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  1. Yes sir, but it's still weird that the puck goes always through.
  2. World of Chel - Best game mode, should be prioritized - Imo no need for pond hockey or clothing. Make more custom hockey gear, like sticks and blades in this years version (awesome!). - More customization options for team logos, shirts etc would be awesome. Ability to add your own team logo in game (I know copyrights yeye...should be possible somehow). - Let the dressing room error be history that NHL19 was remembered from. HUT and VS - Maybe more options to make the bots to go the way you want? Individual tactics for every player like in FIFA or detailed custom tactics. Gameplay - Less randomness in puck and player collisions, more laws of physics. - Improved animations. For example puckpicking near attacking blueline or in front of the goal (too many own goals). Also some of the tripping animations have been in the game for atleast 10 years. - Deke succesrate should be higher. Puck covering and defending with stick movement/body positioning should be more effective and rewarding not semi-auto-invisible stick collision that happens too often when in 1vs1 atm. - Shot blocking with using L1 should be fixed that you can actually block the shot when facing the shooter. - Some new tools for keepers. Also when goalie goes to the bench he/she should be able to come back to the ice as the 6th player. Menus/User experience - Spectator cam/mode in Chel and VS is a must. - Keep menus simple, fast, working. Don’t want to spend too much time in there. More shortcuts, less clicks. Other - New game engine in PS5. - More closed/open beta testing atleast 6 months before launch of the new game -> time to fix bugs and errors. Tuning based on community feedback. Enjoy your trip. Sorry for long post.
  3. I've heard a rumour there might be free pizza, so yeah i'll come.
  4. Maybe NHLGamer should name a board, like a court where people can appeal against LA's decisions. Board would investigate the case again and it could have enough power for example to give a permit of exception of the existing rules so LA's can follow the rulebook precisely. The final decision would be made with a vote and the results of it would be public. Members of this court should be super neutral and have some knowledge of the past LA decisions so it's going to be hard to find them, maybe hire some lawyers 🤭. Dunno, sounds maybe too much of work but imo it works pretty well in real life. Just in case if things gets worse. Not really sure if there's a need for this but it came to my mind while taking a dump. Peace
  5. Is it really true that the skating didn't change after tuners? I remember bigger builds were able to move really quickly and spin around like figure skaters 🙄. Maybe I just got used to it.
  6. Good business by every party. Perfect target audience for convenience food. Next in line are alcohol companies. Good job everyone involved. I'm waiting your move Atria and Saarioinen.
  7. Good stuff, nice new division logos aswell 😛 . Good luck to all the teams in Lite, except in games against us . I would say EV Füssen eSports and the Commandos of Perttilä will be the favorites to win. Reaperr and The Bears of Savo will surprise everyone by winning their division and going far in the playoffs. The Everblades will be a huge disappointment when they loose El Clasico to the Skate of Kaukonen in the first playoff round. Ankkalasvegas will be on the top of the player stats. T4juk4ng4as of KaLu will make the new record in penalty minutes this season, can't wait.
  8. I don't know man, you've signed up which means you have accepted the community rules. I really don't think your example is near this case but I see your point. Admins/leaders have to make tough decision in every community and this one has been explained very well imo. Maybe you noticed something that is against the rules? I still think it's important to let the people have their own opinions and the rules allow it, just respect your fellow nhlgamers.
  9. Nice writing again, thanks! And good luck for elite teams in the playoffs.
  10. Thanks for the good work interviewers. These were fun to read and it's interesting to see, how the table really settles after couple of games
  11. That was the case at the beginning. Don't know if they fixed it in hotfix before beta ended.
  12. I'm probably going to play every mode this game has, but prefer club 6vs6 and hut/versus. I hope this has some effect because I used too much of my freetime to answer :D. 1. NHL Ones - Favors big hitting players too much. Even though It's not a problem if you always pick a big guy :P. Maybe nerf tackling in this gamemode or give more balance to everyone.I was also thinking about the possibility of raising the rink's walls so you can bind to the wall and avoid check from behind? 2. NHL THREES Drop-In (Arcade Threes) - I think it's ok because its arcade. Won't play it tho cos I don't like it. 3. EASHL Drop-Ins (Please specify if it is in 3s/6s/both) - 6vs6: I find it really hard to recognize who's in my team because of the custom clothing. Especially when player leaves and AI players has not sign on his head. All of the home clothing should be dark as possible and away white as possible. Ban grey plz. - 3vs3: Clothing is ok because of less players. Even though It should always be easy to recognize your own teammates. - Both: Fix the connecting problems (also in club games) 4. EASHL Club 3s - It's fun as it was in NHL 18 5 EASHL Club 6s - Nerfing pokecheck and boosting skating has made better players even better. I like it (tho im not that good myself so won't benefit me hehehehe :'[ ). The scale between bad and good teams is going to be even larger, but it forces everyone to focus on teamplay in both directions which is good. Just like in real hockey. - Why is there timelimits in the menu after the match? Where is the summary of the players like takeaways/giveaways, shot% etc.? - There should be challenge club room (of course?) - No input lag is a big +, I hope it stays that way in the full version aswell. - I would love to see who carries C and A in the teams. - There should be possibilty to change your team shirt away/home/third to avoid same colours as your opponent. 6. AI skaters in World of Chel (specify mode + how many AI) - AI defenders always have problems when the puck is behind the own goal and they decide to take it up. They skate near the post and puck goes under the keeper, sometimes it bounces inside the goal. This was the problem in NHL 18 aswell. - Sometimes AI won't pass in beta. I understand this when the line isn't open and pass would be a suicide, but this happens in clear lines aswell. This worked fine in the NHL 18. 7. AI goalies in World of Chel (specify mode) - Boost Ones keeper a bit. Not too much. Their should be able to catch the pucks when the shot are taken from far (sometimes from backwall). 8. AI goalies in EASHL (specify if in 3s/6s) - I like that AI keeper takes sweet saves from onetimers sometimes now. Imo AI keeper has always been good enough. Some of the glitch goals that are still working are annoying but I believe its really hard to erase them without making goalies too good? 9. Customization: Player Classes + Traits/Specializations - Traits are cool, not too overpowered and same for everyone. Don't make them like perks in Call of Duty, because it ruined the whole franchise. 10. Customization: Gear (Casual + Pro gear + Gear Bags) - Wish the head customization would be like in Fifa. Would be cool to have option to choose the stiffnes of your stick and the curve of your blade that would affect your stats a bit. I think this was in some older version? - Otherwise I think its OK 11. Other World of Chel related feedback - Please make a practise mode where you can go play alone, with AI or your EASHL teammates. 12.13.and14. Online Vs. - No huge changes needed. Just try to fix the known glitches. 15. Skating - Very good. As I said earlier, good players will dominate with their skills. Defenders need to focus on cutting skating and passing lanes. Somehow the energy isn't gathering when sliding backwards? - Imo enforcers should have worse skating ratings, because most of the real life enforcers can't even get to the NHL because they're so useless. 16. Hitting (Collision Physics) - It has some assistance now, but you can still avoid it. I think it's wise to tackle now because you can collapse opponents energy levels which can give your team benefits. In the NHL 18 it just felt good to hit someone. - Sometimes when you hit a player, he flies to his teammate and hit him. It's an interference penalty to original tackler. Shouldn't be? Right? 17. Pokechecking - I love the end of the pokechecking era. Please don't buff it, let it be like it is. But tune down its change to trip the player, most of the pokes should just miss everything. Poke from behind or straight to the legs from odd angle should always be a penalty. 18. Offensive Play (i.e. how did it feel to play defense? How easy was it? Was there a skill gap? Were there limitations?) - It's easier to attack. Penalties that the pokecheck is giving is making the defending team to play more passive. 19. Defensive Play (i.e. how did it feel to play defense? How easy was it? Was there a skill gap? Were there limitations?) - It's harder to defend. But with the right positioning it's easy to cut passing lanes and block shots. 20. Other (anything not covered here) - I wish the deekes you added to NHL 18 could be made in the EASHL aswell. Imo every spec should have the ability to make deekes. In beta I realised you can't make datsyuk deek in penalty shot because its ''illegal'' according to referees. I played as a playmaker. Most of the deeks fail because of the poor deeking ability? Not cool, because I believe even John Scott can make between the legs deek if he wants. - Why is the old timer animation so fast? I also hate the glitch behind the goal where you fakeshot and make oldtimer right after. It makes the oldtimer animation to go double speed and looks fake as hell. Edgy human goalie doens't have the speed to react even if he understand its going to happen. 21. Human Goalies in EASHL - I haven't played goalie, but It's clear to see that they're still too edgy to handle and move slowly from post to post. Especially in the penalty shot or breakaway it's like taking a penalty in FIFA. If the game is heading to be legit eSports this is definitely something to be focused on. Peace.
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