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  1. If you need G for eSm hit me up here or PSN:Solidelli
  2. Im in. @Devilfish14 @Amppaare u interested?
  3. vokial2

    Kiitos EA

    Kiitos EA is eager to test their skills in competitive virtual hockey. We maybe have new players to the community but they are no rookies 😉 We are also looking new players to join our journey, feel free to contact here or psn: vokial2/SolidElli or Puutarhamulta Current Roster • Puutarhamulta • makyzz • makkarapulla • SolidElli • Valmuri • jormatsefiina https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/ps4/Kiitos EA
  4. Kiitos EA is looking one D and a forward to ECL 6.If interested contact here or psn vokial2/SolidElli Ps. We might also have room for a G
  5. http://nhlgamer.com/match.php?matchID=3008 Missing one SO in stats. Felix Potvin Refuse to Lose vs Nordic Nightmare 0-2
  6. Psn: SolidElli Position: G (Rd,Ld,C) 33 year old goalie/part time defender. Basicly im as good as the defenders are ? Take a risk, I will be there. Recent team Nordic Nightmare.
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