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  1. Sometimes life makes you really stop to think. This is one of those moments. It is unfair, life. Unfair that some are taken away too young. This is why we should always appreciate the ones who are close to us. Appreciate life, not just take it as granted. I did not knew Floor personally, but people who knew him have already shared us how great guy he was. May there be strenght for his close ones in these times of grief. Rest in peace Daniel, rest in peace...
  2. Mine is still working 100%. Been playing with that for half of 18 and whole 19. And I have played pretty much. 😄
  3. Alternative options? I have one. There are four categories: others(who did no play last ECL), Lite, Pro and Elite. First is drafted others and lite. These should be drafted fast using pre-draft orders from captains. Then one by one picking from pro category, the ones relegated from pro and promoted from lite included. After this it is turn for ECL Elite players and Pro promoted to Elite. Noticed there are some players from Elite for example who are away lot or playing "wrong" position. These players are still in their category based on level. Captains duty to make sure who are playing what pos and how much. This way the whole draft is interesting to follow for majority ofcthe players. No offence on the ones regulary going in last rounds, but in that point everyone is already chatting on whatsapp/discord with their new team mates, not really following draft anymore. And this way there would be evenly "top", "middle" and "lower" level players in every team. But still the captains who know what they are doing will be able to gather a good team easily. And less chance to "Fuck up" things. I dunno, just an alternative idea.
  4. Tanski87

    FCL 6vs6 Playoffs - Round 1

    I actually thought it would go like this. Makes just more sense this way.
  5. All righy then. As some might have noticed, my last message can be forgotten. Rusty comeback was and idea just a couple days after FCL announcement. And I am really glad of the roster we managed to gather together. We are still learning the ropes with each others, but this is a bunch of guys who can really play and are nice to play with. Oh yeah, Rusty is new and so is our logo:
  6. Rusty Blades Out: Supreex MartindalexC The_Alpha_Furyan Kanelipena Foppatofflan PatzyDrake In: Swagx88 SadaPoika jtorro_ Nieppii Jhuliush
  7. Team name: Rusty Blades Team abbreviation: RB Team captains (PSN IDs): Tanski87 (c), Lamsa (a), Swagx88 (a) Team roster (PSN IDs): • Tanski87 • Lamsa • Swagx88 • Migo_Boona • Jhuliush • SadaPoika • Nieppii • jtorro_ EA SPORTS Club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Rusty Blades Previous team name(s): - Team logo:
  8. Free RD looking for a club. Rw/c works also for me, but RD is the spot im known to play and have played mostly. Looking for a team that likes to get puck moving and is looking to shape their game better all the time. Has relaxed atmospere, but still plays for the big W.
  9. Team name: Six Sticks Misfits Team abbreviation: 6sM Team captains (PSN IDs): Lamsa(C), Tanski87(A), JohtajaTheGreat(A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Lamsa Tanski87 JohtajaTheGreat mikaasi x__w1ld__x taemtaem Janikka- Migo_Boona Kempppi EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Six Sticks Misfits Team Logo:
  10. Still open for offers. RD is the position I am known to play. LW and C works well also.
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