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  1. Team name: Entourage Team abbreviation: ENT Team captains (Gamertags): Scheckel29, JClaus33, Hxndry Team roster (Gamertags) : Scheckel29 Jclaus33 Hxndry x Fisher 81 NYR95 Regs84 cj142 MyLittleRevvy Desjy99 Kasimis96 L JLP L Dannyy Briere EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.ea.com/games/nhl/nhl-20/pro-clubs/overview?clubId=260&platform=xboxone Team Logo:
  2. @murderboy100 has been suspended from captain duty for the next two seasons and from playing for this season due to violating 2.4 and 13.10 of our rule book.
  3. Hello Everyone, this is a copy and paste of a PM that was sent to all Captains for Season 1 of NACL. We thought it would be important for everyone to see as well. Thank you! Scheckel Hi Everyone, In order for us to ensure the quality of experience that we at NHLGamer like to deliver, we have agreed to give our content creation team a week to prepare the material for the upcoming season. This means the new start date for the NACL is the 18th of March. This also allows us to accept late entries until Wednesday the 13th of March and for our new members (welcome!) to get accustomed to the website. Here are some FAQ's to get you started: Q: Where do I find this and that? A: Any forum posts, PM's and discussion can be found on the community side (where you're reading this - unless you're reading this on your email, which is also cool), but some functionality is limited to the "main site". When we talk about the main site, we mean NHLGamer.com, not NHLGamer.com/community. Most things can also be accessed from the community, but that does not currently apply for your team tools. Q: How do I create my player card? What is that? A: The player card is your player profile on the website and can be edited at https://nhlgamer.com/edit_playercard.php once your card has been created. Simply visiting NHLGamer.com (the main site) the first time while signed up will give you a prompt to create your player card. This is required for you to be able to be added as a captain for a team or to be visible in the free agents list, which is required for you to be invited to a team. Please note: There's a bit of a logical bug right now that doesn't allow you to leave the PSN ID empty. For the time being, just put in your Gamertag in that box as well, and it will let you carry on. Sorry for the inconvenience. Below you'll find a video on how to create your player card. It's not the same layout these days, but the same logic applies. Q: How do I add players to my team? A: If you've created your player card (see above for how), you have been made captain for your team. You can access your captain tools through the main site and click Manage Roster. Please note that you also have to invite yourself to the team, even though you are a captain. You can also add your assistant captains through the Manage Team page. Below you'll find a video on how to invite players to your team. It's not the same layout these days, but the same logic applies. Q: Help! I can't invite my player to the team!? A: The most probable reason is that your player hasn't created their player card. Ask them to complete it and they will be available on the free agent list. Q: I signed up with team name X, but on the site it's now called Y. A: We use the team names as you have them created in the game. If you want to use team name X, you must also control that team name in the game. This is in order to avoid confusion and also in order for the API to find your team properly. If you're afraid of creating a new team in the game due to missing out on a logo or something, we can perhaps help you by asking EA to unlock the logo on the newly created team. Alternatively we have simply made a mistake when creating your team and you should contact us. Team name changes are accepted until the start of the season. Make sure that your registration post has your EA link included - there were some submissions with the info missing. Q: How do I change the team logo? A: Send us a 500x500px version with a transparent background (png). Please note that we do our best to not use copyrighted material, logos with watermarks etc. There are some talented people on the forums that might be able to help you, or check out a service such as Fiverr where you can purchase logos quite cheap. Q: Where can I find the rulebook? A: Click image below for PDF: Q: My team wants to play for a prize pool - can we still join Elite? A: Yes, but let us know immediately. You can find the license in our store, which is linked below. The final size of the prize pool will be determined based on the amount of teams in the Elite division, so the more the merrier. The License payment will have to be done by Thursday 14th of March. You can read more about the license on the product page. Thank you for joining NHLGamer - let this season be the first of many! This thread is a great place for questions as well, as we can all learn from each others questions. Don't hesitate to ask if there's something. You can also join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/B3UAngc Kind regards, Ken
  4. Here is a link to the discord for NHLGamer: https://discord.gg/B3UAngc *All NHLGamer site rules apply to the discord
  5. Please use below for what most teams are interested in if you are looking for a team: XB Gamertag: Discord: Position(s): Availability: About me:

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