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  1. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    FINAL!!! Magic Mushrooms vs. Red Light Zone BO3 Mushrooms played game using Beast Hockey (BHC), because many players has moved there to play ECL8. But roster was same that was registered to this tournament, of corse. It was tight games till The end. Magic Mushrooms - Red Light Zone 4-2 Red Light Zone - Magic Mushrooms 3-2 Magic Mushrooms - Red Light Zone 2-1 I thank teams who did play in this tournament, it was lot of fun. Torille!!!
  2. Team name : Beast Hockey Team abbreviation: BHC Team captains (PSN IDs): Jaks_10 (C) skebazu (A) S0hvaperuna___ ( A) Team roster ( PSN IDs): Jaks_10 S0hvaperuna___ MidderOne hardsrrocky kortsukari31 benjamint737 Saippua skebazu mannerheim199 EASPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Beast Hockey Previous team name(s): - ECL Pro application: YES Team Logo:
  3. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Magic Cup take christmas brake now and Final Magic Mushrooms vs. Red Light Zone will be played first week at january, before ECL8 starts. I will stream Final in twitch, so make sure you follow my channel skebazu89 Merry christmas and happy new year 🤟 And here is recipe to traditional Finnish christmas drink called "glögi"
  4. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Its Final Time !!!
  5. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Last Group games played and its time to Playoffs Group A Group B Last games Quarter Finals BO3
  6. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Yesterday was last games in Group A Kulmala Hengaus - Saucer Hockey 0-7 Saucer Hockey - Kulmala Hengaus 9-1 Tomorrow Group B will play their last games so next week is time to Magic Playoffs 😎
  7. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 9 Only B group had games today so here is just B group updated standings, no changes made in group A.
  8. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 8 Group A Group B
  9. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 7 Group A Group B Walk over wins to every A Group teams from Shecango. 3-0 and 0-3 because they quit from tournament.
  10. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 6 Group A Group B
  11. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 5 Group A Group B
  12. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 4 Group A Group B
  13. skebazu

    Magic CUP

    Game Day 3 Group A Group B
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