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  1. It's never a good thing when you lose all bully
  2. This is great content! Really well thought out. Picked up Kousa today.
  3. It is obvious that they have to divide their resources between what the core/"pro" audience want from the game and what the casuals want. From what I gathered from the interview, they do realize franchise mode isn't necessarily a thing that the players in NHLGamer want (for example), but it is in an informed decision made to please a broader audience. What I do like, is this year they've really put the spotlight on gameplay and improving gameplay, which is something - I would assume - most people here want. Both of the sections I have bolded are also monetized, so they would still need to make money somehow, which make these two ideas feel mutually exclusive. If NHL isn't released every year, they would need to increase monetized content (HUT content etc).
  4. Good video but Virta should let someone else speak every once in a while... 😬
  5. The ping will still be pretty terrible, as it's a physical constraint rather than a technological one. ~100ms probably
  6. Free C/RW. I find playing as a defender boring as shit. 🤣 Preferably elite. Hoping to find a team before NHL20.
  7. A staple in the community for so long. I feel privileged to have had the chance to play a season with you and to meet you in real life as well, and can definitely second what Viktor and Mattias wrote. Rest in peace, friend. 💚
  8. The vast majority of players use the standard Dualshock controller.
  9. Another thing: There's no reason for the build slots to require leveling up to be opened. The only thing it does is waste time when you want to change builds. Edit: I'm talking about different loadouts.
  10. Yeah, the wording was a bit weird as I typed the message out in a rush. I mean the puck takes a deflection off the back of the net and goes into the stands.
  11. A penalty should not be called when the puck is shot into the stands in your own defensive zone after being deflected off the back of the net.
  12. Free any pos for SCL.
  13. All teams from all nations = EU and NA teams? In that case no. In other cases, yeah.
  14. One-game ban for taking a shot after the whistle can not go into the rulebook as is. It is quite an easy mistake to commit after an offside call (for example) and going by the book, you'd have to suspend players for it. Slashing after the whistle & challenging a player to a fight you can't really do accidentally, so those are fine to include.
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