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  1. ** Will be Completed at later time ** Team name: The Perfect Storm Team abbreviation: TPS Team captains (Xbox GT): Rickchel, Dxwny Team roster (Xbox GT): Rickchel TheGreatMP7 TrueUndefeated (aka Streetsmurf) Dxwny Vaporize 17 Jmoney2436 Booya (need to check spelling on his GT) Fool (need to check spelling on his GT)  EA Sports Club Overview: https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/xboxone/The Perfect Storm Twitter: None  Team Logo:
  2. Hello EU people. I'm a goalie looking to get some games in and test my connection on the EU servers. I love playing competitively and have won a championship in ESHL (The NA version of ECL). Feel free to PM me. 😎 PSN: The_CreasePolice
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