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  1. What I meant is that Xbox exclusive games come to PC also but PS5 doesn't. Of course some games are not ported to PC like NHL cause there isn't a market for it..
  2. PS5 since you can play any game that's on XBOX on PC aswell.
  3. After not finding suitable team and having low motivation my ECL season seems to be over. I'm looking for a team where I can play EASHL games to improve for future tourneys and other competition. Hopefully also sticking with the team to help them in the next competitive tournaments. Prefer "Center" position since I seem to have most impact there but also open for other positions. Contact me here if interested!
  4. Free C/RW/LW/RD Starter/backup.
  5. Looking for new opportunities elsewhere after mildly disappointing season. I'm hungry to win and feel like I couldn't give my everything with Reality Check. - Positions: C/RW/RD - Only pro/elite
  6. Reality Check is looking for an backup player. Position doesn't really matter but as a defender/goalie you will get more playtime. Also being able to play multiple positions is only a big plus.
  7. Reality Check HC We are looking for Starting RD that has some previous Pro/Elite experience. If you don't and feel like you could still challenge the best then ask for a tryout.

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