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  1. Laid by penatski and eKing
  2. @jyrkkis HUT ass will win
  3. Come to my clan I can give leadership
  4. Have you considered career in marketing?
  5. Congrats to Fila, it's a shame it had to be best of 3 with teams being so even. Huge thanks to NHLgamer! When first launching ECL 1 this event probaly seemed to be just a distant dream but here we are and I wonder where we'll be in another 3 years. This was pretty much the final big tournament for me before hanging the controller slash skates and it was nice to see people that I've played with and against, so thanks to everyone who took part whether it was as a player or spectator.
  6. Jyrkkis is a god in hut champs, but even better in 6s 🤗
  7. I'm pretty sure everyone that has played atleast 2 ECL seasons can agree with you that it's even worth paying for. But we have to think long term here. Think having mandatory buy-ins at the top level, which gives you the most prestigious reward in 6vs6 atm, from beginner's perspective. If the ''dream'' of winning ECL elite is behind a paywall a newcomer may not even want to try the product that NHLgamer is even though they might also eventually find it worth paying for. The point being you probaly don't want to force too many costs when still growing the community. I'm not sure who suggested the current elite system but I find it as a perfect middle ground which should please everyone.
  8. Tehh

    Sign up for ECL 7 now!

    The differences between let's say top 4 and bottom 4 is just too big and we couldn't really get a league going with buy-ins.
  9. Hey that stuff is age restricted
  10. To be honest I think we as a community should avoid buy-in type of leagues (we don't want the main product ECL to turn meaningless) and rather be patient and wait for sponsors to take interest in the league. I think the upcoming 6vs6 eSM will be a valuable opportunity to show how much more interesting 6vs6 live tournament is to the viewers. The first prize pool should be by sponsors and it doesn't even have to be that big tbh. Big enough to interest MVPena should do just fine and if everything goes well the SPONSORED prize pool will grow with time.
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