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  1. Beast Hockey are proud to sign: IN: lozt_amigo from Free Agents
  2. Jaks_10

    Free Agents - PS4

    I sent you PM
  3. Jaks_10

    Clubs looking for players

  4. Jaks_10

    Clubs looking for players

    Lite-team looking for a goalie to ECL, gametime guaranteed! PM me here or on PSN!
  5. Jaks_10

    Clubs looking for players

    New team to Lite is looking for an ACTIVE winger, defender and possibly a goalie for the upcoming ECL seasons. We are looking for an easygoing but still really competitive players to take a spot in our team. You need to have a mic and you need to know English at the very least. Still preferably Finnish. Hit me up on either PSN or NHLGamer!
  6. Jaks_10

    Clubs looking for players

    The Magic Mushrooms are looking for an active goalscoring winger to play in the team during the next ECL season. Requirements for you to get a tryout: Microphone for communication Finnish preferably, but good English skills will do if needed Active; you have to be active to practice and to be able to play in the ECL Reliable, relaxed, can take criticism Teamplayer, only wins matter for you, not points and individual success. Send a tryout-application via PM or on PSN to Jaks_10 See you on ice! C #10