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  1. Are you the next Swedish Champion?
  2. Dear kenu. If nhlgamer is organizatibg tournaments like SCL and eSM whole point should be focusing on finnish and swedish players. Bringing foreign players in tournament changes a lot. Its no more about swedish championship and finnish championship its more like ECL no. What comes to those angry messages you cant make everyone happy. But questions is like this, what can you do if people get sad if they are not allowed to join FINNISH tournament. Maybe it would be time to tell again how cruel world really is
  3. Your status ”Qualified” means that you are allowed to play in Canada’s qualifier. So you havent pass that yet. Sorry
  4. Free Center! Only elite teams!
  5. Everyone has to start somewhere. Good luck to your new club potta and keskitalo!
  6. Good story! Would personally heard a same kinda story how foppa and martin made so big difference in lower tier elite team as rusty blades were. GL agaisnt sky !
  7. Dont ban two of these its ridiculous! First as like Tbantti said late shots are easy mistake to make! Second Slashing players after the whistle is kinda part of playoff hockey Trying to provoke opponent is atleast what I try do! Slashing is good tool for that. Only thing worth to ban is challenging players to fight after whistle, its most biggest threat to pick up a fight. I hope LA will reconsider this because now its seems they are banning stuff from the game without further thinking.
  8. ”Due to a problem with the new update, the team made a choice not to yet release a potentially problematic tuner” Every tuner so far has been problematic in some way!
  9. This is a joke again. Can take tripping penalty when you poke front of player and hit to the players stick..
  10. Perhaps youre right, I can play only 20 regular season game so it doesnt matter which way I suffer my penalty, tho guess I have only one transfer left
  11. My ban is over I think within few days. So officially im able to play soon! Hit menup with msg! Svamp show me some love so its my time to give it back!
  12. True but I think im not gonna be ”gone” soon after that
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