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  1. Children of Ice @PSchibra didn't want to speak Latvian to himself so we salvaged @xLVxRitchey from the rubble of SSG. We are planning no further signings. Here, then, is our full roster at this point: JohtajaTheGreat (center and Dear Leader) nikmes7 (winger) Pikkardz (winger) JParola (all-rounder) PSChibra (all-rounder) Janikka- (defender) xLVxRitchey (defender) Bloodymess_666 (goalie)
  2. Children of Ice In: @PSchibra Out: @Nagyttaja Straight from the Latvian streets, PSchibra returns to the team from a little break. Welcome back! 😍 On behalf of the entire Children of Ice organization, I would like to thank the gifted young man Nagyttaja for everything he did for us and wish him success in the future and good times for the remainder of his service with the Finnish Defence Forces.
  3. Regardless of this debate, I feel like there is huge untapped potential in the Swedish pool of console hockey fans. It would be healthy for the competition at the top to expand. We have some fantastic Swedish players as it is, but the elite playership is more Finn-heavy than I imagine it would be if we got more Swedes to notice the competitive scene. I know hockey is up against football in Sweden and football is more popular, but I'm not sure the current situation is an accurate reflection of the ratio between Swedish and Finnish virtual hockey players. I don't have the numbers to back up this hunch, though. Maybe I'm wrong and playing these games is truly an overwhelmingly Finnish phenomenon. I have no idea which way the high number of Finns in the eSHL will take the league's popularity in Sweden. @keranee said that around 70% of players in the league are still Swedish. That doesn't sound too bad.
  4. The influx of Finnish players was a given at the outset where, based on the description in the original announcement, this league will apparently have the most professional setting we've seen yet in competitive EASHL. Many players will naturally be drawn to that. I imagine SHL at the very least had a say in the rules for this league? I suppose they didn't request a restriction on the number of non-Swedish players.
  5. Great work, guys! Seems like a leap in the professional direction. How will this affect the future of ECL, I wonder?
  6. Janikka

    ECL 9 Pro Groups

    Group 2 has two black horses. There's Black Horse, and then there's Kaupallinen Yhteistyo.
  7. Team name: Children of Ice Team abbreviation: CoI Team captains (PSN IDs): JohtajaTheGreat (C), Janikka- (A), talonmies69 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): JohtajaTheGreat Janikka- talonmies69 Nagyttaja Magizam PSchibra JParola Xx_anddrej_xX EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/fi-fi/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=143080&platform=ps4 Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  8. Teamless yet again. LD/RD. Update: nevermind. Not looking for a team anymore.
  9. I like the latest tuner better than the beta one. The beta tuner has more randomness. I hope whatever middle ground they may find with a new tuner, it's going to be closer to the current latest one than the beta.
  10. You're 6 games into the season already and I was looking at starting from scratch, as a backup against someone who secured the LD position while I was away from the regular games. Meanwhile, your RD spot is not up for grabs. But this is hardly the thread to debate the topic...
  11. Rusty Blades saw a bunch of changes and I ended up an odd man out, so I'm looking for a team where I might have a chance to play or to at least compete for a starter's position. I play defense. ECL Lite is not an option.
  12. Welcome back.
  13. Everyone had better watch out for @pentsaa AKA "persereikä-Pena". He sure knows how to play. With a pretty potential offense and the brothers on defense, I think FCM are going to put up a show in the offensive zone. Meanwhile, we'll see if they've learned to tighten up their defensive play.
  14. I saw an NHL 19 video from gzell60 which demonstrated a hockey stick going through an opponent's leg during a poke check. Last night, as I was playing EASHL as goalie, I had a puck rammed through my stick and into the net. I reviewed the replay multiple times, and sure enough: the puck found its way through my stick, a supposedly solid object in the context of the video game. But what if we, the players, have it all wrong? A few years ago, EA hired a physicist to help out with their puck physics for NHL 15. A Google search revealed the man to be one Michele Petteni. I don't know about you guys, but he seems qualified enough to me. It's probably safe to assume he knew what he was doing. I found no evidence that he's still part of the NHL team, however. In fact, it seems as though NHL 15 was both his video game debut and swan song. Maybe he didn't find the work rewarding enough. Maybe he felt as cheated and disappointed as the rest of us did when we found out NHL 15 was to omit a lot of the goodies such as EASHL. I mean, who would want to do all those calculations for nothing but HUT and a drop-in mode tacked on as damage control? Whatever the case, I would assume his work, or at least some of it, from that time has carried all the way over to NHL 19. What prevents an object from passing through another? You'd have to be pretty dense not to know the answer to that one. Density is a measure of the mass of an object relative to its volume. So if an object is small but has high mass, said object is very dense. When two objects meet that are both adequately dense, they will be unable to pass through each other. The air that we breathe is pretty sparse. We are able to cut through it because our bodies are far denser than air. Air is still dense enough to offer us some resistance, of course, which is one of the things hindering our ability to move fast. In real hockey you won't see sticks going through legs, or pucks penetrating goalies' sticks. All of those objects are too dense for that to happen. But as we've seen, it's not impossible in NHL 19. What if it's all by design? There's been plenty of talk on EA's NHL forums about incidental contact. The developers have written that they've tested full-fledged incidental contact and it didn't work too well. It bogged the game down rather than helped it, and the game got less fun. Now, you would assume that to not apply to such instances as on gzell's video or in my EASHL game last night. But I have a theory. No, a hypothesis. EA may be ahead of the curve. Maybe they're not only thinking outside the box, but they've taken the box and they've thrown it away. Because when you watch that stick go through that leg, or that puck vanish into that stick only to come out from the other end, one thing feels certain: there truly is no box. Or maybe Michele Petteni, bless his heart, was informed his services would not be needed beyond NHL 15 and decided to do a number on our friends at EA as a glorious last stand in the world of video game development. All we know is this: when you launch NHL, you'd do well to leave your conceptions of reality at the door. Because when it comes to reality, EA has a brand of its own.
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