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  1. I wonder why TeikDaun faced some critic? If he had more counterattacks and so against him then you get a lower save percentage. So the best way to see how good a goalie actually is would be the (xGA) stat which means expected goals against there you would be able to see how good a goalie is compared to the Average goalie. 🙂 (and yes I know they dont have that stat on nhlgamer)
  2. Free G looking for a team to play the GCL 5 with. Mainly looking for a starter spot but backup spot can be fine too. I am Swedish but can talk English. Contact here or psn: benjamint737
  3. Grattis och stort lycka till!💙💛
  4. What is this it was a Swedish leauge. Now there Will just be way to many finnish like FILADELPHIA take a Swedish team. Now others team Will have to take in more finnish players too this is crazy. No new Swedish player Will be Able to come no new talents no more. And what about the Fans they wont like to watch this no passion no heart at all. How Will it be for the fans when the Most doesent can Swedish in the teams? Why no rules about that you can just have 1-2 foreign players why is this diffrent from the other leauges? ESHL I Think Will not go so Good not so many locals and swedes Will watch it,s just not in intrest because of all this. But maybe alot of Finnish guys Will watch what do I know but I thought that this leauge would be for the Swedish Community in first hand with heart and with passion! But I had wrong.
  5. Grattis killar stort lycka till! 😊 (ingen luleåsupporter)
  6. Grattis killar lycka till! (ingen fbkare)
  7. Hello I am a Swedish player looking for a clube to play in the SCL as a goalie I have played two ecl tournaments before. Contact psn:benjamint737

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