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  1. Yo! Free C/RD for Lite. Due to my limited time for gaming, it's probably best to get me as a backup. Previous teams include Shameful Knights and more recently Black Horse. Your team's level of gameplay doesn't really matter, just message me for a tryout here or on PSN: Ollizhki. https://nhlgamer.com/players/313
  2. Black Horse are searching for a few players to complete our roster for ECL 9 (Pro). You're welcome to come in for a tryout at any position, but at the moment we prefer players who can play multiple positions. Playtime guarenteed due to our roster's busy-ish schedule. Contact on PSN: Wirtsuuu or MiiQu81-
  3. Black Horse is searching for a starting LD and G. We are also in need of a backup forward to our ECL roster. As the forward, you will recieve lots of playing time per week, and ECL games are guarenteed. Dual handedness is a massive plus. For all of the positions, activity is required. So, if you are able to locate R2 on your controller and are a teamplayer in general, don't hesitate to contact us for a tryout! Contact on PSN: Ollizhki or Wirtsuuu.
  4. Yo! Due to lack of motivation for competitive games and lack of time, i'm now a free agent. Spent the last season in Pro. I'm preferably looking for a Lite team as i still would like to play in ECL, but i also just want to have fun when i play. Due to my (very) limited window of gaming nowadays, i'm looking to be a backup and just hop on to play every once in a while. Positions: (Preferred) C, RW, RD, G, LD, LW. So, anything goes but you'll get the best of me in the first three mentioned. I would like to play C, as i've played as RW and RD my whole career. If interested, contact me here or on PSN: Ollizhki.
  5. A very strong recommendation from me too.
  6. Yo! Looking for a new team for ECL, preferably in the Lite division. RW/C/RD. Prefer C at this time, but the others are fine too. Previous teams include Shameful Knights, Warriors of Kongo and Silver Sword Griffins. Prefer to pass rather than shoot. Won't be able to play at all before the end of October (which is also when i will buy the game). Oh and in December can play only around 2 weeks . But on the plus side, in November i am available. Due to my limited window of gaming, looking to be a backup. ECL stats: https://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=313 So, here is your chance to get a player using only the good old "stats scouting"! PM me HERE if for some reason you're interested.
  7. Losing to champions isn't that bad. So lets go Red Machine!
  8. Correction: @Tapparafan is the LW from SK, not Tonppaa, otherwise really well done!
  9. Team name: Shameful Knights Team abbreviation: SK Team captains (PSN IDs): C: Ollizhki, A: Stilando A: Exel56 Team roster (PSN IDs): Ollizhki Stilando Exel56 Migo_boo99 Wirtsuuu Since2009- OriginalJets29 Tonppaa Lonkkalamari Zoueli EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Shameful Knights Previous team name(s): Team Logo: (By Stilando)
  10. Up. Also dual handedness is a plus.
  11. Yes, or just find a 6s club? Or even 3s, anything is better than drop games.

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