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  1. Upia. Google translate for utomlands: Hc Wildcard need one LD/RD for FCL. Tack och hej.
  2. Thanks for your nice words Tanski. It was pleasure play some nights with Rusty Blades. Maybe someday Jarmo is one of you.
  3. Still looking I have played EASHL since NHL 11. Previous teams Northern Spirit aka Team Upi, KiekkoKopla, Northern Ascendancy, Fat Cats, Baltic Sea Eagles. i like good team defence and fast passing game. Love to give lot big hits and make some ugly goals.
  4. Free agent. Prefer LW/RW I can play sometimes C, LD and RD also. PSN: vilperi-90
  5. PSN: vilperi-90 Positions: Power Forward: LW RW (left), Two-Way D-Man: LD (right) RD (left) About me: 26 years old from Finland. I have played EASHL since NHL 11. I like the most play LW but I can play RW and Dman also with good level. I can play almost every day. Not interested in being a captain.
  6. Power forward Jaromir ''JARMO'' Jagr looking for a new club. LW/RW (left) I can play sometimes LD (right) and RD (left) also. About me: - Active - Good player both side on ice (offense and defense) - HITS - I don't take lot of penalties I want/need: - Active team - Same players and positions almost every game - Time on ice in ECL - Good and fast passing http://consolehockey.com/profile/vilperi90/teamplay/hockey/xbox/ http://nhlgamer.com/player.php?playerID=286 Contact me here or PSN: vilperi-90
  7. I don't mean that they do it for purpose. But they never all quit if goalie drops like some others teams. Like I said I hope that they do it only against us and in future we can play both fair games if we see on ice. Yea. This is pathetic to talk bullshit in our teamforum. And like OODAP said before anyone can't drop their goalie in ECL games. Anyway biggest problem is this homelagggggg. (Almost every homegame) Thx EA. Peace!
  8. I hope that we can. Yep we all quit about after 2 min cause some of us had terrible lagg.
  9. Hello my old dear teammate Unbeatable1993. We all leave in 1st period because lagg so what's the problem? Your team is maybe the last team who can say that. :D We have been playing lots of good and fair games with other teams and have to say Dynasty is not one of them. Not many games against DYN but almost every game other team goalie leave. Mostly your goalie drop and you never all quit. Hopefully you do this only for us. In future if we see on ice I hope that we get good and fair games against you guys. :)
  10. Sorry about that. Our goalie lose his connection. I hope that we not get "bad sportsman's shipping" Usually we all quit if our goalie leave. And our goalie not quit very often. This time we tried how this new fix works: EASHL AI GOALIES AI goalie attributes will be lowered in the situation where a player controlled goalie drops from game to be fair to the other team. Answer. It's not work like it should. AI goalie was like Tretjak. There is some (ECL) teams who drop their goalie (almost every game) and always stay for game. Teams who play only guest games. It would be nice and fair that if goalie leave, others players leave also. But it's not going to work because some teams care only leaderboards. Hope we all get great, fair and awesome ECL tournament. EA please correct that terrible home lagg quickly..
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