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  1. Team name: PREDATORS Team abbreviation:PRE Team captains (PSN IDs): Captain 1 ( MvtShameless), Assistant Captain 1 (Vio37) , Assistant Captain 2 (Jigglejuice) Team roster (PSN IDs): Player 1 ( Mvtshameless) Player 2( vio37) Player 3(dec3ptive 1 ) Player 4 (Sunriseskydiver) Player 5( sensei Dropshot) Player 6( Lazykingzinga) Player 7( jigglejuiice ) Player 8 ( DavosJB) player 9 (schwifty Tip ) Player 10 ( JACKIExCHAN) TBD https://www.easports.com/nhl/clubs/search/Predator
  2. entering with a depth team just missing two goalies . we have many psn LGnhl and xbox LGnhl players on our team as well as esport players just needing pylons in the net
  3. currently in need of 2 goalies one east and one west please message me or discord me MvtShameless#1710
  4. hey were currently looking for 2 goalies preferably one west and one east .. to competer with us on the NAcl pro ladder we have a pretty depth team including multiple esport players and some top eashl players
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