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  1. To be short. 😁 As a defender point of view Eashl - take random penalties away, and I don`t mean boarding etc. Mainly charging, elbowing - sticklift from behind away. Spamming of sticklift overall away - remove randomly succesful poke from behind - since when in real hockey you can backskate from your own area to off area without being destroyed? Ridiculous. Make f ex limit to that. Or make backskater with the puck even more slower. Or then make dekes more effective, without losing the puck as random half of the time. - picking up the puck close to goalie...too much of random goals as an animation - add eashl practise mode - passes are going randomly through the opponent, maybe because of the ”momentum”, but hey, c`moon - overall randomness, you pass 5m easy pass, your teammate does not receive that without any opponents effort, puck bouncing, irritating animations time to time...the list is long - dressing room errors should be over - fix menus to 20th century I like the fact skilfull players (not me) could use their skills. Backskating through the whole arena...now it seems to be the most used way as a personal skill to be able to build something in the game or going throughthe neutral zone. I realize this is not real hockey, but it could atleast partly look like it. I could care less of hockeybags, clothing customization and all that shit. If EA is planning to charge money from custom items, be my guest. Otherwise it is useless.
  2. Congrats Poggers. Solid playoffs overall!!
  3. Old 23-26ms (46-52ms) New 1: 5ms (10ms) New 2: 10ms Place: Espoo, South Finland one thing is weard.. Occasionally I notice in accordance with ping you are connected to the ”old server”...even though both teams are from Finland
  4. Q to Imosi I haven`t tested yet after latest patch + tuner, but how can I see that...I mean Europe recommended..? Noob asking..
  5. Well, that (disadvantage) has been the case for Finnish teams for years until now. Or it still is, but I think it decreases a bit compared to Swedes. Geographically speaking and knowing the routes.. From Finland, the fiber optic routes to ”Central Europe” can go with two optional routes: From northern part of Finland from Oulu via Sweden/Stockholm via Denmark or Germany to UK. From southern part of Finland from Helsinki to Stocholm via Denmark or Germany to UK. So we have been allways underdogs connection wise compared to f.ex players from Sweden or Germany. Of course depending on where in Sweden/Germany respective players are located. But I could tell every time I have played against teams from those countries, especially when they are home team. But remain to be seen how it is impacting in the future.
  6. And as you know... EA changed HUT from P2P to served based. So now EASHL is sharing the server/connection capacity with HUT. Do you really think EA added some more connnections to their server rooms...or more/enough of server capacity? I have to admit I strongly doubt that based on history how they are handling things.
  7. I think EA has server located in Germany also. Atleast their customer service gave me 2 IP-addresses to traceroute when I was fighting with laggy connection during most of the NHL18. Other one seems to be somewhere in middle Europe IAW traceroute ”jumps”..
  8. Sorry, I`m a noob litenykijä. So my opinion doesn`t mean a shit. But got to admit, all respect to you guys. Many Elite-players are looking for new Elite teams if they are relegated to Pro. Not you tho. You are trying to fight your way back to Highlights again. Sincerely, Good luck to that. Really hope you are getting there!!
  9. Alex. I love the fact you are so in to this. I really do. But for god sake dude..😄..play division clubs, train in the versus...I`ll bet there is plenty of clubs which could take you also as a div. player. Do whatever it takes to be able to play again in ECL in the next version. But Don`t take this path again. You`ve seen how it goes, again...and again.
  10. Got to make correction. Today game felt much better than yesterday evening, Some pass of course through the player and that kind of "normal" behaviour. But other than that, game was good again. Don't know what happened yesterday, but that was weard. Maybe they had updating on going concerning the patch.
  11. Don't get me wrong. I'm not that guy who loves to spam pokes and so on. I have less than 25min in penalties, which of 1 is 5min boarding, from over 60 clubgames. And every single penalty I've had was my own fault. I don't blame the game for my own mistakes. And I don't use big figures when building my skater. I love the fact you cannot spam the poke, after patch you cannot spam the sticklift atleast that much either. Which I see as a positive progression. I see playing in defence more fun than previous years games, you have to be in the right place, doing right things. I like when skilled (not me) players are able to be skilled, it should be the thing. I loved the release version and beta, when in my opinion, overall play was even faster. I don't know was it because of the patch or was it just purely bad luck, but as I wrote, last night we managed to get 2 games within 3hrs. And problems in the dressing room. Game was bit laggy. That sucks. Big time. At the time i was writing my previous post, I had paskahalvaus in Finnish, because of the two games in 3hrs.
  12. Problems on matchmaking in clubgame 6's. We were trying to play for 3hrs. Managed to play 2 matches. We found match like 5-6times within the 3hours period(fin time 2200-0100), which of 2 worked. With the same opponent. Other 3-4 matches ended due to opponents player was dropped out during the matchmaking process. And also player numbers was changed, attributes of matchmaking was changed. I did not even check the pass-assistance percentage. Game was laggish, even though everyone in our team is playing with copper or fibre connection, hardwired connection. Personally, playing with NAT1, can't say if everyone else is playing with same NAT in our team. Before patch, last night, matchmaking was succes every time. Play has been slower overall, skating is worse compared to release version. I saw the difference already after 1st or 2nd patch ( don't remember how many updates has come already). The two games we managed to play were unconsistent, much of bouncing pucks, don't receive passes etc. First time after 19 release version my player started to do weard animations when turning your players direction from forward to back, without using L2. Doing something extra without the puck. I might be bad player, lite-noob, but in my current team rest of the guys are more experienced ELITE and PRO-players. They felt it too. What ever EA did, again, they should take it back. Except maybe for the increased sticklift spamming penalties. And my ps4 did not give me any files to download from server to patch, just gave me exact the same info as it gave to Cyborg. I tested one random eashl game last saturday, skater was super smooth and fast. When I went to clubmode, it was something else for sure. My answer to the original question "do we overreact". In my opinion, NO. I spent 99€ for a game what was giving much of promises in the beta phase. Now, feels partly already like a nhl18. Unofficially... How the fuck they managed to do this, again?? I'm really frustrated, again.
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