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  1. Free ld/lw Back up role is fine, because i have shift work and couple kids.
  2. Free ld/lw looking for a club. Backup role is fine. Just need some regular games
  3. Bad D, looking for a good team to future tournaments. Backup role is good, becost shiftwork and family need time too. Positions Ld (lw,c) Msg here or psn
  4. Free ld/c (lw and can try rd). Backup role is fine
  5. Free ld/c (and maybe lw and rd too). Backup role is fine, because shiftwork and family takes time too.
  6. Looking for competitive team. I think a backup role is fine, becost can play 3-4 times a week (shift work and family need time too). Can play ld,lw,c. Msg here or psn
  7. Looking for a club. I can play ld, c and lw. Msg here on psn
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