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  1. @Vilupoika ❤️❤️
  2. Seems like I have to say it again, we have already accepted it we are not complaining whats the problem here ?
  3. You must understand that after IS cup we proved that we are top 2 team in EU, Ofcourse we would like to play agaisnt best and improve our placement but we are not ungrateful at all. It was very clear that first season we must go to pro so here we are! Who doesnt like to score points like crazy 💁🏼‍♂️
  4. I dont think its good idea to compare pro fila and pro delu. But yh same rules for everyone!
  5. Delusion is looking for RW to pro and for future tournaments! Pro playoff time guaranteed! msg me here! if you are known sniper build user or other similar, save my time and dont contact me! Thank you!
  6. If the new tie-breaking rules follow the wins as tie breaker, why havu is first? Last time I checked havu had 12 wins and delusion had 14. XD
  7. Delusion looking for back up LW to IS cup. This role is just in case and there is small chance that you wont play at all. This back up role includes only the regular season! So if you can play in regular season and you think you are skilled lw send pm to KingOfApes_ on psn and lets talk more! Also we are still looking for another G to our roster. Playing time guaranteeded.
  8. Delusion: IN KingOfApes_ from Checkmate HC Joukkii from Symphony JANURI98 from FA Beniittto from Symphony Janzuh from Filadelphia iilmarii from Symphony Game on!
  9. Legacy looking for defenceman! msg:s here or psn KingOfApes_ more info there as well if needed
  10. We had this divisions system because elite players/teams wanted to have tighter regular season so bringing more pro teams to elite is only going to cause more lvl differents between top and bottom. Its good if we wanna see more scores to score but bad for the title ”elite”.

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