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  1. Like I said, I agree that it's dumb that people take their frustration out at you because you can't do anything about it. It's not an ideal situation for anyone but people will have to cope with the cards they're dealt.
  2. It is completely warranted and understandable for people to be annoyed that they have to play games on an inferior server and it has nothing to do with your nationality or "race". Sending messages like that is over the top, but I do understand why people would prefer someone else to get promoted if it means playing games with a better connection. I do agree with what you have said but it slightly annoys me when the suggestion is that it's racism when it clearly isn't.
  3. I think it's quite arrogant to come up with such a passive-aggressive comment after some criticism that most of the Lite-community feels is warranted. While the community appreciates all the content you guys put out, it's not the first time these write-ups elicit reactions that question whether or not the writers even follow the league.
  4. Again, I don't know where you get this information but we did not lead the series 2-1. 🤐
  5. Come on, man. You agreed to play at a set time and didn't show up.
  6. Game 5 of the Symphony-Butterfly series was not decided in overtime and the series was not tied at that point. That was game 4. Also no mention of the sickest moment in the whole tournament, Hansu's breakaway save on jergelii with the series on the line? 🙄
  7. It's never a good thing when you lose all bully
  8. This is great content! Really well thought out. Picked up Kousa today.
  9. It is obvious that they have to divide their resources between what the core/"pro" audience want from the game and what the casuals want. From what I gathered from the interview, they do realize franchise mode isn't necessarily a thing that the players in NHLGamer want (for example), but it is in an informed decision made to please a broader audience. What I do like, is this year they've really put the spotlight on gameplay and improving gameplay, which is something - I would assume - most people here want. Both of the sections I have bolded are also monetized, so they would still need to make money somehow, which make these two ideas feel mutually exclusive. If NHL isn't released every year, they would need to increase monetized content (HUT content etc).
  10. Good video but Virta should let someone else speak every once in a while... 😬
  11. The ping will still be pretty terrible, as it's a physical constraint rather than a technological one. ~100ms probably
  12. Free C/RW. I find playing as a defender boring as shit. 🤣 Preferably elite. Hoping to find a team before NHL20.
  13. A staple in the community for so long. I feel privileged to have had the chance to play a season with you and to meet you in real life as well, and can definitely second what Viktor and Mattias wrote. Rest in peace, friend. 💚

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