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  1. Free all-arounder I have played most of my ECLs as a defender but I started out as a forward and I still enjoy playing as a forward, and would like to play an offensive position again, hence the all-arounder "label" so to say. I can also play as a right or left handed player, although slightly better with the left handed stick. If I play as a defender I'd appreciate if the team would already have an active roster with two other defenders so I wouldn't have to play all the games as that tends to be quite tiring. If by some chance I'd play as a forward, I really don't have much preferences as it has been a minute since I last played an offensive position. Also as a defender looking for top Pro/Elite and as a forward Pro mainly So yeah that's about it, If interested hit me up with a message here or psn Here are the career stats if someone cares: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=369
  2. Back here again because the team I was supposed to go to ECL broke or at least lost some major players, so yeah... I'm 21 years old finnish guy and I've played EASHL 6vs6 games since NHL 16. Previous teams have been Shameful Knights and Finnish Roosters. I'm an all arounder and can play various positions although I'd prefer playing as a left handed player. I'd also like to be apart of a team with already an active roster so I wouldn't have to play every single game . That about sums it up, so if you're interested hit me up here or via PSN msg Exel56
  3. Team name: Hottikset Team abbreviation: HOT Team captains: C: Exel56 A: zoueli A: Migo_boo99 Team Roster (at least 8 players): Exel56 zoueli Migo_boo99 ProDeke lihashiki TeeJok27 sikajaska MO1KKU Samzoni

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