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  1. Rosvosektori is looking for goalie. Plenty of playing time available. We are finnish team, so we usually play around 19-23 CET! Just contact me here or PSN. BTW - we are mostly over 30.
  2. #rosvosektori #looking for left wing #starting position #spring league #ecl tournaments #we are very active #you need to talk finnish #contact psn or here
  3. Team name: Rosvosektori Team abbreviation: GUN Team captains (PSN IDs): Nessron (C), Meiha (A), JuHa2002 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): sa_ku_77 Meiha Zephyr897 JuHa2002 way420go Lionite Kekemainen nessron laiska_ EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Rosvosektori Previous team name(s): Team Logo:
  4. Forward needed. Get in contact and we arrange tryout. Rosvosektori is participating next ECL (lite) but before that we are going to play EASHL because addiction is hard to break. We are currently able to play almost everyday but still need one more player! Play time guaranteed for both EASHL and ECL games. We are active because we do love the game (sport and console series). We are chill, mature (+30yo) committed and what is most important, we have fun. If you have tendency to behave like känkkäränkkä, do not contact us.
  5. Rosvosektori is looking for goalie and defender. There are many options available for free agents, I will list here couple key points why you should consider us - We are Finnish adults and we do understand that players have other commitments in life - We play mostly between 20-24, during weekends we do tend to play much more - We do also have games between 17-20, but not that often - We are not top team currently but want to be there, sooner the better - We do talk about what went wrong, what could be done better next time, how to improve our general game play but every time in constructive manner - We want to keep this game fun - When we log in, we want to play with and for this team
  6. Rosvosektori is looking for goalie. Plenty of game time available. We are easy going, motivated and adults. You should be too.
  7. Looking for RW! Contact me here or PSN.
  8. ECL 8 was challenge for our team. Many fresh faces, different playing styles and difficulties to find chemistry on the ice were weekly topics. Things are getting easier, we are getting stronger but our lines are getting thinner. We need new players because currently we have only 7 active players, so there is room for one or two players. There is one very promising player trying with us and hopefully we can reach contract very soon. So, if you are looking for new team or thinking about new challenges, try us! We value players who do not change clubs every two weeks and understands that chemistry is not always there immediately. Forward or defender, does not matter, if you are right fit. Contact me. Please send more than "i am free ld" because it is not good opener.
  9. Our club is still in need of two players, one RD and one forward. Please contact me if you want to play in starting position.
  10. Pro team (Tiffen) is looking for center. If you think you can manage to play against other centers in pro, get in touch.
  11. Tiffen (PRO) looking for defender (LD or RD). Hit me up ASAP. Starting position available if you are good enough.
  12. Finnish team looking for goalie, your language does not matter if you tolerate finnish language in party. Pro division. Tryouts even today!
  13. Team name: Tiffen Team abbreviation: TIF Team captains (PSN IDs): nessron (C), selanne888 (A), maza0909 (A) Team roster (PSN IDs): auron88 bonq1987 kerubi80 kissakalle maza0909 mehukatti10 misantti nessron selanne888 temguila85 unski727 zani87  EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Tiffen Previous team name(s): Pohjoista Voimaa Team Logo:
  14. Indeed. They clearly have shared values which are uncommon nowadays.
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