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  1. Tarpion pallo looking for C, RW and LD. Contact me PSN: Beeoo87
  2. Team name: Cold Turkeys Team abbreviation: CTU Team Captains (PSN IDs): Bonq1987(C), REIKKI4REAL(A), Maki2san(A) Team Roster (PSN IDs): Bonq1987 REIKKI4REAL Maki2San Unski727 Lezki Jerseymikeee juho244 swulle HURJABORIS Tokrbo EA SPORTS club overview: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/Cold Turkeys ECL Pro Application: No
  3. Free active lw/rw. Right handed. Age 30. I speak finnish and english. I dont care what ecl division to play. Ask me for try out and i do my best. Psn: Bonq1987
  4. Lw looking for club. Age 30. I am from Finland.
  5. Lw looking for solid club. Psn: Bonq1987.
  6. Last kings will be really good and will suprise everyone if they get better goalie. Nobody hasnt heard of Whiterabbit but he can be the best player in that division.
  7. Looking for active ECL club, position lw. Age 30. Psn: Bonq1987 Language: Finnish and English
  8. Looking for active ECL club, position lw. Age 30. Psn: Bonq1987 Language: Finnish and English
  9. Looking for active ECL club, position lw. Age 30. Psn: Bonq1987 Language: Finnish and English
  10. Looking for solid active club, playing lw. Age 30. I want to be a part of team who join in next ecl. Psn: Bonq1987 Language: Finnish and English
  11. KiekkoVesa etsii laadukasta ja kokenutta suomalaista maalivahtia. Joukkue on tiivis ja peli peliltä parannetaan koko ajan. Tilastot ovat suhteellisen hyvät. Seuraavaan ECL:n olisi tarkoitus osallistua. Halutaan rauhassa kasata joukkue, jolla voi menestyä. We are looking for finnish goalie to our team. Yhteydenotot psn: Bonq1987
  12. My opinnion is that lets make divisions. DIV 1 has 16 teams.. They play 4 times against each others in regular season. best 6 teams goes to straight to playoffs. 7,8,9,10 plays pittyplayoffs 7vs10 and 8vs9. Best of two serie. Winners goes to playoffs too.. So there will be 8 teams in playoffs. Playoffs: best of seven game serie. Division 1 worst ranked team will relegate automatically. And the second worst will play against div.2 second best team. Division.2 Has also 16 teams and same season and playoffs system like DIV.1 Winner will promote automatically. And the second play against div.1 second worst ranked team game seven playoff serie. Winner will play next season in div.1.The worst 3 ranked teams has to play relegation group game to stay in div.2. Division 3 can have a 4 groups same much teams like last ECL. Every group best ranked 8 teams goes to playoffs. so its 32 teams same playoff system like the last season in ECL. Finalist goest to promoting group games.. and the semifinalist losers play against each others "bronze game", and the bronze game winner goes also the promoting group games. So the div.3 best three ranked and div.2 three worst ranked teams will play own season. They play two times against each others and the group best 3 ranked teams will play next season in div.2. Only problem is that div.1 and div.2 regular seasons has to last longer than div.3 because div.3 teams has much more. So the season will end same time each divisions. So they can play relegate/promoting match before divisions start a new season with the promoting/relegation teams. It would be also nice that team will get marked on their website what they have won each season. Like "Champion of division 3, 2014", Champion of division 2,2015", Relegated division 1, 2016"..etc. Its just my opinnion
  13. it would be really interesting if there is more divisions like div 1, 2, 3. About 16-20 teams each divisions. Best 6 goes straight to playoffs and between 7-10 will have pittyplayoffs where 7 vs 10 and 8vs9. Best of two serie. Pittyplayoffs winners goes to real playoffs. If there is like 3 divisions, seasons dont last so long. Division games would be really nice where you can relegate and promote. It should be relegate/promoting playoffs. Example: Div.1 regular season the worst ranked team will play against div.2 winner best of seven serie.
  14. Team Name: KiekkoVesa Team Abbreviation: KV · Team Captains: Beeoo, samblenegger, lundimice Team Roster: NHLGamer account / (PSN ID: if it’s different than nhlgamer account) · Beeoo (Beeoo87) (C) · Tommy Meisseli (McKo25) · Black1Eagle1 · Kaida82 · lundimice (A) · samblenegger (A) · Fruit69 · iigori666 · Refbbb (REFbbb-) · Jerseymike (Jerseymikeee) · anzeh22 · Andelsss · j_pirttikoski (GreyMyHound) · HAR5K1_
  15. Hi We are looking for goalie. Contact us If you are good and you have enough experience. We are going to join next ECL. Team name KiekkoVesa: https://www.easports.com/fi/nhl/clubs/ps4/KiekkoVesa Psn: Beeoo87
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