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  1. Free 22 yo C/RW, i have played 6v6 From NHL12. Back up role for ecl is fine. Pro / (lite) Contact me!
  2. Free C/RW (I dont know which one im playing better) looking for active 6v6 team. (preferring finnish teams but never know) Contact me!
  3. World of chel - Practice mode to test builds for example and also team practice dress room where teams could level up powerplay tactics and so on! - Fix all errors and bugs - You can decide and change the division who you want to play against - able to check which teams are online and in dressing room Sorry my english skills
  4. Free C/RW/RD looking for new club for ECL -Using microphone and whatsapp -20 years old -Played EASHL since NHL12 - Check my stats and teams in my profile - Playing usually 21>>>01 finnish time -preferring finnish 6v6 teams -Contact me there or psn Farssine

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