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  1. NHLGamers, ECL 8 was certainly surprise season in our Lite division! Even more so than usually this time around. It's only fitting to have the 14th seed team Oton Letkutemppu take the trophy in a final series agains the 20th seed Vesa Pompa HC - congrats to both these teams on outstanding seasons. This season the playoff format involved some bye rounds and these certainly didn't favour the higher seeded teams that got a week of rest while the lower seeded teams fought it out in order to make it through and keep their dream alive. It's been yet another long but joyful road which we're very happy to have shared with all of you guys participating. NHLGamer extends a humble thank you to all of the players(you!), who are making this experience possible. Without further ado, let's move on to a review of this season: Group 1: Perttilan Kommandot The winners of a tight Group 1 were disappointed in the second round of the playoffs where LammasLauma swept the series in four games. This is the second season in a row where they have experienced a fast exit, when in ECL 7 they lost in the second round to Dubnation Gaming. Elamam Kiekko The consistently competitive EMK took the second place from their tight Group 1 but had struggles to find the right fit to their left wing as in total five players tried to play there. In the second round of the playoffs they lost in six games to FarmiNaattori who finished third in Group 1 and whom Elamam Kiekko had beaten twice in the regular season. Group 2: Old Farts The Oldies were the second strongest team in the regular season but they surprisingly lost to Poston Fruits in six games in the second round of the playoffs and only scored three goals in these games. @Valmuri played center in the first three losses against Poston Fruits, but after that @Ankkalasvegas joined the action and Old Farts were able to win two games before losing the game six where from Fruits advanced to the third round. Last Period Last Period was only the sixth team in scoring in their group. Outstanding defensive efforts and great goaltending from @buzee_ won them the second place on their group. In the playoffs they lost in the second round to Western Express in five games and scored only seven goals in those games. Group 3: Blackdawgs Group 3 featured seven out of ten top scorers in regular season from four different teams. One of them is fifth highest scorer and Blackdawgs captain @Mistertyppo95. Blackdawgs were the only team that won Dynamic who dominated almost every game they played and that secured their spot as winners of their group. Blackdawgs lost in the fourth round to the eventual ECL 8 Lite winners Oton Letkutemppu and they were the only team that won Letkutemppu two times in the playoffs. After four games, the series was tied 2-2 but Letkutemppu won both the fifth and sixth game in the overtime. If the puck had bounced differently - Blackdawgs could have won the title. Dynamic Most dominant regular season team as three of their forwards had more than 100 points when fourth place player @Stefan_397 from EV Fuessen eSports had 88 points. Something happened in the locker room and Dynamic gave walkovers from two of their last regular season games to Saucer Hockey and they didn’t play at all in the playoffs. Had they put their differences aside - could they have won the title? Group 4: Dystopia The team finished the regular season 21-2-1 and with @Jerax13 carrying the team on his shoulders they were on top of the table. Dystopia managed to reach round 4 of the ECL 8 Lite playoffs where they got beaten by group 4’s second placing team Cheers Hockey. Cheers Hockey 15-5-4 was enough to reach second place in group 4 and with some good chemistry in the team with @Borjendahlen leading the team in points, they were one of four teams that got the right to play in the Pro division next ECL season. Group 5: Prowlers The team finished the regular season losing only two games. @Toobbiiee(Vesterberg89) and @RullAthor1991 combined with solid goaltending from @David McSavid(Rundqviist) gave these guys a good chance for a Pro push but they found themselves beaten 4-0 in round 4 by Vesa Pompa. Puck Panthers @Giinis lead the team in scoring with 29 goals and 23 assists. The team didn't make it through round 2 of the ECL lite playoffs though as Me Carvoset were a bit too much of a challenge the Panthers. Group 6: We Kings We kings is one of four teams that made it to the semi finals where they lost 4-1. The regular season was very good especially for @Hbnzo who lead the team in points and @Maggre in the crease had a solid record of 13-4-1. We are very curious about what will happen next season for these guys. Oton Letkutemppu The ECL 8 Lite champions finished the regular season 17-6-1 in a group that looked very though. @Thounimeister scored more points in the playoffs than he did in the regular season and their goalkeepers were extraordinary, especially @Theoikeakarim who finished the playoffs with a save percentage of 95%(!) after playing defense for most of the season. Under the radar: Vesa Pompa HC Vesa Pompa HC had an ok regular season where they finished with 16-6-4 record. At the playoffs this heavily offensive team only lost one game before the finals where they were swept in four games by Oton Letkutemppu. eken45jr (60 points) and affelj96 (57 points) were the two top scorers in the playoffs. AWARDS Playoff MVP: @Theoikeakarim Most Points: @Basstian23, Dynamic, 47 Goals, 79 Assists, 126 Points in 24 games Most Goals: @Lakevalley, Dynamic, 76 Goals, 33 Assists, 109 Points in 24 games Most Assists: @Basstian23, Dynamic, 47 Goals, 79 Assists, 126 Points in 24 games Most Hits by a Forward: @XelsFIN, We Kings, 101 Hits in 24 games Best +/-: @Basstian23, Dynamic, +89 in 24 games Most Points by a Defenseman: @Halinalle69, NOCANDO, 8 Goals, 30 Assists, 38 Points in 19 games Most Goals by a Defenseman: @Klassikko_, Perttilan Kommandot, 10 Goals, 22 Assists, 32 Points in 24 games Most Assists by a Defenseman: @Halinalle69, NOCANDO, 8 Goals, 30 Assists, 38 Points in 19 games Most Hits by a Defenseman: @Theoikeakarim, Oton Letkutemppu, 216 Hits in 20 games TOP 3'S OF ECL 8 LITE Top 3 Forwards Regular Season: 1. @Basstian23, Dynamic, 47 Goals, 79 Assists, 126 Points in 24 games 2. @Lakevalley, Dynamic, 76 Goals, 33 Assists, 109 Points in 24 games 3. @Tiipponenii, Dynamic, 32 Goals, 77 Assists, 109 Points in 24 games Top 3 Defenders Regular Season: 1. @Halinalle69, NOCANDO, 8 Goals, 30 Assists, 38 Points in 19 games 2. @Klassikko_, Perttilan Kommandot, 10 Goals, 22 Assists, 32 Points in 24 games 3. @Theoikeakarim, Oton Letkutemppu, 7 goals, 24 Assists, 31 Points in 20 games Top 3 Goaltenders Regular Season: 1. @timpelo303, Dystopia, 20 Wins, 87.20 SV%, 1.65 GAA, 2 SO in 23 games 2. @Reaper-80, Perttilan Kommandot, 19 Wins, 85.20 SV%, 1.31 GAA, 6 SO in 22 games 3. @buzee_, Last Period, 18 Wins, 86.47 SV%, 1.27 GAA, 6 SO in 22 games Top 3 Forwards Playoffs: 1. @Eken45jr, Vesa Pompa HC, 26 Goals, 34 Assists, 60 Points in 23 games 2. @affelj96, Vesa Pompa HC, 39 Goals, 18 Assists, 57 Points in 23 games 3. @Hbnzo, We Kings, 28 Goals, 24 Assists, 52 Points Top 3 Defenders Playoffs: 1. @Latexiii, We Kings, 3 Goals, 20 Assists, 23 Points in 22 games 2. @Taunomaister1, Chatbox, 3 Goals, 17 Assists, 19 Points in 14 games 3. @Juanzaar, Me Carvoset, 3 Goals, 15 Assists, 18 Points in 14 games Top 3 Goaltenders Playoffs: 1. @KerttulanKarlsson, Cheers Hockey, 12 Wins, 88.42 SV%, 1.29 GAA, 7 SO in 17 games 2. @peppeztvshow, Vesa Pompa HC, 12 Wins, 76.92 SV%, 2.60 GAA, 0 SO in 15 games 3. @Mazu_Pizu, Saucer Hockey, 11 Wins, 82.35 SV%, 2.40 GAA, 2 SO in 20 games The controversial 'Top 6' of the season is making a comeback! What this means is a selection of six players in a starting lineup, that have showed exceptional skill and played a good season. Please note that all selections are subjective and they are made by community members who have been keeping an eye on ECL 8 Lite. Without further ado, here's the top 6 of our Lite division in ECL 8: @Mistertyppo95 (Blackdawgs) - @Basstian23 (Dynamic) - @Eken45jr (Vesa Pompa HC) @Halinalle69 (NOCANDO) - @Theoikeakarim (Oton Letkutemppu) @timpelo303 (Dystopia) On top of an outstanding season in general, we also saw some ECL Lite records being broken! The following records have been set this season: Most assists in one season(Lite): @Basstian23 (79 assists) Most penalty minutes in one season(Lite): @Bull_Bensson (62 minutes) Most powerplay goals in one season(Lite): @Lakevalley (12 goals) We're happy to conclude the season with this review. Once again, thank you all for your participation and congrats to the promoted teams. See you next season! ECL Writing Team, @Tonimo92 & @Willander97
  2. It usually is easy but some apartment buildings provide cheap and fast connection that you cannot change.
  3. And so there were four. The ECL 8 Lite season has progressed al the way to the Semifinals in which we're seeing two very even matchups. We've certainly been treated to some surprises this season, as a majority of the teams that were higher ranked in their respective matchups so far have been eliminated. We're left with four very capable teams that all are deserving of promotions to ECL Pro for next season. Now it remains to determine the final marching order and crowning a champion. Without further ado, let's get into the details of our semi's: The ECL 8 Lite Semifinals are to be played between Thursday, 7th of March and Wednesday, 13th of March. (11.) We Kings vs. Vesa Pompa HC (20.) We Kings were disappointed when they lost in the second round to K A R H U T in ECL 7 Lite but now they have fought their way to the semifinals. Surprisingly, We Kings had a bit of a struggle against EV Fuessen eSports, Beast Hockey and Saucer Hockey even though they were one of the more impressive teams in the regular season. Vesa Pompa HC has stormed through the playoffs by only losing two games. They have the most firepower in their offense where one of the top versus players right now @Eken45jr plays right wing. Vesa Pompa HC is a team that relies to their offense to score a ton of goals and this is going to be a series where we are going to see a lot of those. Goaltending might be the difference maker. The team that has the better goalie is going to win the series. (14.) Oton Letkutemppu vs. Cheers Hockey (16.) There are two big similarities that can be found from these teams. Both are playing their first ECL season and both have defenders that like to hit a lot @Theoikeakarim for Letkutemppu and @Margoes - Maqruusi for Cheers). Oton Letkutemppu has lost only three games in the playoffs and they seem to be on a roll. On the other hand Cheers Hockey that consists of many former Squad Vilttiketju players let in only five goals in six games against the third best regular season team Dystopia. This serie is going to be a close one and we predict that the games will be defensive battles where either one can win in seven games. Who are you rooting for to win it all? Leave a comment down below! ECL Lite Writer, @Tonimo92
  4. Kaukosen Luistin is looking for a starting goaltender and one skater (starting lineup). What we want from you: -You are a good person -You have played ECL -You want to win but most importantly have fun -You speak finnish Contact me here or at psn. We are excited to hear from you!
  5. NHLGamers, The final week of the regular season is here and a lot of important games have been played in the hunt for a playoff spot. The ECL Lite Writing Team sat down and discussed the weight of the players who took their team on their shoulders and helped them reach a top 8 spot. This week we have chosen a player that did just that. @Lidaas79 showed the way when Nordic Nosebleed secured their playoff spot scoring 5 goals and setting up 8 more against second placed Cheers Hockey and HC Finlandia who finished ninth, a mere point shy of the playoffs. PSN-ID: Lidaas_79 Team: Nordic Nosebleed Position: Right Winger Games played this week: 4 (HC Finlandia, Cheers Hockey) Goals: 5 Assists: 8 Points: 13 +/-: 5 Congratulations on being named the Player of the week! How are you feeling about that? - Wow it came as a surprise, fun to get the award. Your team was relegated to Lite last season. What have you changed this season? - It was a tough season last ECL but now it feels like we have found the right way. We are underdogs in the playoffs so we'll see how far it carries us. What is behind your and your teams great form against tough opponents in the last week of the regular season? - We started to get the team together and work well for each other, the defensive game works very well right now. If you have to pick a player from the Lite division and add him or her to you roster, who would it be and why? - I have all the players I need in my team right now. 😃 Last question. How far will you guys make it in the playoffs? - We aim high and hope to reach a semifinal. Thanks for your time Lidaas_79 and good luck for your team in the playoffs! ECL Lite Writing Team @Tonimo92 & @Willander97
  6. NHLGamers! The ECL 8 Lite Playoffs are finally here and we have got some very strong teams that will battle each other for a Pro spot. From each group the teams that finished top 8 will make the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs will start today on Thursday, February 7th, 2019 and end on Wednesday, February 13th, 2019. According to section 5.6.1 of the ECL 8 Rulebook, the first round of the ECL 8 Lite Playoffs will be played as follows: In ECL Lite, the top 8 teams from each of the 6 groups will make the playoffs. For each group the top 2 teams will have a bye round and advance directly to round 2. All remaining teams will be seeded according to the tiebreakers mentioned in 11.3. The top 4 teams of these seeded ones will also advance directly round 2. This leaves 32 teams playing in round 1, where the top seed plays the 32nd seed, 2nd seed will play 31st etc. The winning teams will be merged with the bye teams and play the 2nd round, making a total of 32 teams competing in round 2. Tiebreakers (ECL 8 Rulebook 11.3): Wins (including OT-wins) Head-to-head record (points in mutual games) Goal difference (across all games played) Scored goals (across all games played) After the first round, all remaining teams are again re-seeded. Every series are played in best of seven games and the highest seeded team will play the first game at home. (10.7.2 ECL Rules). Here are the matchups for round 1 of the ECL 8 Lite Playoffs: (17.) Mighty French Roosters vs. Atomic Hamsters HC (48.) (18.) Chatbox vs. Uncle Dens (47.) (19.) Suomen Sonnit vs. Stayhard Stallions (46.) (20.) Vesa Pompa HC vs. Niederrhein Canucks (45.) (21.) Finnish Hockey Legends vs. Pink Panthers HC (44.) (22.) Reaperr vs. K A R H U T (43.) (23.) Kaukosen Luistin vs. Korpens Finest (42.) (24.) EV Fuessen eSports vs. Campo De Juego (41.) (25.) Me Carvoset vs. UnderRated Lekstuga (40.) (26.) Farminaattorit vs. Kouvola Screaming Eagles (39.) (27.) Beast Hockey vs. Polarbears HC (38.) (28.) LammasLauma vs. Red Devils HC (37.) (29.) North Pole Huskies vs. Poston Fruits (36.) (30.) SKA vs. SKA Hokurit (35.) (31.) Western Express vs. Rusty Bulls (34.) (32.) Nordic Nosebleed vs. Club Savage (33.) Play hard and fair out there, see you on the ice! ECL Lite Writing Team, @Tonimo92 & @Willander97
  7. Welcome to the second edition of the ECL 8 Lite: Player Of The Week! We've had another week go by and JaromirSniper68 has continued to put up the same kind of numbers (40 points) as in the first week, but he wasn’t the player we chose this time. Our player of the week doesn’t score points but instead slows down the opposing teams point production by keeping his own net clear of pucks. The goalie we are talking about is @buzee_ from Last Period. PSN-ID: buzee_ Team: Last Period Position: Goalie Games played this week: 8 (vs Old Farts, Russian Lightning, Devils in Disguise and Night hunters) Record: 7-0-1 Saves: 71 Goals against: 7 SV%: 91,0 Shutouts: 4 I was itching to get a hold of the outstanding goaltender for a few questions. Turns out buzee_ had taken a well deserved trip to warm Dubai, but still took the time to give us a few takes. You have been awarded this weeks Player of the week award. How do you feel about that? - It feels great, didn’t expect that at all. We had good games with the team and they deserve the recognition as much as I do. Describe yourself as a goalie. - Me as a goalie, that’s a tough one.. I guess I just try to play as simple as I can and the positioning is very important. Best games are those where opposition doesn’t have many chances because we defend the right areas. I'd say a lot of communication is the key. What kind of shots are the hardest to stop? - Couldn't really tell you that, but let’s say breakaways. Is there a shooter that is particularly hard to face? - We’ve had some good players in our group but can’t really recall any names. Thank you to buzee_ for answering these questions. Let's hope he can keep up this good form and help his team steal some important points for a successful run in ECL 8 Lite. Until next time! On behalf of the ECL Lite Writing Team, @Tonimo92
  8. Hello NHLGamers! Welcome to our season preview for the ECL 8 Lite Division! We are back with short notice but that didn't seem to slow anyone down as we are very happy to announce that we have 81 (!) teams that will battle for the ultimate goal of Lite championship this season! For ECL 8, we are also happy to announce our new ECL Lite Writing team consisting of @Tonimo92, @Willander97 and @CzE Toni! As you guys surely are aware of the Lite division is a bit tricky to anticipate when new teams that we don't know much about enter the ECL stage. However, we in the ECL Lite Writing Team are very excited to give you guys our opinions and expectations about the teams going into ECL 8 Lite. Without further ado, let us present to you our ECL 8 Lite Season Preview: We have evaluated the expected top 2 teams of each group, additionally we highlight players to watch from each group with the following forma: 2 forwards, 1 defenseman, 1 goaltender. Enjoy! Group 1: Players to watch: FORWARDS Klassikko_, Perttilan Kommandot, ECL 7 Lite stats: 26+22=48 Markogirl87, Elämäm Kiekko, ECL 7 Lite stats: 23+25=48 DEFENSEMAN MrNipsuli-, FarmiNaattori, ECL 7 Elite stats: 2+11=13 GOALTENDER lordjami, FarmiNaattori, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 86.95 Club Savage Club Savage is a team full of ECL veterans lead by @Slash Lander (Teemu_Underdawg). Many of their players possess pro level experience, but most of them seem to have been on a downward trend lately. Forward @Jusa had 29 points last season in Pro division and is expected to be a dominant force in Lite. Ig Club Savage can get back to their old form, they will surely strive in Lite. Elämäm Kiekko Elämäm Kiekko lost some major core players such as @Ankkalasvegas, @Valmuri, @Samzoni and @Tonezki-_-89, who all moved over to a club that makes it's comeback - Old Farts. Despite all that, Elämäm Kiekko is a good virtual hockey team since they have acquired players that will help them - one of them being @AzByCxx who scored 38 points in ECL 6 pro for OG Royals, so there is some evident skill in his game. If championships were won by the team that has the best social media , Elämäm Kiekko would dominate the field. Group 2: Players to watch: FORWARDS Ankkalasvegas, Old Farts, ECL 7 Lite stats: 22+29=51 apetttaja, Old Farts, ECL 7 Lite stats: 23+25=48 DEFENSEMAN Nonnipojke, Suomen Sonnit, ECL 7 Lite stats: 2+18=20 GOALTENDER kuglach, Atomic Hamsters HC, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 80,00 Old Farts Old Farts is making a comeback. @Ankkalasvegas is leading the team to fight for a spot in the Pro division, where they played in ECL 6. The duo of captain Ankka and winger @apettaja is expected to be one of the highest scoring pars in Lite this season. Several Old Farts players represented Elämäm Kiekko last season, and it is interesting to see what happens if they face each other in the playoffs. Suomen Sonnit Suomen Sonnit won their group in ECL 6 and finished third in their group in ECL 7, it should be almost a certainty that they will be at the top of their group again. Two times in a row the team that beat them in the playoffs has advanced to pro. Suomen Sonnit has a core that has played together a for a long time. Group 3: Players to watch: FORWARDS JaromirSniper68, Dynamic, ECL 6 Elite stats: 11+15=26 (Played only two games in ECL 7) rrr41rrr, Blackdawgs, ECL 7 Lite stats: 24+20=44 DEFENSEMAN Tonimo92, Kaukosen Luistin, ECL 7 Lite stats: 2+14=16 GOALTENDER Randomjanne, Dynamic, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 80,95 Dynamic A team with this many individual skilled players will go far in Lite. Take @Basstian23(JaromirSniper68) for example. A player of his caliber should nothing less than dominate this league in points and Dynamic should be at the top of the table by the end of the season. Vesa Pompa HC Vesa Pompa HC should be considered Lehmannen Badboyz 2.0. The roster is the very same as for ECL 7 for the most part. Last season they lost to the eventual champions The Black Jacks in the second round but it was in overtime of game seven. The team had a decent regular season but if they can play at the same level in the next playoffs, they will surprise many. The biggest question mark is their new untested goaltender @peppeztvshow. Group 4: Players to watch: FORWARDS Jerax13, Dystopia, ECL 7 Lite stats: 27+30=57 Willander97, Western Express, ECL 7 Pro stats: 15+25=40 DEFENSEMAN BasiBurminen, Cheers Hockey, ECL 7 Pro stats: 2+9=11 GOALTENDER timpelo303, Dystopia, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 85,33 Finnish Hockey Legends FHL ended the ECL 7 season with a top 4 spot in group 6. With almost the same roster as last season, these guys will keep their chemistry going into this season too. The only change is @suomenstamkos moving away from the goaltender spot. If new goalies @suitsukemestari and @vvesa93 can do their job they are a team to look out for. Me Carvoset A team that has some serious potential to play in the PRO division come ECL 9. @Juanzaar who is the team captain recently left the Xbox family to join our PS Community and he and his linemates have the chemistry to knock big teams out. With solid goaltending from @Roman (McCormick_Kenny) they will be hard to beat. Group 5: Players to watch: FORWARDS Terrorsenkoi91i, N0 Name, ECL 7 Pro stats: 2+5=7 Rullathor1991, Prowlers, ECL 7 Lite stats: 18+42=60 DEFENSEMAN jiipee_40, Poston Fruits, ECL 7 Lite stats: 10+23=33 GOALTENDER Trollstivegen, Mighty French Roosters, ECL 7 Lite SV%: 86,80 N0 Name This recently founded team has a lot of Pro level experience and if they find the chemistry, they could be a cup contender for Lite. Team captain @Isidor1891 (TerrorsenkoI91I) has been a scoring force in the past, but can he find the same touch after not so good last season in Le Coq Sportif? Prowlers Prowlers showed that they are a good team last season when they finished first in group 4 but they didn’t quite have what it takes in the Playoffs losing 4-0 to Infinity in the second round. Now when they have added offensive fire power in @Toobbiiee (Vesterberg89) who scored 10+20 in 15 games for Stayhard Stallions last season I think that they have a good chance in the Playoffs. Group 6: Players to watch: FORWARDS Johtava, The Everblades, ECL 7 Pro stats: 19+12=31 Hbnzo, We Kings, ECL 7 Lite stats: 25+34=59 DEFENSEMAN pelimies80, We Kings, ECL 7 Lite stats: 5+19=24 GOALTENDER D3NK4N95, Korpens Finest, ECL 6 Lite SV%: 89,74 EV Füssen eSports Former Inter Iceland has experienced some major departures since last season most notable being former captain @Gregson91. However they have replaced most departures with other pro level players alike @Daniel huggler (lx_RKO_xl), the winger from Silver Sword Griffins. EV Füssen eSports should be one of the strongest Lite teams in ECL 8. The Everblades The majority of The Everblades players spent last season in Pohjoista Voimaa at the pro level. POH nearly made the playoffs in Pro but now their core players have formed a new team and are going for a fresh start in Lite. Their defensive style is tough for every team but their offensive production is not guaranteed. If @Johtava can keep the scoring touch he had last season in Pro, they can be a cup contender. It'll certainly be yet another exciting season with more participants than ever! We answered your call of getting more games to ECL Lite and hopefully this time around we're bringing you the best season yet. As we now also have a designated ECL Lite Writing Team, you will receive better Lite articles and more content regarding the division in general. See you on the ice! ECL Lite Writing Team, @Tonimo92, @Willander97 and @CzE Toni
  9. Team name: Kaukosen Luistin Team abbreviation: Kau Team captains (PSN IDs): Tonimo92 (C), Oliverigood, T4juk4ng4as Team roster (PSN IDs): Heysgali SikkiParkki Max-Killer90 kylmalaitinen Mattijarii Ryyn1makkara huulihoelkka44 Tonimo92 Oliverigood T4juk4ng4as Nakkipaa Vege966 EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Kaukosen Luistin Team Logo: Same as before (atm at least) ECL Pro application: No
  10. Kaukosen Luistin is searching for a goalie. Our current goalie can't play much so you would get a lot of practice games, but ecl games would be split in the best way we see (probably 50/50). We are a group of 25-30yo guys that take ecl serious but sometimes like to play just for fun. Our group includes ~30 players which from ~10 are in the ecl group. We prefer finnish speaking, easy going, team first kind of a person. English speaking goalie is fine also. Message me here or psn (Tonimo92) for tryouts.
  11. I 100% agree with MovaaN. Skating forces people to use smaller builds. Pokechecks, sticklifts and bodychecking are all good tools to defend but you can get around defender if you are skilled enough. It is also a skill to not be in the penalty box all the time. One thing that I'm conserned about is loops. They somehow seem to be back after this tuner.
  12. Team name: Kaukosen Luistin Team abbreviation: Kau Team captains (PSN IDs): Tonimo92 (C), Oliverigood (A), T4juk4ng4as (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Tonimo92 Oliverigood T4juk4ng4as Vege966 nakkipaa Max-Killer90 Heysgali mattijarii aivopesukone kylmalaitinen artzirocks EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Kaukosen Luistin Previous team name(s): - Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  13. Team name: Kaukosen Luistin Team Abbreviation: Kau Team Captains (PSN): Tonimo92 (C), Oliverigood (A), Vege966 (A) Team Roster (PSN): T4juk4ng4as nakkipaa Max-Killer90 Evil-muhku Heysgali Ninjoo89 mattijarii aivopesukone kylmalaitinen Revenka artzirocks EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Kaukosen Luistin ECL Pro application: yes Team Logo:
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