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  1. NHL 19 Starting 6 MukiMaisteri-Dominointi-Eki Nassustelija-willekunq Hansu Top upcoming players: nikkedängler, ekoskii, xkeskitalo couple good upcoming g:s jann367, santeriak47, uhnikke
  2. It was joke, bo5 and bo7 is where really the best team wins
  3. best teeam always win bo3.
  4. kovalchuk are you even finnish
  5. oisko täs päiväl pelimiehii?
  6. Free for FCL can play any position
  7. Team name: The Next Gen Team abbreviation:TnG Team captains (PSN IDs): Kriketsi17 C , Snapuster A, Thounidinho A Team roster Kriketsi17 Ramseyy2 Sandr0hh Patzlaf Zande95 Janzuh Chafak Snapuster (Snapu48) Thounidinho PleeMaker Club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Next Gen logo: same as before
  8. Free agent for SCL every other than g i can talk swedish
  9. Okay im in need of a elite/pro top team. Next gen crashed to the wall because captain in army. My main position is c and i can try every other position too if needed. Just won maalipörssi in pro with teppo btw, contact me here or psn: kriketsi17
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