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  1. UP UP UP. 2G who can play 70-30 or 80-20 -- EASHL & ECL. We're playing 4-5 days a week. Come on someone, have some balls.
  2. vSilenttio

    ECL 10 - Sign Up Now

    Yo, will Pro have qualification series as well? Would like to see those last spots to be filled by playing the game (quals) than just watching who has the most Lite playoff wins from ECL9.
  3. Not just club GM's but esports-wise as well. It would be so much easier for everyone (NG Staff, players, teams, sponsors, organisations behind teams, companions) if you'd know when the next tourney even starts. Sure NHLGamer has said it out loud why this is the case: "we dont want to promise or say anything what isn't confirmed" etc. Sure, I'm not saying that this isn't the case or truth here but atleast the schedule of next ECL should be public information as it is "the major" thing of the whole sport. And I'm pretty sure NG agrees with this. Tbh it's really stupid, like literally stupid, that we as a players and management of the teams & esports organisations, and even companions around the sport dont have any clue when the next tournament or next ECL is set to be played. It's fun to have talks with people when all you can say about next major tournament is that "it probably will be played in the next 6-9 months." We all know that the direction is right here, no doubts about that. But this is one very important thing that needs to be fixed in the future. Maybe 2020? 🤭
  4. No offense, but the fact is that Elite wouldn't be elite if there would be like 24 or 32 teams. Same thing with Pro. Right now the most of our teams in this scene are Pro/Lite teams, not Elite so it would make zero sense to grow Elite only because there's more lower level teams these days. And if someone bases their opinion on a day dream where every lower level team would magically be Elite/High pro - then you can keep on day dreaming. And this is not me being a dick, just saying how it is as someone needs to say it out loud (with KingofApes). Haven't changed anything? Um, the value of first three divisions would obviously grow and the match schedule would be partly the same for the top three divisions. Elite 16, Pro 32, Lite 32, The Rest XX (the hungry, the ugly and the dads). This system would be as competitive as it ever could be for top80 teams which is about the same amount of teams NHLGamer had in it's first division season (ECL4). How's that no progress? I get that some people would like to have every possible team in the higher level but at that point the whole reason of having divisions would pretty much disappear.
  5. This is it - the organizing. And to answer your real question; there should be time for that! I know that the people who run this shit (Kenu & friends) are not doing this for big money or anything like that, but NHL19 was pretty succesful what it comes to possibility to play competitive hockey in NHLGamer. However, we haven't seen any ECL hockey since March and that fucking sucks. For me this has always been a problem: the last big tourney of an NHL game ends around March, and the next major level tournament starts six months later in late October, and then we have six months (with breaks included) to play those two tournaments. This is not KHL. If there's never going to be three ECL's which some people want here - we should keep these two current main leagues far away from each other. What I'm saying is that if we start the first ECL in October, the next ECL after that should definitely start in the next March - not end there. Like, how about if we keep those blahblah (Spring League.. never again pls) and these native (FCL, SCL) tourneys between these two major tourneys, or/and during the summer. Spring League -> Summer League and if/when the Summer Cup has to be there too, keep that shit shorter instead of important leagues. For me atleast it would be cool as hell to start and end the NHL gaming year with ECL. Also maybe that's how the gamers would stay more motivated during the long year. For an example, even though your team do shit in the first ECL and then in the native tourney you do little bit better but still fail, you still have the third shot in the Spring time ECL. Oops, little offtopic but I got nothing better to do so whatever...
  6. I dont understand why the "easy way to the top" is the main subject here right now. Like, no one has said that the "new teams" should get promoted asap. They still need to win games and qualify from Pro to Elite. All I'm saying is like @iSvamp said, requiring like over one year to compete in the highest level, is just nonsense when we are talking about as small scene as we have in our hands. How about the opinions on the actual matter of subject? Four divisions or three, and how many seasons per year if there would be four. After all I like the current system but it won't hurt to fix it as it needs to be fixed at some point, as the current system was builded like four years ago when NHLGamer had under 80 teams playing ECL. And how many we have right now? Exactly... A lot more than that.
  7. I get what you're saying but the time to create new Elite team would not be "1-2 months", it would take more like 3-4 months with only two ECL seasons per year. Nobody would like/enjoy to play the whole year of ECL if they would play first in "Semi" level where you face current Lite teams who are just "not there" with current Elite teams. If you qualify from there to Pro, you'd play another two months but the teams would be little better that time of course. With two ECL seasons this road to Elite thing would take atleast 12 months from a single team, if they would start from "Semi" or Lite in the current system. Right now the NHL as an esport isn't that big yet that we should slow down the better teams from stepping up. Obviously this isn't that big problem as we've seen how majority of the teams has found their place thanks to the divisions, and because it's pretty easy to take over some old Pro (even Elite) team, which is good thing in my opinion. Why? The players and the management change in the real life too, so it would be stupid to require same guys to be core of certain teams only because of they has played there first. I'm talking about cases where the team roster has faced big update. But yeah, like I said, this would probably not be the biggest problem anyways so lets just bring the 4 in.
  8. Yeah that was my second thought too but lets be honest - there's just no sense to force legit elite players to play up from Lite/Semi. My first thought to solve this? Option to qualify to Pro division through Lite & Semi during offseason/before the start of the ECL. The status and history of the players in a new team has to mean something if this would be the case. And I'm saying this a guy who isn't fan of team hopping etc.
  9. Wow, never thought so many of us would prefer four over the current three. With 4 the Lite would literally be lite and as there's some teams around who dont even want to compete in the highest level, SEMI-PRO/LITE option would be a lot better for them. Also it would upgrade the status of the Pro division. @ahonaattori good shit.
  10. In the world we live in these days, there's not that much news anymore that can really effect you in certain ways but this one did hit me very hard. It was a pleasure to defend against you. Rest in peace Floor. 💚
  11. Yeah, It's great to even see few guys here sharing their thoughts. It's good to know what people think and not just voting yes or no .
  12. Well yeah if that's the case, the Summer Cup and it's meaning for this whole community, is not built with that kind of mindset. Maybe having two different kind of Summer tourneys next year could for help for this, but it's just a fact that majority of SC players are thinking the whole playing in summer different way.
  13. If we have played the SC with the same rules for three years in a row and there have clearly been some issues, how the change is going to "heaviny lean" into that same result again? The number one reason for the new draft format was the exact same you guys are writing about. Teams being unbalanced because of captains of some teams might not be that aware of the level of players he can draft. Now for an example, with this format the Lite captain is forced to draft one guy from Elite and one guy from Pro. In the previous drafts there have been lots of cases where the "Lite captain" has ruined his team in the first three rounds of the draft -> rip moti for those guys who know little bit more about the game and community than his future captain. Now all teams will start from the same line, having certain basic structure for the draft. Atleast it will be closer to that than before. Obviously you can't say it's going to be 100% that way but in my eyes, this new format should help with this problem compared to the old format where the captain could do whatever he ever wanted. The result with that format was too many saunakaveri picks in the first rounds of the draft. In the end it's not going to be that much different, really. It's just about having atleast three different level players in every team when the 3rd round of the draft starts. Oh and by the way if it means anything to anyone - I've enjoyed the previous tournaments. But it can't hurt to try something new, to make it even more balanced and fun tournament for every player.
  14. "(In the case of the captain representing a team that was relegated from or promoted to Elite at the end of ECL 8, the captain will be interpreted as an Elite captain)" C'mon King.

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