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  1. Im not crying! You’re crying!
  2. One decade, 10 Years, 3653 days. The amount of time we’ve invested in our dear team. It has been a great run. Me and my teammates share a very special bond, and we will be friends forever. We’ve had 1 goal since the beginning of nhlgamer, to win ECL. The closest we’ve come is 2 semifinal appearances, (ECL1 and 5). However, we’ve had 8 attempts now without reaching our goal. We have come to terms with the fact that we’re not getting any closer either. When we heard about SCL we hoped to go out with a bang and be successful one last time before we said our goodbyes, but alas, didn’t quite work out there either. Anyway! Northern Stars would like to thank NHLGamer and all it’s players for all the good times! Peace out! “how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard” - Winnie the Poo
  3. New work! Werewolves HC. Rawr
  4. World of Chel If i would like to play a tall sniper i should be able to do that. EA needs to leave the height/weight span of each playerclass entirely up to the user.
  5. New work! Cannonieris
  6. Northern Stars is looking for an experienced starting LD. You’ll be filling Rullstolskalas’s (In my opinion one of the best defenders in the game) shoes. This wont be an easy thing to do. But if you sincerely think you are up for the task, and want to play NHL on the highest competitive level. Send me or ma0niii a pm. And oh: You have to be swedish. Edit: Position filled.
  7. Also, this is the team that scored the goal of the year in NHL18:
  8. So, all these numbers aside, does anyone actually feel the difference? havnt gotten around the play NHL since the change.
  9. Yea that works to, as long as it is your psn-id. But i still think its a tad anonymous
  10. I think most people are missunderstanding this. Orelse it might be me. We’re talking about in-game names here. A player name, that in addition with our psn id (that isnt going anywhere) gives us a complete name + nick. Viktor ”cHIIMEERa” Ghamari in my case. Right? Or does people still in all seriousness prefer Kimbo ”Kimbo_Slice” Slice?
  11. I agree with you, with the exeption that your psn id is your alias. Why should you have 2 aliases for people to relate to, but no real name. Makes no sense to me.
  12. Well with this mindset no one would ever learn who anyone is im afraid. idk, call me boring for being for proper labeling, organisation and unity. It just helps to add to the professionalism on this page, which is what we're after here.
  13. Well, you get the chance to be unique with your psn id. It's not like it all gets taken away, you still got that. Also, find me another player named Ghamari .
  14. Why: To make it less complicated/more streamlined for people who watch to get to know who plays where.
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