be hubris but in terms of defensive ability, I don’t think there is a lot separating most (if not all) defenders, offensive ability however is where the real difference is extremely apparent. How does the new Rusty roster feels after big changes? It feels pretty decent I suppose, there’s of course some kinks to be worked out but I don’t think we’re unique in that regard. Who has the most potential to be Rusty Blades MVP in coming season? With how this game is so incredibly slanted towards abysmal low scoring affairs, having a goalie who can make legit game saving plays is almost essential to win any game, so with that in mind my vote goes towards Supreex. Foppatofflan #44 This Swedish forward really knows what he is doing on the ice. Known from his absolutely great playmaking abilities but also as a sharp finisher. Foppatofflan is one the rare these days that started EASHL right when it was published in NHL09. Not too many know that Foppatofflan started his EASHL as a goalie and a defender. It was late of NHL10 when he tried out his wings as a forward, and those wings have out carried pretty well. He has 4 EHL wins in Unknown and one in The United Knights. ECL Elite victory is still to come, but it has been close with Northern Ascendancy. As stated before Foppatofflan is known to be a playmaker to watch out for and a finisher who can surprise his opponents with very limited space. He has an ability to see the ice and to make a fast decision, so even a hard pass looks like simple and easy. His defensive game might be a little underestimated, as he can make opponents life really hard with his positioning in neutral zone and in the defensive zone. One of the best attackers in the game. Foppatofflan has played 205 regular season games in ECL. representing Bombers Hockey in ECL1 and Northern Ascendancy aka Unknown after that. In these 205 regular season games he has scored 186 goals and has outstanding 243 assists. That is 2,1 points average in a game. In his 72 playoffs games the point scoring pace has not been slowed down much as it is 1,9 points in a game at playoffs. Foppatofflan was placed 3rd in points at ECL5 and 6. He won assists in ECL5 ans was second in ECL6. Why Rusty Blades? Activity, the chill mentality of everyone in the team and having a game plan that is close the what I am used too and that I enjoy playing. Hardest defenders to play against? On next gen its impossible to tell, it seems like defenders cant stand out as much defensively as they could a few years ago. There are a few insanely talented defenders now like @vatalisti but they are all great because of their insane offensive upside more than being able to shut down an entire wing defensively. Back then the defenders that f****d me up the most were probably @Supremski and especially @vSilenttio. Supremski was incredibly annoying and really good, but you could still get a few chances a game. Silenttio on the other hand was just impossible to play against, there was nothing you could do most of the time, his timings on pokes and hits were just stupid. It got so bad that whenever we ended up playing Sika I just told my Lw to switch wings with me in-game so I would not have to deal with him. How does the new Rusty roster feels after big changes? It looks pretty damn good on paper, have not had a chance to play with everyone yet, but people definitely knows what they are doing. We have had a bit of a rough start perhaps, but with so many new players its to be expected to take a while before we get everything working properly. I´m very optimistic for the season. Who has the most potential to be Rusty Blades MVP in coming season? Got to be @Supreex, he has the ability to just win us games single handedly. ________________________________________________ Thank you everyone for reading this, I do hope you enjoyed it. There is more to come! Remember to follow us on: https://twitch.tv/rustybladeseashl https://twitter.com/_RustyBlades_ https://facebook.com/RustyBladesEASHL
  9. First day of the year, so happy New Year everyone! Next season is just around the corner, so here is little something of two Rusty players. Hope you enjoy it! It was late November. Season for Rusty Blades had already ended, even if the most important games of ECL season was still to come. General manager of Rusty felt the disappointment for the second season in a row. Left outside of the playoffs twice in a row. He already knew they will lose long time Rusty members @koojiikoojii and @Eric Daze (kinnune) to their new paths and army will make @Migo_boo unable to play in ECL8. So there was a lot to do before the next season that was just around the corner already. Lot to do to not to be forced to feel the slight bitterness of a season too short. At the same time Falun Coal Miners dwell in even more bitter disappointment. Their season was long and hard, everyone knows that. Rusty GM Tanski87 heard a rumour about story of this coal mining team to be at it´s end. For now at least. These rumours meant that @The_Alpha_Furyan was reached, some games played and some messages in WhatsApp sent. The_Alpha_Furyan was signed to Rusty Blades. This meant that there is now three well capable defenders in Rusty, but also that there will be some English heard in Rusty Blades´s Twitch @ https://twitch.tv/rustybladeseashl Before official signing of FCM captain another last seasons Falun Coal Miners player @pentsaa reached out to Rusty GM Tanski87. It took one night on the ice with him and the deal was sealed. Pentsaa is not in projected starting six. But he is a perfect match for his role. He can play at the highest level, is a team player to the core and heart and is also a great guy. The_Alpha_Furyan is a Swedish born player. He is a well known character in this community, not for only being a long time captain or because his offensive skill set as a defender. He is also known from his great writing and articles in here at NHLgamer and other hockey related sites. The_Alpha_Furyan has played 220 games in ECL scoring 77 goals and 186 assists. This 1,2ppg is a great number for a defender. Rusty Blades defense now has combined 607 ECL games played and 589 points scored. He is known to be a big weapon in offense as a defender, some may even say that he is like a fourth forward. Rusty Blades in somewhat known for a team defense that is hard to score against to. These two combined properly can lead in to a deadly weapon for the next season in Elite. One thing is certain and it is the thirst of this player for success. He gives his all in the ice and is a great fit in Rusty Blades as a player and as a person. Pentsaa has played 85 games in ECL and scored 101 points in these games. Pentsaa is able to play any position on the ice and does it well enough, even if his amount of ECL games is not that impressive. Always ready to jump on the ice when needed to. Always ready perform well on his role. Great team player to the bone. Why Rusty Blades? Pentsaa: I already knew few players from RB before-hand and had enjoyed playing with them. Felt like a good decision to contact Tanski for possible back-up role. The_Alpha_Furyan: Once it was clear FCM was no longer playing, I immediately knew I wanted to play in Elite next season. I'm a (really) competitive person and wanted redemption after a sub-par ECL 7. I had felt a responsibilty to my former teammates and was prepared to continue lead FCM in Pro, but once it was clear the level of interest and dedication was no longer there among most of the original members, we decided to call it - gracefully. So, Elite it was. I received interest from a few different clubs, but Tanski and Rusty Blades were among the most enthusiastic ones. I got a great impression of the whole team during my tryouts and once a handshake was offered, I was ready to accept. It didn't hurt that my old Summer Cup 2 friend @Lamsa was the team's resident sniper. I had been looking forward to the opportunity to play some games with him again. ___________________________________________ How do you like the roster of your new team now that ECL 8 is just around the corner? Pentsaa: We have a really competitive roster, could even say that it's the best one I have ever been a part of. The strong core roster with latest additions, @Foppatofflan , The_Alpha_Furyan and @MartindalexC, will surely take us far. I'm really looking forward for the upcoming season and expecting good results from us. The_Alpha_Furyan: In short: couldn't be more thrilled. I truly bought into the vision Tanski presented of RB evolving from an "on the bubble", underdog team to one of the toughest teams out there to beat. He has delivered with every move so far and I can't wait to start the season with these guys. ___________________________________________ Personal goals for the season? Pentsaa: To have the water bottles filled up whenever needed. Jokes aside, personally just want to play good hockey and have fun while doing it. The_Alpha_Furyan: Well, I've finished 8th in the defender scoring race both seasons I've been in Elite, so I'd like to fight for a top-5 position. Competing with the great offensive defenders out there like jtorro1234, vatalisti, Ilmari30 and vSilenttio is inspiring and pushes me to always try and be better. I also look forward to learning from my new defensive colleagues ktwejh and Tanski87. ___________________________________________ Hardest opponents to play against? Pentsaa: All the teams are really competitive nowadays, not really easy points from anyone. Hardest team in my books is Dynasty because there is always possibility that they are going to use their secret weapon and unleash @Tehh Ahola. The_Alpha_Furyan: Well, its hard not to say FILA with the 2018 they had. Truly the most complete roster out there with star players at every position. SKY and SYM are two other teams that always force you to be at your very best at all times. ___________________________________________ Who would you predict to be Rusty MVP of the next season? Pentsaa: I always see that great team needs a great goalie. And that is what we have with @Supreex. So, I'll name him as our MVP candidate. The_Alpha_Furyan: I think Foppatofflan could do some tremendous damage up front for us this season. If not him, Supreex's ability to always come up big whenever we're being pushed back has been inspiring (and comforting!) to see. MVP-worthy for sure. ___________________________________________ Thank you everyone for reading this, I do hope you enjoyed it. There is more to come! Remember to follow us on: https://twitch.tv/rustybladeseashl https://twitter.com/_RustyBlades_ https://facebook.com/RustyBladesEASHL
  10. Team name: Rusty Blades Team abbreviation: RB Team captains (PSN IDs): Tanski87, Supreex, The_Alpha_Furyan Team roster (PSN IDs): Supreex ktewjh The_Alpha_Furyan Tanski87 MartindalexC Foppatofflan Lamsa pentsaa Migo_boo99 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Rusty Blades Team Logo:
  11. Before ECL 8 began, I knew we would see a different Rusty Blades for ECL 8. Long-time members left to spread their wings on other teams, while others left for the army. I knew I had a desire to get Rusty to the level where we can truly compete against the best. Not just be the underdog who is able to steal some "surprise" victories. So we set out to find new players. We found some in The_Alpha_Furyan and pentsaa, but we were still looking for that (or those) difference maker(s) at the forward position. As we tried out different players we looked past just the individual skill of the players, because all of the players who came to play were skilled. It is a big factor sure, but we also wanted the "right" players for the team. Team players who never give up. I think we have now found the last two missing pieces of our puzzle. Rusty Blades are proud to announce @MartindalexC and @Foppatofflan will be joining our roster. With a combined point total of 425 throughout the last four ECL Elite seasons, this duo is the NHLGamer community equivalent of Nathan MacKinnon and Mikko Rantanen... except instead of a Finn and a Canadian, this pairing hails from Sweden and England. They will be true difference-makers as we aim to make the playoffs for the second time in RB team history. Our roster is now complete and reads like this: G Supreex @Supreex D Tanski87 @Tanski87 ktewjh @Janikka The_Alpha_Furyan @The_Alpha_Furyan F Lamsa @Lamsa MartindalexC @MartindalexC Foppatofflan @Foppatofflan pentsaa @pentsaa Migo_Boo (Army) @Migo_boo Thank you for @The_Alpha_Furyan with hisxaid in this post.
  12. Congrats Fila! Damn what an impressive year. And Gg's to Symphony guys from a good final series.
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