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  1. Yeah the X360 menu was way better.
  2. I don't care either way, I'll buy whichever console the scene is on. However, having played through two different generations both on the 360 side and the PS4 side of things, I do think XBL is a vastly superior service to PSN. On the subjective side of things, my all time favorite controller has been the 360 one, and I do think they took a step back by making the Xbox One sticks too tall and hard as a diamond. I had an Xbox One for a while and ended up shaving the skin off my thumbs with the pattern they have on the sticks. Although I guess one could say you don't have to ram the sticks like they owe you money. #softthumbsconfirmed EDIT: @Juizki you do know about the quick menu that you can bring up by holding down on the PS button, right?
  3. Could you elaborate on this? The playoffs would still work the same way. The major advantage of finishing first comes to play in the semifinal match-ups, not in the first round.
  4. Oh and another thing, what would be even more stupid is that with the 3-point system a team could go through the regular season unbeaten and not finish first. 🤕
  5. Winning the regular season massively improves your chances of winning the title.
  6. I don't really care which way points are counted as the better teams will still prevail and the worse teams won't. I don't really know if the assumption that "teams play it safe" is correct either. If it is an even match-up with teams battling for the same position, why would you want to give points to the opponent rather than deny them of points by winning in regular time? And if the skill gap is bigger (top vs bottom), the worse team would still try to salvage at least a point. One solid argument for a 3p win is that there would be the same amount of points up for grabs in each game, regardless of whether or not it goes to OT. But as I said, I'm indifferent on the topic.
  7. LW: ippe, plee, jakurri, joukki, luukkone C : ripa järvi, paatiala, beni, jergeli, anhel RW: eki, kungen, martindale, nikke, eken LD: nassu, torro, make, sile, ekoski RD: wille, loimmu, teemu, viljo, ????? G: hansu, cappe, supreex, juizki, ?????
  8. "The team failed to replicate their success in ECL 8, falling to Rusty Blades in the Quarterfinals and once ECL 9 rolled around, the only player left from the ECL 7 finals run was indi969 himself and backup goaltender, since promoted to starter, Lauri Piipponen." I was there as well. 💩 Nice content otherwise! Always fun to read these.
  9. Like I said, I agree that it's dumb that people take their frustration out at you because you can't do anything about it. It's not an ideal situation for anyone but people will have to cope with the cards they're dealt.
  10. It is completely warranted and understandable for people to be annoyed that they have to play games on an inferior server and it has nothing to do with your nationality or "race". Sending messages like that is over the top, but I do understand why people would prefer someone else to get promoted if it means playing games with a better connection. I do agree with what you have said but it slightly annoys me when the suggestion is that it's racism when it clearly isn't.

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