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  1. Team name: Horror Hockey Team abbreviation: HRH Team captains (PSN IDs): Slaivone (C), Isumppi90I (A), hoiggaa (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): hilleri84 hoiggaa Isumppi90I jnmxx jozar88 koojiikoojii KungOrne Slaivone xMaick82x EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Horror Hockey Previous team name(s): Kattiautomaatti Team Logo: ECL Pro application: Yes
  2. We have played only couple of nights with loan players per year on sunday because too many players can't play. We have played maybe once or twice on weekend an EHL game but cant remember us playing any ECL game on weekend during all these years. I would probably have to reschedule all sunday games, thats why I am against it.
  3. No sundays please. This tournament has worked all these years with mon,wed,thu defaults. No weekends. Why change it when it works. Those who can play on sundays have rescheduled game days on sundays already. Why force this change for all teams. Change to mon,tue,thu rather than sunday if you have to have different default days on different divisions.
  4. Horror Hockey (former Kattiautomaatti) looking for a active allround forward (C/LW/RW), handness does not matter. Game time promised for both EASHL and ECL. You will play atleast 75% of games, so we are not looking for a backup player. You need to speak English or Finnish, nationality does not matter. Contact me here or via PSN: Slaivone Edit: Player found
  5. Horror Hockey (old Kattiautomaatti) is looking for one more player to complete the roster. A center or RD. Contact via psn Slaivone Edit: Player found
  6. Team name: Kattiautomaatti Team abbreviation: CAT Team captains (PSN IDs): Slaivone (C), Isumppi90I (A), hoiggaa (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): BiiAiiDii hoiggaa (A) Isumppi90I (A) janbonator jimmiNOhands KungOrne Slaivone (C) xMaick82x EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Kattiautomaatti Team Logo:
  7. Looking for Elite/Pro team. Backup role is also ok. RD only. Edit: Not free anymore, back to Katti
  8. Thank you NHLGamer staff for making this tournament possible. You can get a lot of negative feedback because any decision you make there will be someone in this large community who disagrees with you, it's impossible to please everyone. People will complain easily without actually offering a better solution and will also easily forget to thank you when they are happy with what you have done. I believe the large silent group of this community is happy. Don't mind the negative feedback too much and of course sometimes negative feedback is constructive/valuable too. ECL is important part of many community member's free time, including me. Playing EASHL wouldn't mean much without the ECL, so thank you staff for making my free time better!
  9. Went to Carlsberg HC..
  10. I believe everyone wants to see games played and not WOs. But I also believe majority of players wants the deadlines to hold and be respected.. even if WOs are required to achieve that. We learned from last year we need to finish the tournament before christmas and that's why there are deadlines. I have read all the messages here and based on that I think the problem in this case was that LA recieved the information about scheduling problem too late and they didn't recieve all the information about this case before their decision. And maybe teams scheduling games were too confident that they will get that extra day if needed. If LA would have been contacted earlier with all the important information about this case, maybe there would had been one extra day for semifinals to be played who knows. Too bad there had to be WOs. I would have wanted to see the games played. But I am also happy LA respected the deadline. Not easy decision to make for LA. Good luck to final teams and good luck to SKY for next season.
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