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  1. My journey in TIKI TALK has come to an end and it is time to move on. I want to find new challenges. I'm looking for long term team where i can develop myself as a player (rather elite) for the rest of NHL19 and NHL20. I'm both handed and i have played RD but can play also LD. I can play almost every night! Contact me here or PSN: Mixutin-
  2. TIKI TALK is still looking for solid and active LD ( pref. finnish) for the club games and next ECL Elite. We play almost every day 21.00 - 24.00 fin time. Contact here or PSN: itspardytime or Saviinainen
  3. That looks promising! There is still many things that ea should fix but lets hope the best!
  4. TIKI TALK is still looking an active two way Center for upcoming Spring League and ECL Elite, who likes to play fast paced hockey. We usually play everyday 21.00 - 0.00 FIN time, so its important you can be active. Contact me here or PSN Saviinainen or itspardytime (PSN and nhlgamer account) for try outs!
  5. Team name: TIKI TALK Team abbreviation: ESA Team captains (PSN IDs): itspardytime (C), Saviinainen (A), thewix_1 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): Saviinainen itspardytime thewix_1 P____C____J____P Pettersson12 HakkaPeIiitta (e:n jälkeen iso i) TeMeX jirsimarco EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/TIKI TALK Team Logo: 
  6. And maybe you can nerf backskating little bit, its better than earlier but still sometimes cant tackle the player who backskate and cover the puck... Thats so ridiculous. And yes this is console game not real hockey but it would be nice if game would looks and feels like real hockey, it looks so silly when people backskating all the time/too much but thats only my opinion, everyone have their own playing style
  7. There is more important thing than "fight" here. You guys can also do your best and try to get this problem solved! Kenu and itspardytime has done great job to contact companies and make the things go forward. I dont say no one else has done that because cant know. Lets give everyone chance to play and try and lets focuse to help fix that problem!
  8. Ofcourse people wanna try to play because it can works, 2 games is better than 0 No one cant force people stop playing and trying, so if other teams knows opponent have more than one DNA player in squad, opponent can leave if they dont wanna try!
  9. Yeah, there have to come some kind of official tournament with current ecl rosters. On summer people are starting to stop playing nhl so much so now we have right time to have some competitive tournaments after ecl 8! so lets see what happen!
  10. I understand, thanks for the answer
  11. Are the previews coming?
  12. TIKI TALK is looking for starting goalie to eashl and upcoming ECL PRO! You should be active, we play almost every evening around 21-00 fintime Contact me Saviinainen (PSN) or itspardytime (PSN)
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