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  1. Free for ECL 10. Main position Ld but can play any position. Pro/Lite and also backup position is fine. Can play 18-21cet and every other week much longer. Mondays are tough for me. https://nhlgamer.com/players/2511
  2. NHLGamers, The ECL 9 Lite season has progressed all the way to the Semifinals in which we're seeing two very exciting matchups. All of the teams that are left have been storming through playoffs with just a few losses each so we can say that the competition is ramping up to a level where there will be no easy games. All of the teams that are left have secured promotions to ECL Pro for next season. Now all that remains is to determine the final marching order and crowning a champion. Without further ado, let's get into the details of our semi's. The ECL 9 Lite Semifinals are to be played between Friday, January 17th and Sunday, January 26th. Here are the matchups for the Semifinals of the ECL 9 Lite playoffs: (2.) Mockba vs. Sulkavan Sudet (7.) Mockba has defeated teams that were ranked 31st, 32nd and 19th and now Sulkavan Sudet will be their first true challenge. They had no problems against GREED, Carolus Icemen and Hokurit even though many of their games have been decided by small goal differences. Sulkavan Sudet haven't lost a game in the playoffs. They destroyed DEG eSports in the first round of the playoffs with goal differential of +18 but after that, WEREWOLVES HC and offensively skilled Rookie Mistakes were more of a challenge to them even though both series ended in a sweep. Sulkavan Sudet have the top 2 regular season scorers @Oxdoggi (78 points) and @Kemppane_ (75 points) in their lineup. Mockba isn't as offensively skilled, but their team play and ''quarterback'' defenseman @riihimaenharski is a winning combination. Will the offense of Sulkavan Sudet overpower the fact that they have only seen average goaltending so far this season? Is Mockba ready for their first real challenge? Can Mockba frustrate their opponent with their chemistry and play style? Find out in the semifinals! (3.) Riven Johdolla vs. Clumsy Penguins (4.) Riven Johdolla has been the biggest surprise this ECL Lite season as their fairly inexperienced lineup had a strong regular season and in the playoffs have battled their way into the semifinals. @Vattu__ is the purest goal scorer this season in Lite after coming second in regular season goals with 37 notches and leading playoff goal scoring with 27 goals to his name. He also leads playoff scoring with 40 points and has a shooting percentage of over 40% this season. Pro experienced Clumsy Penguins have lost only one game in the playoffs and have had no problems advancing to the semifinals beating Saucer Hockey, Sack Brothers and Company of Geeks. @Jugi9 is tied for most penalties (20min) in the playoffs with the rest of Clumsy Penguins getting only 12 penalty minutes combined, but penalties may not be a problem for Clumsy Penguins since Riven Johdolla has only scored 4 power play goals in the playoffs. Which will prevail - experience or confidence? Can @Vattu__ continue his scoring? Can @Jugi9 stay out of the box and find a way to help his team in other areas? Find out when the games start! Who are you rooting for to win it all? Leave a comment down below!
  3. NHLGamers, We are few weeks in to year 2020 and the ECL 9 Lite Playoffs Quarterfinals are about to start. We've had the opportunity to watch a bunch of exciting games in the first two rounds and now games are going to get a bit harder as the best eight teams start to fight for a place in top four. The quarterfinals of the ECL 9 Lite playoffs is to be played between Thursday, January 9th and Thursday, January 16th. Every series is played in a best of seven-manner, meaning that the first team to amass four victories will advance. Here are the matchups for the Quarterfinals of the ECL 9 Lite playoffs: (2.) Mockba vs. Hokurit (19.) (3.) Riven Johdolla vs. Kouvola Screaming Eagles (10.) (4.) Clumsy Penguins vs. Company of Geeks (8.) (6.) Rookie Mistakes vs. Sulkavan Sudet (7.) Good luck out there, as always - play hard and have fun!
  4. NHLGamers, The ECL 9 Lite Playoffs are finally here and we have got some very strong teams that will battle each other for a Pro spot. From each group the teams that finished top 5 and two best teams that finished sixth will make the playoffs. The first round of the playoffs will start on Monday, December 16th, 2019 and end on Monday, December 23th, 2019. According to section 5.6 of the ECL 9 Rulebook, the first round of the ECL 9 Lite Playoffs will be played as follows: Every series are played in best of seven games and the highest seeded team will play the first game at home. (10.7.2 ECL Rules). Here are the matchups for round 1 of the ECL 9 Lite Playoffs: (1.) HanaaHC vs. Carolus Icemen (32.) (2.) Mockba vs. GREED (31.) (3.) Riven Johdolla vs. Kesaloma (30.) (4.) Clumsy Penguins vs. Saucer Hockey (29.) (5.) HUIPPUPASSI vs. Western Express (28.) (6.) Rookie Mistakes vs. Nearbird Fighters (27.) (7.) Sulkavan Sudet vs. DEG eSports (26.) (8.) Company of Geeks vs. Angry Cats (25.) (9.) Murohoki vs. AfroDunk (24.) (10.) Kouvola Screaming Eagles vs. Jortikan Tossut (23.) (11.) Breakers Of The Bone vs. EBR eSports Official (22.) (12.) Syntax Error vs. Elamam Kiekko (21.) (13.) Robbery vs. Sack Brothers (20.) (14.) Hundred Acre Wood vs. Hokurit (19.) (15.) WEREWOLVES HC vs. Last Period (18.) (16.) Kaukosen Luistin vs. Old Farts (17.) Good luck for everyone
  5. Tonimo92

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    Yeah that was supposed to be max three goals combined from both teams in one game. Don't know where it went wrong
  6. Tonimo92

    ECL 9 Lite: Preview

    NHLGamers, Welcome to our season preview for the ECL 9 Lite Division! We are back after a long offseason and some games might already have been played, since the official start of the season was Tuesday. We hope you all are as excited as us about ECL 9 Lite and a new opportunity to battle it out for the title and promotion spots. ECL 9 Lite has six groups with 64 teams and in this preview you can find some info from five most interesting teams in each group. Without further ado, let's get into the team previews for ECL 9 Lite: Group 1: Angry Cats New team that probably has the most experienced defense pairing in the division with @Ampuhaukka and @pelimies80 gliding on the blueline. Their roster is full with ECL veterans who will strive to help Angry Cats go far in the playoff race. One of the favourites to take the ECL 9 Lite title. Rosvosektori First established in Spring League where they finished eleventh in their group. After Spring League they have added @Jonza1990 (HatsiGaboom), @hulkamaania (FIN_Zeus) and @Malcom330. This is now the third team that @nessron has captained. Hokurit Former SKA Hokurit. Lost their former point leader @MozjaTG who is now the captain of Pro team Sandstorm. Added couple of players from Dystopia and @jouni29 will try to replace Mozja- in a scoring role. In ECL 8 they lost to Dystopia in six games in the second round of the playoffs. Hundred Acre Wood A big portion of their players represented Blackdawgs in ECL 8. They had a decent run in the IS Cup where they finished fifth in their group. Kouvola Screaming Eagles They have new captain in @oSandello as @Dreamickie who has been excelling also in 1v1 tournaments steps down to an assistant captains role. Almost the same lineup as in ECL 8. In ECL 8 they lost to Farminaattori in five games in the first round of the playoffs. Group 2: Clumsy Penguins Team that was founded last summer and hasn’t participated in any tournaments. This team has a roster with many Pro experienced players and the teams core has been playing for Bellizzi in recent years. Sulkavan Sudet Sulkavan Sudet started their journey in Spring League where they finished outside of the playoffs. They also played in IS Cup where they finished fifth in their group. @Luokkala_ is starting his first ECL season but he is expected to score a lot of points for his team. Western Express Lost their best scorer in ECL 8 (Lawner8_) but have added @Buffy from Synergy Hockey who had 26 points in 28 games in the last ECL 8 Elite season. In ECL 8 Lite they lost to Dystopia in five games at the third round of the playoffs. EV Duisburg Have lost core pieces like @HerzogMagnus and @xXPsykoSkillsXx after last season (ECL 8 Pro) where they finished 13th in their group and were relegated after a series against Bone Breakers. Winners of ECL 6 Lite. WEREWOLVES HC Had an OK Spring League where they finished 12th in their group. Since then they have added @Alex28 and @Boernsoen who are going to be nice additions to their group. Group 3: Saucer Hockey Last seasons quarterfinalist is coming to the ECL 9 Lite season with the same lineup as they had last year. Were very close to earning a promotion to Pro after losing to We Kings in seven games and just about coming short of the semifinals. Company of Geeks Finished fifth in their group in SCL and lost to SPARTANS in seven games in the first round of the playoffs. Have lost a lot of players, for example @Rubituss, @cHIIMEERa and @Dercie after their succesful Spring League outing. They have added some players with one of them being @Horebag13 who is expected to produce some scoring. They have some experience from the Pro division. Clowns On Ice Lost @ProfaneKiss who was clearly their best scorer last season. In ECL 8 Pro they finished 14th in their group and were relegated after a relegation series against Pata Hellalla. Finnish Hockey Legends Have lost @Hanzqa and both goalies @suitsukemestari and @vvesa93. @Eisenhugel who steps down from the captains spot will now play goaltender under command of new captain @KYLKISYOPA. In ECL 8 they lost to the eventual champion Oton Letkutemppu in five games in the second round of the playoffs. HUIPPUPASSI Former Rukoilevat Hinkkaajat is making a comeback. Almost the same lineup as they had year ago but they have added high caliber defender @taemtaem who represented Nordic Stars last season in the Pro division. Group 4: Last Period Same lineup as in ECL 8. Team plays a very defensive game as they are not a high powered offense but pride themselves in keeping their own net clear. @buzee_ is one of the best goaltenders in Lite. In ECL 8 they lost in the second round to Western Express in five games after finishing second in their regular season group. HanaaHC Participated in IS Cup but didn’t really get things going in that tournament. They have many Pro caliber players but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. @loncelot84 will make a comeback to ECL after missing ECL seasons 4-8. Breakers Of The Bone Practically the same team as Bone Breakers that played ECL 8 Pro last season and finished last in their group but still managed to maintain their Pro spot. Now they are starting fresh in the ECL 9 Lite with a new name. Nordic Nosebleed Swedish team that has remained almost unchanged since ECL Season 3. Have added @eliekamel87 who is going to help them be better in ECL 9. In ECL 8 they lost to Club Savage in five games in the first round of the playoffs. Elamam Kiekko @iRSPe, @Isoheppi (Britn1) & @Markogirl87 (Maexsa) have represented the club since ECL 3. Elamam Kiekko has improved their play every ECL season and in the last ECL they finished second in their group but were defeated by Farminaattori in six games in the second round of the playoffs. This might be the season when Elamam Kiekko finally gets far in the playoffs and earns a promotion. Group 5: Kaukosen Luistin Have had a lot of changes and three players are continuing from ECL 8 Lite. Kaukosen Luistin has added former Beast Hockey captain @Jaks_10 and former Finnish Snipers captain @Thimbaa to their roster. Participated in IS Cup and got only six points in twelve games. In ECL 8 KaLu lost to Saucer Hockey in six games in the second round of the playoffs. Nearbird Fighters Their lineup has practically stayed the same for the duration of the teams history. Have improved every season and will now be serious contenders in Lite. Top 3 team in RCL even though those stats are arguably not comparable to ECL. In ECL 8 they lost to Beast hockey in six games in the second round of the playoffs. EBR eSports Official Formerly known as Eisbaeren Regensburg. They had an OK GCL 4 season where they lost to Deadly Phantoms HC in the first round of the playoffs. Now they have added @Hockeyboy1985 (lx_Ice_Rambo_xl), @LeroyLetsPlays and @Gregson91. Gregson especially will bring a lot of offense to the team. Syntax Error New team that has many Elite and Pro experienced players that have represented AIK Hockey and Gotham Knights for example. The skill level this team has will surely cause many Syntax Errors in the minds of other competing clubs. A contender for sure. Lucky Strike Have added @miisolegend (Svenska_FaranJr) from Korpens Finest and many players from Puck Panthers where captains @Giinis and @kovisjimi have played previously. Last played in ECL 6 Lite where they finished sixth in their group. Group 6: Mockba MOCKBA is a team full of Perttilan Kommandot players from the last ECL season. They had an impressive FCL and were good in Spring League and IS Cup. Perttilan Kommadot have underachieved in the playoffs, will they go far this season or choke early in the playoffs? Old Farts Old Farts were first in their ECL 8 Lite regular season group but still got eliminated in the second round of the playoffs in six games against Poston Fruits. Old Farts had a very disappointing IS Cup where they finished last in their group. Added @Enerfity to their roster and they are expected to perform well this season. Murohoki A long term team that has been playing since ECL Season 2 and is now starting their first Lite season after always playing in Pro. @Malcowich is stepping down from the captains role and @Ubula (RuttuBerse) is the new leader for the team. Malcowich84 and @MovaaN are the last players left from previous seasons roster. One of their new recruits is @Fuhrer Vuorio who has been an effective player at Elite and Pro levels. They seem to still be looking for a defender as RuttuBerse has been seen posting in the recruitment thread eleven times since last April. In ECL 8 Pro they finished last in their group and were relegated. Afrodunk Former SKA. Had a good run in IS Cup where they finished fifth in their group. Their roster is almost the same as in ECL 8. In ECL 8 they lost to SKA Hokurit in five games in the first round of the playoffs. UKnighted HC UKnighted HC has participated only in the first ECL season and is making its comeback. @Nr-0847, @exrelax and @Asche are players that are remaining from their original roster. It'll certainly be yet another exciting season, this time I believe we can surely say it'll be the most even Lite division that there has ever been. This is due to minimum difference in skill level as we have added the more casual ECL Neo and cut down on amount of teams playing in Lite. Anyways, who do you think will be a team to look out for in ECL 9 Lite? Have fun and see you on the ice!
  7. Kaukosen Luistin Looking for 50/50 goalie. We are usually playing around 18 -21cet.
  8. Kaukosen Luistin In: thimbaa (Finnish Snipers) Jaks_10 (Beast Hockey) haaga_ (Beast Hockey) SikkiParkki (Bellizzi) Out: ahonaattori
  9. Kaukosen Luistin is looking for finnish rd. We are looking for reliable defender with good eye for the game. We are aiming to be one of the top lite teams this season. We play around 19-23 finnish time.
  10. Kaukosen Luistin is looking for a finnish center. We play around 19-23 finnish time. What we are looking for is a fast passing center who can also handle his defensive game. We are aiming to be one of the top lite teams next season.
  11. Kaukosen Luistin is looking for a finnish center. We are ~30yo group of guys who play around 19-23 finnish time. We are looking for active number one center to fill our lineup. We are NOT participating in fcl.
  12. Kaukosen Luistin In: IsoPutte (The Everblades) Mameluck88 (Eagle Town Hockey) Stolid-Goalie (Les Affranchis) Nykape (LammasLauma) ahonaattori (The Dudes) Johtava (Elämäm Kiekko) Out: SikkiParkki -> (Bellizzi?) huulihoelkka44 -> Invictus Oliverigood -> Mockba T4juk4ng4as -> ? Vege966 -> fa Nakkipaa -> fa kylmalaitinen -> fa Mattijarii -> fa Heysgali -> fa
  13. Free Ld/Lw for fcl and future tournaments. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=2511
  14. Free Ld looking for finnish top lite or pro team. Offensive defenseman who can handle defensive duties also. Can play any other position also if needed. https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=2511

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