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  1. Hey After a break of a few weeks, It's time to get back on ice Lw / c, but can also test rw Player profile link Contact here Tzon93
  2. Almoust Famous Looking for (1) ld or rd defender Upcoming tournaments Contact Here Tzon93 or Jahajaha93
  3. NHLGamers, We have received the devastating news that a beloved member of the community - Sami @Ampuhaukka Luoma passed away at the young age of 41 this past Friday. Sami was a family man and a long-time community member, who enjoyed spending his pastime playing the NHL series in good company. Over the years several of us had the privilege to play alongside this man and he touched many of our lives in one way or another. To honor Sami's memory, some of his past teammates and friends have shared some of their memories below: - @Tzon93 - @l-Furyan-l - @Lamsa A word from @Kenu on behalf of NHLGamer: I would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family, friends and teammates of Sami in this tragic loss. I was in touch with Sami in early January and he spoke about his plans to build a team together with @pelimies80 and he had some questions around the upcoming season. It's hard to accept that that discussion was the last chance I got to talk to him. I didn't know Sami well, but I did talk a lot of ECL with him throughout the years and also remember trying out for his team back in the day. He was always polite, positive and fun to talk to and I he will be missed. During his career of 227 games as a right defenseman in the ECL Sami racked up 26 goals and 125 assists, totalling 151 points. Aside from the the ECL, he was also active in a lot of our other leagues. You can see his full career stats below. The staff at NHLGamer extends our heartfelt condolences to everyone touched by Sami during his lifetime. Please also share your memory in the comment section if you wish to do so.
  4. Almost Famous Looking for Two-way rd for upcoming tournaments Contact Here - tzon93 // jahajaha93
  5. Hey After season with växjö🔶🔷🔶 looking for team to future - position LW (C) - can play mostly every day - prev teams växjö, raccoon, speedy bros etc Pro/elite
  6. Free LW / C Raccoon 😪♥️. Psn tzon93
  7. Is there a problem with setting up new teams? should we do something about the twist that is when "experienced" players set up new Teams? Should there be more focus on "organization" thinking at the pro and elite levels? i don't think the team that comes new to the scene has a problem starting at lite level. could we limit the formation of new pro-level gangs through license fees? "Professional license" for pro and elite teams which is paid once ? And everytime if u make new team u need start to lite i think That is important . i dont know how ”license payments” will work but i think NHL Gamer need money to give us to more ”professional vr hockey ” happenings in future . I love seeing several teams in this scene that have been around for years. that's where we need to take this scene: towards "more professional" gaming i think 3 division is good maybe 4 if needed but we need do something to players who allways rebuild teams
  8. NHL 19 LW C RW Vilupoika Beniitto. Flyerkungen Puantso. Dominointi. Eki LD RD Nassustelija Willekung Vsilenttio Ilmari G So Many amazing goalie ..... Rising star : ekoski , vire30 , lamsa

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