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  1. still looking 😎🤠💪😅
  2. Still looking for tryouts 😉
  3. Free D(maybe fwd) looking for a team to play in upcoming tournaments, starter or a backup, really doesnt matter as long as there is real competition for the playing time I'm comfortable playing either side in defense, but can also play as forward on a good level. As a person I'm calm and understanding who tries to always improve as a player and wants to learn from done mistakes Available to play almost everyday, fluent in Finnish and English Contacts here or on PSN: TAPPUU_
  4. Can the biggest surprise keep it up and win it all, lets hope so 🥰💪
  5. Free LW/LD looking for a team to play in NHL 20 1v1 grinder and ecl rookie with fast thumbs and time to develop in the 6s game. Open to all kind of offers, contacts on psn: TAPPUtk
  6. Itellä näin arkena 13-18 väli yleensä vapaata peli aikaa ja sit kympin jjälkeen, pleikal viestiä vaan

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