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  1. It's not often you can put a world champ on the bench as a healthy scratch. The level of play in Kannunkulma is so high that in yesterdays games Eki did not make it to the starting lineup.
  2. Damn, pure domination! Congratz Ekimeister!!
  3. Pepsi Max?? Why u lying boi? We both know what you are drinking before,during and after games. On the bright side, this guy is one of the coolest swedes around, right after his father Dolph "Ivan Drago" Lundgren.
  4. Money league and buy ins? 90% of Finnish players would need more allowance from their parents and the remaining 10% of unemployed drunks would need more social wellfare to even afford the buy in. Somebody just win that vegas shit and donate the money to Kenumeister.
  5. Hello! My stuntman contract with Kattiautomatico is now completed and i'm a free agent again. LW with a righty player
  6. So you are saying NOS is about 10 years old? That means u guys have had the opportunity to participate in the AshtonArmys "5 year program from beginners to elite" two times!? #westcoastwasps #noexcuses #easycup
  7. He da boss since nhl 09. The smarter version of Gary Bettman. Nothing but respect for the work u do for us Kenuboi!
  8. Don't be fooled by his stats. He was always cherrypicking in Tiki Talk and thats why he got kicked out of the team / Thai
  9. Aaand a free LW Elite/pro teams.
  10. RIP Apo. Free winger. LW since 09, but can try RW also. Elite/pro div. Contacts on psn: ShaneC27
  11. Are you sure there is enough room for everybody? Isn't this a bit too fancy for APO to celebrate?
  12. @Floor17 Hidden gems -> Not so hidden gems
  13. Just stop downloading japanese tentacle porn at the same time u are playing. Problem solved!
  14. It's called skill hockey. We fourthliners are not supposed to understand that kind of danglez & snipazz
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