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  1. Could you maybe some year perhaps do them national leagues at same time. Then there would be no need or interest to participate other than your national league. It would leave more time to arange ECL tournamets as well.
  2. As it seems to be the way of the world for one to explore his options: C/D looking for a team. Psn. Malcowich84 prefer to be contacted here.
  3. ECL Autum, ECL Winter and ecl Spring. Giving shorter autum and winter tournaments the role of "warmup" and division sorting out before the main event at Spring tournament. No new teams could go straight to pro nor Elite after Autum tournament regardless of their roster. Giving Lite and Pro more weight as open slots from disposed teams to be filled only with ones that have paricipated and ranked in earlier tournamet. So only Spring tournament would have the championship status per year. Summer cup as the fourth non official ecl tournament. Or fill the calendar with tournamet after tournament as many as peoble want, year after year. Just make the desission what way this concept is heading. Many tournaments with the same value, or one main event for every nhl version. I don't have strong opinion, just been reading how different thing's people want. And some kind of desission should be done.
  4. I yesterday had 12 ms in a home game and 32 ms in the next home game with different opponent. Could clearly feel the difference, don't know why so massive change on ping 😕
  5. Murohoki (PRO) Looking for a RW. PM me here.
  6. Team name: Murohoki Team abbreviation:MH Team captains (PSN IDs): (C) Malcowich84, (A) Lionite, (A) Zaedon Team roster (PSN IDs): Malcowich84 MovaaN Zaedon Battletoadser_RU IIPairiiII Backstabbing son of a... Lionite temmi1979 nikopetteri TheyCallMeRevv EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Murohoki (Murohoki) Previous team name(s): - Team Logo:
  7. Some mixed signals. You are worried about old teams to stay and grow, but in next sentence you want making new teams even easier. The problem of old teams sticking together and grow with some good fa signings is; that it is at the moment too easy to start over with new team that get free PRO spot. So one tournament and you are in Elite, if your new superteam (Some team names listed here) is good enough. Same time PRO and Elite teams cease to exist not because tournament system but because we are manchilds and that how it goes. But yeah, more games, more fun.
  8. Kenu. You have said that you want teams that stay and build up their rep. Not allowing new teams to pro regardless of their roster is the way to do it. This would force elite and pro players to suck it up in lite or find a existing team on level of their liking. Or to actually stay on their teams. And yes, I have vested interest on the matter, as trying to build team in pro sucks ass, as top talents just gather new team and start over season after season.
  9. Murohoki (pro) looking for some D and F action. Pm me here.
  10. Hi everybody. Murohoki (Still in PRO ) looking for some players: one D and possibly two F. PM me here, as I dont like to write anyone on PSN, I rahter just play when I finally have the time to start that infernal machine... **** Some big ass logo here for all to see and be amazed *****
  11. Seems Murohoki has LW/C spot open. pm. me here.
  12. How about NHL Gamer timezone, with that magnificent NHL Gamer Clock on the wepsite. With virus written in the code that syncs the clocks of every user in NHLGAMER TIMEZONE. Separate android app is a must.
  13. Go to *box score. The endgame timer will stop and almost all needed info is in those menus. ..then use phone camera if you dont stream and have video to refer to. Endgame View is also needed: for shots, faceoffs etc. and * ** *** players of the game Edit: I fill the games at work. Thats why the mobile or stream.

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