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  1. Team name: The Next Gen Team abbreviation:TnG Team captains (PSN IDs): Kriketsi17 C , Snapuster A, Thounidinho A Team roster Kriketsi17 Ramseyy2 Sandr0hh Patzlaf Zande95 Janzuh Chafak Snapuster (Snapu48) Thounidinho PleeMaker Club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/The Next Gen logo: same as before
  2. Free agent for SCL every other than g i can talk swedish
  3. Okay im in need of a elite/pro top team. Next gen crashed to the wall because captain in army. My main position is c and i can try every other position too if needed. Just won maalipörssi in pro with teppo btw, contact me here or psn: kriketsi17
  4. 17yo both handed player looking for club from pro i can play defense or attack doesnt matter, i have played in pro before. im very motivated to play 6s again after little vacation . contact here or psn kriketsi17
  5. im sorry alex, but next time maybe handle it more honest way?
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