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  1. Free any pos for SCL.
  2. All teams from all nations = EU and NA teams? In that case no. In other cases, yeah.
  3. One-game ban for taking a shot after the whistle can not go into the rulebook as is. It is quite an easy mistake to commit after an offside call (for example) and going by the book, you'd have to suspend players for it. Slashing after the whistle & challenging a player to a fight you can't really do accidentally, so those are fine to include.
  4. Versus is p2p so it's completely dependent on your opponent.
  5. Old 27-28ms. Now 8ms. Oulu, Finland
  6. I also think a large part of the issue is the discrepancy between what top players want and what most of the (mostly NA) community in the EA forums wants.
  7. The poke check is no where near what it was with the beta tuners. I couldn't find anything regarding the poke check in the patch notes, so it has to be tuner based, right? It's a good thing, though, as the poke check penalties were fucking ridiculous in the beta.
  8. Seems like a lot of people are having trouble. Maybe the problem is geographical? Like I said neither me or my teammates have noticed any difference, but we're all from Finland.
  9. The server change was for HUT. EASHL has been the exact same.
  10. What is wrong with identifying players by their PSN ID? I agree with what everyone else said about broadcasts using the username.
  11. Did SKY get a playoff win from us with the @Buantso move? 😨
  12. Everyone understands what you did. You showed remorse only after getting caught. NHL 20 isn't that far off so just do your time and don't make another mistake.
  13. It only nerfed the no-blend animation backhand, which was hardly useful in EASHL anyway.
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