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  1. Just so sad to hear this ! Floor was a true community member and had so friendly personality... big loss for all of us. I will Allways rememb you floor !
  2. Cant wait to see NACL teams in action! Hopefully all the teams will finish their season with full GP and no one quits once again welcome to NHLgamer and let us know when streams starts
  3. Resurrection is proud to announce new signing! Hard hitting defender from Team Frosty is joining to the team IN LB: TheFakiiR1 #69
  4. After tight series against SIKA , Resurrection is playing in Elite next season so our team is looking now for LD. The Defender type that we are looking for is puck moving defender who is also capable of creating space for the teammates and himself too. We are looking players for tryout ASAP. Also we are looking a Backup Allrounder playerto improve our roster ! So 2 places will be available in Resurrection's line up in ECL8 , If you are the guy we are looking for , Just private message me and we can schedule tryouts ! Your's Truly: JiiHooo86 & Johtaja699 (J0htaja)
  5. Nicely written article :) I would like to see Group based team of the week and articles about pro division.
  6. New team has been searching a good defence man. Team has players from versus scene , but have had time to practice the 6's. We currently go with team name : Resurrection , but for the upcoming tournaments ( ECL , eSM , etc. ) we r maybe changing it. Please contact me ( jiihooo86 ) or Veikkonator for the tryouts if you think your the missing piece :). Current Players on team: - Artuzio - Veikkonator - Pikkardz - Nikmes7 - Jiihooo86 (G) - xKeskitalo (G) Our hopes for the Defesive players are these. -Can pass the puck fast and doesnt hold it for too long -Has a patience to work with the puck if there is no open line for pass -Does indeed know how to play D-zone specially -Mic -Preferred language : FIN
  7. Veteran status goalie as a free agent. Looking for a team @ elite or pro division to tryout i have played allways as a goalie and currently playing Summer Cup in NG Puck Nation. Allways played in mid table teams so in ecl7 im lookin for playoff team. ECL alltime stats included. Contact me via ps4 or NHLGAMER community. Kip Rusoff #18
  8. Wow...! This is interesting and motivating at the same time ! Good luck kid !!!
  9. Viaplay have some informarion about the nhl ganecenter fir us finns Helmikuun 2. päivä NHL GameCenteriin tehtiin muutoksia, jotka tulevat parantamaan lähetyksen laatua ja kehittämään muita ominaisuuksia. Näiden muutoksien vuoksi yhteys GameCenteriin on katkennut. Työskentelemme yhteistyössä NHL:n kanssa ongelman ratkaisemiseksi mahdollisimman pian. Huomaathan, että voit katsella Viaplayn muita lähetyksiä normaalisti ja Viaplayn urheilusivulta pääset myös katsomaan NHL:n suoria lähetyksiä. Ainoastaan NHL GameCenter ja sen matsit eivät ole saatavilla. Päivitämme sivustoamme heti, kun saamme lisätietoa.
  10. Thank you !! , we r fighting for the last playoff spot still
  11. Great our points are accurate but i think checkmate is ahead of us...im not sure about it but i hope that your stats are accurate and..appreciate the gesture
  12. Jiihooo86

    Inside ECL

    Yup you're doing this for the same reasons why i write on our team page keep it coming
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