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  1. Hello NHLGamers, I am hoping that what I am about to share will get the community buzzing and bring some serious excitement for what is to come. But first, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. Some of you out there I already know and some of you are new to me. My name is Kim Kallio but amongst gamers I am probably more known as “Hc”, or “Ho0Ceri”. While I have played the NHL series for almost 20 years, I first started creating leagues and tournaments for the NHL gaming community in 2011. Many in the community might know me from the Facebook page I started back in February of 2014; NHL Suomi (currently NHL 17 Suomi). My goal then was – just like it is today – to make the online NHL scene bigger and better. After running my Facebook page for several years, including both HUT and Versus tournaments, I am happy to say I have gotten to know a lot of people and players who are all dedicated to the same objective I am: Improving the NHL gaming experience for all of the community. Today, I am excited to announce I will bring my passion, knowledge, experience and dedication to NHLGamer.com where my main task will be to run 1vs1 tournaments of the same sort I have been running at NHL 17 Suomi, only on a larger scale. I look forward to combining the full power of NHL 17 Suomi and NHLGamer.com to create the biggest and most competitive 1vs1 leagues in Europe. I also look forward to interacting with all of you in the near future. Keep your eyes open for a 1vs1-tournament announcement in the near future, NHLGamers.
  2. With only two weeks until the launch of NHL 18 and fans eagerly curious for details surrounding the game, let us recap some recently announced good news for the fans of European Hockey. EA SPORTS decided to blow up the doors with first introducing that the Champions Hockey League will be in the game. Shortly after that, it was announced that HockeyAllsvenskan and the Erste Bank Eishockey Liga also will be included. In case you’re wondering what the CHL is, we’d describe the Champions Hockey League as a tournament where the top teams of Europe play against each other in a fashion that we are used to in the football scene. Although it’s still not followed even remotely in the same magnitude as on the football side, we can hope the interest towards this league grows on the hockey side as well. The including of HockeyAllsvenskan was a really exciting thing especially for Swedish NHL-gamers as they can once again play the famous Stockholm Derby, Djurgården vs AIK with friends. Or why not give Leksand another chance in the famous Daladerby and face off against their bitter rivals, the team that knocked them down from the SHL: Mora IK. The press releases didn’t specify whether these leagues are actually included in the game as full playable seasons with schedules, or if they are mainly to be used in individual games or replacement teams in the franchise mode, as we’ve seen done before. At this stage we can only speculate, but whatever the approach is, we welcome these new teams to the game with open arms! The features of HockeyAllsvenskan might add something to the mix in the ECL scene as well; It has been rumoured that the ECL Elite team Synergy might reveal a Björklöven jersey What do you think about the inclusion of these leagues? Will you play with this teams, or perhaps just use their jerseys for HUT or EASHL? Let us know in the comments below. -chavelski
  3. Hey NHL Gamers, We hope you are enjoying the NHL 18 Beta as much as we are! If you haven't had the chance yet, you should check out the new NHL 18 trailer, titled NHL Threes Official Gameplay Trailer. You can check out the new trailer below: Campaigns, playable mascots, teams other than NHL teams... these all sound like good things for this mode in my opinion, but what do you think? Are you looking forward to getting on the ice with one of the mascots, or are you sticking to the other game modes, and if so, which one(s)? Let us know in the comments below! Until next time Gamers!
  4. Hey NHL Gamers, we hope you are enjoying the NHL 18 Beta to the fullest by now! If not, be sure to check out our Beta Code Giveaway below: As you probably know, a beta of a game is more than just a demo for the consumers. Sure, it can be used as a marketing tool to get people excited for a game and I believe in the case of the NHL series it doubles as a demo, but it also usually serves a bigger purpose, such as: Getting general feedback from the customers before the game release. Introducing the beta to a bigger amount of people will certainly bring out some technical issues that hasn't been noted before and it can then be fixed before putting the game on disc (or at the very latest in the form of a day one patch). Testing the online server capabilities. Collecting data about customer behavior within the game for multiple purposes. We here at NHLGamer are playing the NHL 18 beta at least as much as the next guy and are very passionate about discussing our findings as well. We created a discussion thread for this purpose and we will also be sharing our key points with EA SPORTS as well (we're also pretty sure they are lurking around the forums this time a year to read about what us gamers have to say ). So please, join us in the discussion and vote on our poll by going to this forum thread: EA is also looking for direct feedback from all us, in the form of "General discussion and feedback", "Technical issues" and "Bug reporting". You can read more and participate in their official discussion by following this link. That's all for now folks, I'll let you get back to your beta gaming! On behalf of the NHLGamer staff,
  5. Hey NHL gamers, We hope you are already enjoying the NHL 18 Beta! Our staff is committed to streaming the beta almost non-stop, so why don't you stop by for a chat. Our first stream is already underway and the first host is @vSilenttio, who is playing with his team SIKA. He is talking to his team in Finnish, so someone please go and tell him "English please". Other confirmed hosts include @OxtreeLAT, @gzell60 and @Dominointi. Without further adieu, please jump in: https://www.twitch.tv/nhlgamertwitch On behalf of the NHLGamer staff,
  6. A new game calls for new features and one of the announced additions to NHL 18 is that of HUT ROOKIES. In accordance with the direction EA has decided to go - the special focus on the young stars of today in both marketing and developement – these player cards puts the spotlight on the brightest shining youngsters in each of the 31(!) NHL teams. Having taking some liberties with the term ”Rookies”, the players in this set of special cards range from 3+ years pros like Matt Dumba, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Alexander Barkov, to players like Patrik Laine, Jimmy Vesey and Zack Werenski who made their debut last year. Having a set of cards like this, with a chosen player for every team is nothing new in this game mode that everybody loves to hate, but still play anyway. Last year it was called HUT Heroes and revolved around the legends of yesterday. What is different this time around though is the availability of the cards and the ratings they got. While HUT Heroes could only be unlocked through collecting an entire team of cards (players, jerseys, arena etc.), HUT Rookies seems to be dealt out for free when first starting your team. The team you choose as your favorite at the start of the game – the young star of that team will be added to your roster. Anyone thinking about choosing Toronto just to get that shiny special edition Austen Matthews to dangle around your opponents with? Not so fast! While HUT Heroes pushed the limits on how good a rating could reach (all of the cards boasted at least 93+) – these cards seems to be nerfed down versions of the players in question, since all of the cards have a rating of 85 (with player specific variations on the sub categories). With HUT ROOKIES including players like Draisaitl, Laine and Calvin Pickard – it is not hard to assume that the base cards of said players have different values (reasonable thinking places Draisaitl and Laine with a way higher overall than Calvin Pickard). For anyone familiar with the game mode a 85 overall does not impress – players of that calibre goes for 500-1000 coins on the open market, and usually leaves the line up after less than 50 games. That being said, EA recently announced that they are doing a big overhaul on the ratings system – meaning that 85 overall could have a bigger impact on your lineup than previous years. This would be a thankful change from 17 where the amount of 99 rated cards reached inflation levels making everything below 90 less than useless. Only time will tell how big of an impact this new feature will have on the HUT gameplay – but we can sure agree that them cards are lookin’ shiney! Which card will you be snagging up? Let us know in the comments! Follow this link for a list of all of the players: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2017/nhl-18-hut-rookies
  7. Good evening, Gamers! It's now time for the Summer Cup Semifinals as we only have four teams remaining in the competition. It seems like all the big dogs (the top 4 of the regular season) have already been eliminated from the playoffs! However, the whole Summer Cup has been pretty even from start to this point, so I'm not sure if there are any underdogs in this competition. Anyways, here are the results of Round 2: NG Club Kannunkulma vs. NG Cheap Shot: 1-3NG Parolan Visa vs. NG International Army: 2-3NG Nighthawks vs. NG Trashers: 3-0NG 50 Shades of Blades vs. NG Alcohology: 3-0 The remaining two match-ups are very interesting to follow as both pairs have one clear favorite team (NG Nighthawks & NG 50 Shades of Blades) to get the chance to win those free copies of NHL18, while both less favored teams (NG Cheap Shot & NG International Army) fought for their playoff spots pretty much until the very last days of the regular season. However, they both have a great playoff-run behind them and we're pretty sure that they are not ready to give up just because their opponents might have had stronger seasons so far - at least on paper. The match-ups for the semifinals are: NG Nighthawks (5) - NG Cheap Shot (15) NG 50 Shades of Blades (6) - NG International Army (14) Stay tuned for one more cool thing before the Beta arrives - I can promise that it's something that people have been asking us to do. But before that - good luck everyone and have a nice week! @vSilenttio for NHLGamer.com
  8. Battle Royale After what can only be described as a thriller of a tournament, Laser HT has been crowned the champion of the 4th European Championship League in a plot that would have left even Stephen King hanging on the edge of his seat, while desperately holding onto his MUKI. The start of the season was Written in the Stars, but the scripture had too much TIKI TALK in it, and was thus shattered around with a banhammer, also known as Kenu's Taikasauva, with other teams picking up the fragments for points as the season progressed - eventually turning it into a Nordic Nightmare for them, on the first round of the playoffs. How we saw nightmares on Round 2 is anyone’s guess, as on Round 1 they had triumphed against an Unknown team. In an extremely competitive regular season the Northern Stars were fading and only two Swedish team made it to the playoffs, but unfortunately lacked the Synergy to shut down the beam team of to-be-champions. One team seemed to regard the playoff-line non-existent, and in their nearly Limitless limitlessness almost eliminated themselves out of the limited-for-eight playoffs. No Dynasty was made this season, either, as they continued an impressive record of 3 Game 7 losses in the past four tournaments, reportedly leading to a violent burst of Nordic Lightning in the vicinity of Kouvola. All the while, at the bottom of the standings, there was a team that Refused to Lose only four times during the tournament. Other relegations were the Animalia of Elite; Finnish Roosters and SIKA (pig) will be seen in the Pro division next season, together with Rynnäkköviikset. Promoted teams The teams that were promoted from Pro to Elite for ECL 5 are: Carlsberg HC, Kattiautomaatti, Silver Sword Griffins and Sjukstugan. We will inform of any changes to the divisions and teams after ECL 5 registration, if need be. Awards A big thank you to @The_Alpha_Furyan for compiling the statistics for all three divisions. Here's a list of the best performers in Elite during ECL4. Forwards Most points: Dominointi [39+55 = 94p in 28 games - 3.35 Points/GP], Laser HT Most goals: PleeMaker [49g in 30 games - 1.63 Goals/GP], Limitless Most assists: Dominointi [55a in 28 games - 1.96 Assists/GP], Laser HT Most hits: PleeMaker [145 hits in 30 games - 4.83 Hits/GP], Limitless Best +/-: Haldeem, Penatski, tbnantti, PleeMaker & nylanderi [+43 in 30 games], Limitless Defensemen Most points by a Defenseman: nylanderi [12+22 = 34p in 30 games - 1.13 Points/GP], Limitless Snapu48 [4+30 = 34p in 30 games - 1.13 Points/GP], Dynasty Haldeem [6+28 = 34p in 30 games - 1.13 Points/GP], Limitless Most goals by a Defenseman: nylanderi [12g in 30 games - 0.40 Goals/GP], Limitless Most assists by a Defenseman: Snapu48 [30a in 30 games - 1.00 Assists/GP], Dynasty Most hits by a Defenseman: friilander [140 Hits in 30 games - 4.66 Hits/GP], SIKA Goalies Best Save% (min. 50% of games played): Ranta83 [80.58% in 30/30 games], Unknown Best GAA (min. 50% of games played): Sandr0hh [1.93 GAA in 16/30 games], Dynasty Most Wins (W+OTW) by a Goalie: Ranta83 [19 Ws in 30 games], Unknown Most Shutouts: Danielcadabra [4 shutouts in 12 games], Written in the Stars DUNZA [4 shutouts in 14 games], Synergy VilberttoCarlos [4 shutouts in 18 games], Nordic Nightmare FinKonna [4 shutouts in 30 games], Limitless Playoff MVP Dominointi, Laser HT Words of a Champion Now, let’s hand over the pen to Risto “Dominointi” Järvi, the captain of Laser HT and the MVP of the tournament: “For the regular season our objective was only to make the playoffs. It got very tight in the end, but we managed to battle ourselves to 7th. A couple of players left the team at the end of last season and we got the replacements for them from Nordic Blizzard. I think it made each players’ role in the team much more clear. We played the regular season quite a bit differently than what people perhaps expected or had seen from us before. I played quite a lot up the ice, looking for stretch passes while the wings gave close support on the breakouts. I feel like it helped a lot, at least against certain teams. The team probably wasn’t on equal level skill-wise compared to last autumn, but this season we played strong as a team from the get-go, which I think was the primary reason for our success. Nowadays in this game you have to play as a team if you want to succeed, the level of competition is simply so tough. In the playoffs we were just trying to keep our own end clear of goals, with the front of the net being the keywords. We knew that if we kept our defence tight, we had a chance to win every game, as we pretty much always manage to score at least a few goals. We couldn’t go into a goal-scoring competition - something that would not have ended up well against every team. On the first round of the playoffs we faced Synergy, a team we’re very familiar with. For the most part we knew how they’d be playing and where we would need to strike at. The first games were tight, but we managed to clinch them and eventually won the series. On the second round we were up against Nordic Nightmare, a team that eliminated us last year when playing for Nordic Blizzard, so we were looking for a revenge. We thought of our approach carefully because Nordic Nightmare has a unique style of play for Elite. Our game-plan was to strike them on the breakout and try to prevent their quick counter-attacks. We knew they’d be playing very straightforward hockey and blocking shots would be important. Of course, we supposed our opponent would also know how we’d be playing, so we tried to mix that up a little as well by getting more pucks to the defencemen and more shots from the blueline. We played well and deserved to progress on to the finals. In the finals we were up against a very familiar team, Dynasty. We knew them to be a great defensive team and to add to that they have a lot of skill on every position. Their goalies were top of the league, too. We set out to play brave hockey and apply strong pressure to the defencemen, always shooting the puck and crashing the net when there’s an opening. The first four games of the series were tight, but somehow it felt we had that slight edge, even though the stats were very even in every game. The weekend break started with us leading the series 3-1. After the break we had games 5 & 6, and quite frankly, we had no chance. The opponent had changed their approach and our tactic was not working at all. Deserved wins for Dynasty and off we went for a game seven. For the deciding game, we agreed to just play our regular game, not try anything too complicated and just park the bus in the neutral zone. After some thrilling events and a lot of screams and shouts, we clinched it 2-1 and won the title. The series could not have been tighter – that’s just how it ended this time. Overall, I think Leksa played a fantastic tournament. Counting both the regular season and the playoffs, I don’t think he had a single off-game. I will tip my hat to the performance of our goalies in the playoffs, especially Hansu in the finals. The defence was rock solid throughout the playoffs, too. Vesa and Wille were excellent in the finals and Selarit played as well as he always does. As for the future of the team, I can’t tell. We agreed that we’ll look at it again before the beta, but most likely we’ll be continuing with the same lineup.” The Decider Scored by who else than Risto "Dominointi" Järvi in the closing seconds of the 3rd period of Game 7. Broomsticks and Magnets Every year the game franchise makes small but significant changes to online gameplay. One year it's short-side one-timers, the other it's far-side one-timers. One year poke-checks are overpowered, the other it's stick-lifts. I'm yet to witness a year, however, in which the rock-paper-scissor of the meta game would've have found, say, rock unbeatable. This year there were some tricks to be found in terms of puck control, the kind of tricks your user manual doesn't tell. Some individuals and teams started picking up on these towards the latter parts of ECL 3, one of the masters of such arts winning the MVP award of the tournament. These type of players and their rather spectacular-looking play-style I call Magnets. Some teams spent their off-season between ECL 3 & 4 figuring out how to deal with Magnets, and one of the answers was a Broomstick. By now, the Broomstick technique has spread wide and has arisen some heated debates, and I know there are teams that refuse to play against each other because of this. The Broomstick is of course the crouch block position you can go to by pressing L1. The most obvious advantage is that you can't get penalized; you can't trip, slash or interfere with a player while doing so. While I think anyone would agree using the function in the game as intended should be allowed, many would say spamming it the way it is possible to spam, is effectively abusing a glitch. Personally, I'm inclined to disagree that it should be forbidden or whatnot. The Broomstick is much more effective along the boards than it is anywhere else as a means to strip the puck. Now, if we look at board play and puck control in general, is it balanced, or does the offensive or defensive player have an advantage? I think definitely the player with the puck has the advantage; with the puck your player is much more agile, you can actually move your stick through the boards while controlling the puck etc. So, effectively, I find the Broomstick a balancing, not a breaking factor of gameplay. Furthermore, I find the gray area on the defensive side to be larger than on the offensive side. In real hockey, too, you're effectively allowed to do things on the defensive side of the puck that you're not allowed to do when attacking. Also, you can still be a great player in this game even if you never used the whole function. Thank You I had absolutely no stake in organizing ECL 4 and thus would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude to those that did – Kenneth, Samuli, Max, Väinö, Hampus, Jānis and Teemu, it was yet another great tournament to take part of, thank you very much for your effort on behalf of all of us players, and let’s try to build on this as a community going forward. From now on I’ll be back on-board with the staff as well. Have a great summer everyone, hope to see many of you in the SC - you still have a day left to register have you not done so already, but if not, see you in the autumn with ECL 5!
  9. Hey NHL Gamers! Today marks one of those very special days in the short history of the website we have all been waiting for. In the past few weeks - alongside the ECL 4 Playoffs and our coverage of the IS Cup - interesting and highly promising connections have come together. Thanks to our Staff member Hampus (@The_Alpha_Furyan), who acted as the leading negotiator throughout this process, we are finally able to reveal the first official sponsorship for NHLGamer.com: Summer Cup Season 2, Presented by Webhallen! We could not be more proud of this partnership with one of the leading retailers for consumer electronics, hardware and software in Sweden - running a total of 26 stores scattered across the country. We believe this partner is a perfect match for a populated and innovative eSports platform like NHLGamer. Webhallen can be found here: Online Shop Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Twitch THE DEAL Webhallen will be accompanying us throughout the duration of Summer Cup Season 2, leading up to the announcement of NHL 18 during E3 in Los Angeles which takes place on June 13-15. While everyone is going to be excited about EA SPORTS NHL 18 feature announcements, trailers and other types of content; Webhallen will act as NHLGamer's recommended retail source for purchasing the game, due to release in September 2017 (estimate). Finally, to honor the best Summer Cup Season 2 teams, Webhallen will be offering the following prizes for Summer Cup Season 2: Summer Cup winners receive one physical copy of NHL 18 (PS4) per player, arriving at launch Members of the 2nd place team receive runner-up prizes, which are to be announced in due time OUTLOOK Last year around 150 players took part in this draft-type league, which was aimed at experienced players as well as community greenhorns. The stated goal of the tournament was to improve networking between our players and to open up ways for prospects to make their way into EASHL's best teams out there. This is the same promise we are going to deliver on with Season 2, only even better. Based on this, there will be a few tweaks to the following aspects of Summer Cup: Team building: No more than 2 players from a single ECL 4 team are allowed to play in the same Summer Cup team. This rule applies to the final rosters, after transfers and free agents. Team names: Due to our new API reporting tool, the Summer Cup will be played in dedicated EASHL teams which will have "NG" as a prefix - for example "NG Golden Knights". Sign-ups: To rule out unfortunate circumstances when it comes to player positioning, holidays and other aspects, the sign-ups will follow a clearer structure, allowing captains to recognize fitting players more easily. Draft procedure: We are working on improving our draft pick tool and simplifying communication towards and between team captains to reduce idling, allowing us to increase the speed in which draft picks are made. LEAGUE DETAILS Summer Cup Season 2 will take place on PS4 - if you are looking for Xbox action, we would love to see your team sign up for Xbox ECL! Last day to sign up is Wednesday, May 24th. Players instead of teams sign up using the registration tool linked at the bottom of the post. All signed up players are aimed to be seeded into teams with a size of 10 players (may vary). Out of all registrations, NHL Gamer Staff will elect an according number of team captains from the players that offered to take on a captaincy rule in their sign-up post - anyone is allowed to apply for it. Team captains will receive a draft sheet on May 26th, containing all signed up players and relevant information in a structured form. Team captains will be taking part in a live draft event on May 28th, picking their roster until all players are seeded. All games are played 6vs6 using dedicated EASHL teams. The leagues are set to start on the week of May 29th and aimed to be finished in July. Full rules will be released after registration is over. HOW TO PARTICIPATE To participate, make sure you are logged in or create an account first, visit the sign-up page and fill in all fields of the registration form like below - make sure the player positions in your Player Card are up-to-date so captains know who they are drafting! You can update your Player Card on the "Edit Player" page. Sign-up page: Click here! That's all you need to do... sounds easy eh? Let's take this opportunity - together with our new partner Webhallen - to finish NHL 17 with a bang: Sending shockwaves through the community and setting up NHLGamer.com's ambitious goals for NHL 18. @gzell60 for NHLGamer.com
  10. Hey NHL Gamers, We recently posted our first part from our visit to Seinäjoki to attend the IS Cup. I had the privilege of attending this event with the wonderful @The_Alpha_Furyan. You can read more about the tournament in that article, as this time around it's about the video recap we've put together from that weekend. To make sense of all the material we collected during this intense day (it was a lot), we enlisted the help of professional Viaplay video editor @LastMandalorian who did a fantastic job putting everything together. You can check out the end result below! Hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed being there! Can't wait to be a part of more of these events in the future! As mentioned above, check out our written first part if you missed it previously: Until next time,
  11. Exciting news NHL Gamers, EA Sports has released, what they describe as Patch 2.0 or Content Update #2 for NHL 17. It includes another impressive list of fixes for this year's title. Especially goalies should be excited, as it seem like quite an extensive amount of the fixes has been put into issues that revolve around goaltending. Be sure to leave your comments about your experiences in the comments for us non-goalies to read! You will be happy to read that the issue with the ceiling ornaments blocking the view in some camera angles. One of the more surprising additions is the addition of 11 new goal celebrations, which we're sure will bring some more variety into the highlight reels. For the full list of changes in the patch, please see below: Sources: https://forums.ea.com/en/nhl/discussion/81396/nhl-17-patch-tuner-notes-updated-nov-21-2016 https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2016/content-update-2-notes https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2016/content-update-2
  12. Exciting news NHL Gamers! The release of NHL 17 is less than a week away and some of us are of course already enjoying the 10 hour trial on the Xbox One with EA Access. One might think EA is relaxing at this stage, but we're happy to tell you that there is a major update coming "very soon" - just in time for the release. @EASportsNHL tweeted earlier today: The list of improvements is impressive - in fact, it's the longest one I can remember for a patch for an NHL-game. Of course it's very specific and goes into detail about certain team specific textures, but nevertheless EA Sports seems to be working hard to prove that they do in fact care about this title. There is an overwhelming amount of improvements listed, but one of our favourites is one that our very own community has been asking for and is something that @gzell60 discussed with producer Clement Kwong during our interview at Gamescom a few weeks ago: Allow for a human controlled goalies to play as the extra attacker in EASHL games. There it is! This will certainly make pulling the goalie - both in a delayed penalty situation, and in the last minute - a more valuable asset in the EASHL and the NHL Gamer ECL-leagues. It's time for the goalies to do some shooting practice too. Another added feature that I find really interesting and welcome is the ability to adjust the amount of help you get with your passing online: Added “Online Pass Assist Percentage” slider to the controls screen. According to the description, the assist is at 100% by default, but you can turn it completely off. This is comparable with the manual passing you can find in the FIFA-series. It may finally be time to stop yelling "That's not where I aimed my pass!" - ok, maybe I did. You can find the full and impressive list of updates below. Please let us know which improvements are the most pleasing to your eye in the comments section below! Source: http://forum.ea.com/eaforum/posts/list/10356843.page?sf48667017=1#35169115 On behalf of the NHL Gamer staff,
  13. Hey NHL Gamers, We hope you are enjoying the NHL 17 Beta so far! Over the course of the last days we have been giving out dozens of codes for both PS4 and Xbox One. So many, in fact, that we hadn't had the time to jump into the game as much as we wanted to! We are very thankful for all the nice responses we received for getting you into the game, and we will of course continue to bring you lots of exciting stuff. The concept behind releasing a beta is of course to iron out any game breaking flaws, annoying bugs and get the community's thoughts on how we like the new features that are new to the franchise. This is accomplished by exposing the beta to as many of us hockey fans as possible. What we at NHLGamer.com want to do now is to get as much feedback from the community as possible and put together a list of the feedback to submit to the EA Sports NHL team in Vancouver. In this case, we don't want anyone to feel stuck behind a language barrier, so feel free to send in your feedback in English, Finnish, French, German or Swedish and we'll go ahead to translate all of your input and compile a list of all relevant issues and improvement ideas. Please use the comments below to voice your opinion and we will make sure you are being heard!
  14. Exciting news NHL Gamers! The NHL 17 Beta codes have (at least partially) been sent out now and players around the world are downloading the beta as we speak! If you haven't received your code yet - despite applying for it - don't worry. It seems that those that are subscribing to the NHL Insider newsletter got it first. The rest will probably get it on Thursday the 28th, as announced earlier. We are currently waiting for the beta to download, but according to the information in the email, the modes featured in the beta are "Online Versus, EA SPORTS Hockey League, Creation Zone, and Hockey Ultimate Team™". Below is an image of what the email looks like for a PS4 user that gets a beta code. Good news - they are supplying you with two codes for your friends as well! If you didn't sign up on time for the beta (you could do it here, but it says it's closed for now), you should get in touch with your buddies and ask them if they can share a code with you. The beta size on the Xbox One is 17,93 GB and it's roughly the same on PS4. So let's all lace up those skates - I'll see you on the ice!
  15. Hey NHL Gamers, The NHL 17 news keep coming out faster than you can say tic-tac-toe and today we're being served with an interesting piece on the new and improved Hockey Ultimate Team! You can view the trailer below: I think we can all agree that the trailer is cool, but so is the batch of information released alongside it. Loaded with new features, such as HUT Synergy, Dynamic Sets, Trading Posts and other cool improvements, the improved HUT seems like a very welcoming experience for both new and experienced players. Based on the footage we have so far, the new menus and the appearance of the cards themselves are a very welcomed improvement - superficial or not, it looks amazing! The below info is from the official website: Source: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2016/nhl-17-gameplay-series-hut
  16. Hey NHL Gamers, after releasing the first trailer for NHL 17, EA also kicked off their yearly Cover Vote again. This is the schedule: Round 1: April 26th at 12:00 pm EST – May 2nd at 3:00 pm EST. Round 2: May 3rd at 12:00 pm EST – May 9th at 3:00 pm EST. Round 3: May 10th at 12:00 pm EST – May 16th at 3:00 pm EST. The winner will be announced at the NHL Awards on June 22nd. To leave your vote, visit this page. Below you can find the match-ups for Round 1:
  17. Hey NHL Gamers, EA Sports just released their first trailer for NHL 17, called "The Vision". You can find it below: We will be back with a trailer analysis shortly!
  18. Exciting news NHL Gamers! EA Sports has released a teaser for their upcoming NHL 17 title. While the short clip is as much a teaser as it can be and doesn't really reveal anything about the game, you'll be excited to learn that we should be seeing the first bits of information about the game early next week; Tuesday the 26th of April, to be exact. We will keep you up to date on the subject, but note that EA also wants you to become an NHL Insider and sign up for their newsletter. I hope you are as excited as we are! Tuesday can't come soon enough!
  19. Nephenzy – Synergy Hockey So today we have Peter ‘’Nephenzy’’ Andersson from Synergy Hockey over here for a brief interview. Let’s get into it! (((NOTE: Interview done before ECL!))) Peter what’s up, how are you doing! Hi SeRe! Everything is just great, I´m excited about the upcoming ECL! Nice to hear! So what kind of team is Synergy Hockey exactly? When was it founded? Well Synergy Hockey is a team built by random hockey gamers from Sweden, not many of us knew each other before NHL 09 except a few of us. Synergy Hockey was founded and emerged late NHL 11. Members of two teams BIF Blizzards and Blades of Swedes on PS3 started up this new team together. The main concept for us is to have a great team spirit and work together for better and worse. So has the roster been mainly the same over the years? We have had some changes and lots of different rosters throughout all of these years and there was this one year, NHL 13 where we changed to Xbox and we played in two different teams instead of Synergy. But we have a core that has been together since the very beginning and last few years we have had a pretty solid roster with a few minor changes. Last year we played a few other games since there was no EASHL on PS4, so the group feels pretty strong nowadays. Now something easier! Who are you and how did you end up playing NHL in the first place? Well I´m just an old hockey maniac living in Sweden. I have dedicated my life to all kinds of team play games which are my biggest passion. I have played all NHL games since the first one on SEGA called EA Hockey. Me and Isindar did some online leagues several years on PC but when EASHL was introduced on console, it was natural that we bought it and started to play together instead of against each other. This is the 1st next-gen NHL with EASHL and even better, it seems that every major Xbox team has transferred to PS4, so we are going to have truly great tournament. What are your thoughts of the game itself and what do you think about upcoming tournament, would you agree that it’s going to be the best European EASHL tournament ever thus far? Yeah I´m really excited about this upcoming tournament and the future of this community with the new NHLGamer. I´m a bit worried how this home captain lag will affect games and what problems it might bring. But I hope that honesty and good sportsmanship will be in a big part. And yeah there are so many good teams out there and this has the potential to be the best tournament ever. There are lots of teams known for something, like The United Knights for its defense or Northern Stars for its offense. What kind of team is Synergy Hockey? Hmmm I don´t know really.. We pass the puck a lot, maybe too much for our own good sometimes. We try to be solid and complete in both ends. The game is so tight nowadays so It´s all about being focused and trying to keep cool head even when things don’t go your way. Are you fully Swedish team? Do you think swedes are better in EASHL than other nationalities? Yeah our roster has swedes only. No I don’t really think swedes are any better. I don’t see that much Swedish teams as there was a few years back. There is a lot more Finnish teams and players, but i don’t think that nationality can determine whether you’re better in EASHL or not. It all comes down to the chemistry and the confidence of the team. Is this kind of tournaments the actual point to play EASHL or even NHL? Yeah I really think so. I feel that EASHL is all too friendly where everyone are changing teams and so on. These tournaments build all the feelings you can’t get from regular EASHL games; team spirit, rivalry and much more. I would still play NHL but not half as much if it wasn’t for these tournaments. So you guys have some special rivalries? Well I think we have many rivals, Laser HT has knocked us out in a few quarterfinals and then we had this one semifinal when we had a real beef, most of them are in Beatless now I think. But yeah you see lots of Finnish teams every night and you want to beat them... But it´s a bit special nowadays to meet a Swedish team when there is so few of them. What kind of beef you had with Laser HT? Well there was an incident with a player in their team who couldn´t get back into their roster due to the 12 hour ‘’club change’’ -block on NHL 14 I think. The result was that the game was delayed 45 minutes and TGMA called a WO for us. Something you really don’t want in a playoffs. Resulting in a major fight on the ConsoleHockey and a few suspensions. We got one win for that game, but they turned the table and won the series 4-3. They had some strong characters like Seppo and Hansulinho who were able to turn the series around. Also two of our Synergy players Pelle and Dunza played in Laser HT at that time but it's kind of history nowdays. Which teams do you see competing in the top of the standings in the next tournament? There is so many good teams now but I think Northern Stars, Dynasty, Carlsberg HC and Infinity will surely be in the top. Who would you like to highlight from your team, who will be a pain on the ass for opponents? I really dont like to highlight anyone in that way, the team is bigger than any player but anyway I think many EASHL players know that Supremski is a world class defefender on both offense and defense. But we really have to make it as a team. Woah! Thank you for giving us your time, it was nice to chat! Good luck for you guys to the upcoming tournament! Thank you as well for this interview and all the great work for the community. keep it up and good luck to everyone participating in ECL, see you on the ice. Cheers! --- I want to thank Nephenzy one more time for this interview, hopefully you readers also enjoyed! Be sure to leave a like/ comment and check out my social media! Cheers! See you later! www.youtube.com/FlNSeRe www.facebook.com/FINSeRe www.twitch.tv/FINSeRe
  20. cHIIMERa – Northern Stars Today we have the privilege of interviewing Viktor “cHIIMERa” Ghamari from Northern Stars! Let’s have a chat with him! (((NOTE: Interview done BEFORE ECL!))) What’s up Viktor! Hey man! Not much, sitting here and waiting to get some sleep after a long day at school. How about you? Haha I'm fine, just busy with these interviews before ECL starts! Northern Stars and some of your players have an almost godlike reputation over Xbox. Tell us PlayStation -players why is that? Well thanks for setting the expectations extremely high for us SeRe Hm.. We managed to make a name for ourselves back in the earlier years of EASHL. We won some consecutive championship titles, and uhm.. We got lots of hype and I think that it kinda got stuck you know? Haha no problem! But are you actually that good? This will be great test for many teams to see what kind of team you really are, but have you noticed other teams while on PS4 that can compete with you and you know you will have hard time with against them? Hm.. Now that’s a question I definitely would like to think thru before answering. If I would have time that is. I’ll turn the question around a bit and say that the rest of the teams have caught up with us. We’re still performing on a high level but so are other teams also. There is at least 10 teams I’ll be going: ”Oh nice it’s them! Let’s step our game up boys” about It’s going to be an interesting ECL for sure! How would you describe Northern Stars and how was your team founded in first place? Are you guys all from Sweden and are you friends in real life? Northern Stars was created back in NHL 09 by Falkiniz who has retired. I joined the team on its birthday and have been playing here ever since. I guess it’s one of my qualities that I’m veeeeeeeery loyal Floor, ma0niii and OODAP joined in NHL 10. Rullstolskalas, Mullweiser, Robhaf and M4Gustafsson joined in NHL 13. And that has been our roster, until NHL 16 when Plee joined us. We’re all from Sweden except OODAP and Plee. They’re Finns. Me, ma0niii and Floor are good IRL-friends now. Just from getting to know eachother over NHL. I think that’s pretty cool. How I would describe us? In all honesty we’re just a bunch of merry misfit’s when it comes down to our parties on PSN. One weirder than the other. But We’re having fun. And thats all that matters Hmmm interesting! How about this next-gen EASHL hockey. It’s pretty different comparing to older gen. How do you like it and how your team has been able to adapt to this new hockey game? I would say that the game is bit slower and more defense oriented isn’t it? Harder to score as well. Of course as we’re a decent team offensively we’ve been a little frustrated with our inability to rack up goals as we managed to do before. But that’s how the game has evolved. With that said, we don’t mind playing ”defense first” either. Now the series tends to give us many tight and exciting games since we started playing NHL 16. Now just a simple question! Tell us about you, and how did you end up playing NHL at the 1st place? Easy enough I’m Viktor Ghamari, 29 years old swede playing for Northern Stars. I like Cats and… Haha I got you didn’t I? Pretty hard to tell other people about yourself without making it sound like a job interview... I’ve been hearing that I’m a pretty nice guy. I’ll just leave it like that. When I started playing NHL? This is going to sound a bit funny I think. It was a rainy autumn day back in 1993. I put NHL 93 into the SNES and picked up the controller. And that was all I needed, I was hooked. From there I pretty much enjoyed the series on a recreational level. I mean since then I have been familiar with the series but it wasn’t until I first tried NHL 08 on Xbox 360 I started playing on a more regular basis. So do you play anything besides NHL? Both yes and no. I tend to grab the big releases, play them through and then leave them into my drawer. So it’s not very lasting. I can go for months without playing anything. Then I’ll play 5-6 days a week for a month. It all comes down to what the new releases are. Right now Fallout 4 is a game I’ve been waiting forever. So I have been playing that like a crazy for a while. Witcher 3 was an awesome release in 2015 as well, waiting for the next DLC. Why did you guys decided to swap from Xbox to PlayStation? I actually think the Xbox 360 community came together pretty well trying to make most of us to choose the same console as the release of PS4 and Xbox ONE came closer. There was this poll on ConsoleHockey where people voted on which console you should grab and PS4 had a clear advantage. There was also this awesome blogger on 360 named Jesus (We miss you buddy!) that preached it was time to move on. So for us as a team which doesn’t like to spend time in the dressing room, it really wasn’t the hardest choice. Are there any familiar teams or players at the tournament? Even though this will be our first tournament on the PlayStation side. We have been sharing ConsoleHockey for years. So some of the teams I’ve known before even playing against them. Carlsberg HC, The United Knights, Nordic Nosebleed and Nordic Blizzard are some of those teams. I have to be honest. I’ve seen lots of individual skill on the other teams as well. But I haven’t played long enough on PlayStation to remember the actual names of the players. I’m sure this upcoming tournament will give me lots of info for the future. You said this will be interesting ECL but will this be the best European league so far by skill and competition? I think so yeah. I mean the tournaments played over the years has mostly been like ”these are probably the 4 teams in the semifinals.” And most of the times those 4 teams were eventually the ones to reach that semifinal spot. This year on the other hand I’m completely clueless. It’s both exciting and intimidating at the same time. But we’re looking forward to get started! Would you agree that ECL is the biggest reason to play EASHL or even NHL itself? This is a no brainer for us. Yeah it is. The thrill of EASHL tends to fall off for us around November every year. After that it’s just sitting around and waiting for the tournament to start. Are there any rivalry teams or players contending in ECL? The truth? We don’t have any rivals, but obviously we try extra hard against the best teams. I mean we are sure to get some rivalries. In time.. But since this is our first tournament on PlayStation we just have to wait and see. I have to give Sjukstugan a mention though. They’ve been around for some years now. Coming over from the 360 side. They have a really solid defense and it is always a pleasure to play against them. I wish we could have a chance to play more against other teams but we have far too few games played against Carlsberg HC, The United Knights, Nordic Nosebleed, Mukimiehet, Nordic Stars etc. to consider them as rivals. But they’re good teams nevertheless! Who is the player opponent should keep eye on? Hm.. Now giving away that information wouldn’t be very bright would it? Jokes aside. We’re good at different things. It all depends on what aspect of the game we’re looking. Mullweiser can score plenty of goals in a game if you don’t defend properly against him on the one timers. Floor has always been superb at reading the game over the years and always tends to make the right calls on ice. Plee is lethal.. He can create a scoring chance out of nothing. Rullstolskalas is the best defender of the game in my book. And Robhaf dishes out the pain like no one else. OODAP is a great goaltender as well. When his internet works. Unfortunately for us it does work in 3% of the games we’re playing though Haha.. And me.. I’m our quarterback. Hahaha.. Woah! Thank you for giving us your time, it was nice to chat! Good luck for you guys to the upcoming tournament! The pleasure is all mine SeRe. Nice to chat with you indeed! I just gotta say. Keep on doing what you’re doing guys. Great job with the new webpage! And for the taking the time to help make our community better and interesting. I really like what I’ve seen of your work this far! I was supposed to sleep 1 hour ago. Time really flies.. Take care! --- I hope you enjoyed this one eventhough I wasn't able to post this before. I want to thank cHIIMERa one more time for this great interview! Be sure to leave a like/ comment and check out my social media! I hope to see you guys for the next post! See you later! www.youtube.com/FlNSeRe www.facebook.com/FINSeRe www.twitch.tv/FINSeRe
  21. Jageksi – Dynasty This time we have Jaakko ‘’Jageksi’’ Iivonen from Dynasty with us! Let’s see what he has in mind! (((NOTE: Interview done before ECL!))) Hey Jageksi nice to have you! How are you doing? I’m doing fine thanks! I started at University of Tampere this year so I haven’t had much time to play, but I’m still very excited about the upcoming ECL! Who wouldn't? Anyways tell us little bit about yourself and how did you end up playing NHL at the first place? I’m 21 years old guy from Tampere, who is studying business in University. My NHL career started when I was a little baby and I played with my father (actually my dad played against AI, but I didn’t know that). I started to play more seriously maybe in 2009, when I played my first EASHL games and since then I just wanted to become a better player and learn more from the best players. So what kind of team is Dynasty exactly? I assume it's pretty new, but what is the creational story behind it? Yeah we started to play this year! The story behind the team is that we wanted to get a small group that is very motivated to improve our playing in every game. The second reason that made this team possible is that many Xbox players switched to PS4 this year. Now I have played with these guys about 3 months and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed every moment! So have you know these guys before or were they just complete random to you? I met Kellosuutari on my short visit at Xbox. Lukkolinho, jumalpeku, janbonator and gendlik I have met IRL. Snapu48 was a complete stranger to me, but when I heard he has played for Helsingin Tappara, I knew he was our "special one" for RD position. vSilenttio is one of the best defenders, but he is in the army now, so he hasn’t played much with us which is pity. As we know, this is the first next-gen EASHL. How does it feel comparing to previous NHL's and how much adaption you had to make from the old-gen? Well I had break from EASHL last year, but I could say that team playing is the number one thing this year, because you really need to cycle the puck really fast and there is not many opportunities for soloing this year. This has also affected my current playstyle since I have liked the puck in recent years So what kind of hockey does Dynasty play then? Our key words are: discipline, compact defense and simple attacking. If you want more information you just need to play against us Would you say that this is the best European wide EASHL tournament ever, since we are having all major Xbox and PS teams at the same tournament? Absolutely! The tournament winners can really call themselves "The Champion"! I’m also excited to play against former Xbox teams like Northern Stars, Synergy Hockey and Sjukstugan! Speaking of teams, which ones will be the top teams in this tournament in your opinion? Well my prediction for TOP-3 would be Northern Stars, THE UNITED KNIGHTS and Carlsberg HC, but there are still numerous teams that might make a surprise! Many captains I have interviewed told me that tournaments like this are the actual point to even buy NHL. How do you think? They are wise captains These tournaments are pure diamond because every team plays seriously and you really need to work hard to earn points! Are there any rivalry teams for you in this tournament? Our club is so new that we don’t have any specific teams, but I’m personally waiting to play against Northern Stars, THE UNITED KNIGHTS and Carlsberg HC. How do you see Dynasty succeeding in this tournament? I think we have a chance to really succeed in this tournament, but we don’t have any named goal And I’m saying this because, I think you are able to play your best when you don’t have any extra pressure! Can you name few players from EASHL scene who are truly superstars by pure talent? What kind of players they are and what would you like to learn from them? There are many great players around, but I’ll mention few. Urlauber61 is pure magic and I’m very grateful that I have had a chance to play with this "genius". Hansulinho has the best hands and it’s a nightmare to defend against him. And now that I have played against the mighty Viktor (cHIIMERa), I could say that he is the calmest player I have ever seen! How about your team, who would you name to be your teams MVP and why is that? Hard question because I think we all have our own duties and I think everyone fulfill it perfectly. Lukkolinho is our gatekeeper and Snapu48 is our leader as a captain. I’m here to score goals, gendlik is our puck handling master. jumalpeku is the guy you just want to have in your own team. Kellosuutari and janbonator are our two-way players and they both are very talented. vSilenttio is in the army and he joins us in March 2016. Well thank you for this interview! Would you like to say anything for the readers or anyone? You are welcome, it has been pleasure to talk with you! I’ll send my greetings to NHLGamer staff which made this tournament possible! And for the other teams I’ll say that let’s thank these guys by having a great and fair tournament where everyone supports each other even when you lose an important match! --- This was the second interview in this series, I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed doing it! I have to add special thanks to Jageksi one more time for this interview! Be sure to leave a like/ comment and check out my social media! I hope to see you guys for the next post! See you later! www.youtube.com/FlNSeRe www.facebook.com/FINSeRe www.twitch.tv/FINSeRe
  22. FINSeRe

    Inside ECL

    Inside ECL Hello everyone! This is the opening post of ’Inside ECL’ which will be posting all kind of interesting stuff; interviews, previews, week recaps and so on. Later on I’ll try to add up some videos also and personally I think it would be cool to make ‘’TOP-5 goals’’- or ‘’TOP-5 saves’’ of the week but it really is up to few things: do I have the time and also do I get material from you guys to make those happen. I have to think how to proceed from here since league is approximately at middle point now. Time will show. I was supposed to publish this before starting of the league but since the site was unfinished it was impossible before this. I feel sorry for the guys I interviewed since I pretty much promised to publish these interviews like month ago but as I noticed, it was unrealistic. Better later than never though. So this means I’ll publish interviews throughout this week and maybe next week also, keep tuned. But however in this first post I’ll be introducing myself! You might know me beforehand or you might remember me from ConsoleHockey where I published ‘EHL Insider’’ -blog. I think most of the readers enjoyed everything I posted so now my goal is to be more active than I was there and do similar kind of stuff over here, of course I will try to do even better and deeper posts this time! I will be doing this post as I would be interviewing myself, hopefully it doesn’t seem too weird! Let’s get started! Who am I? Yeah hi! I’m known as FINSeRe (just call me SeRe) and as I previously mentioned you might have heard of me before. I’m a 23 years old and I live in Helsinki, Finland (as you might have guessed). I currently play floorball, but I’ve also played football, basketball, tennis etc. I also like to write songs, since writing has always been my strength (as you might have guessed again). My goal is to actually try what happens if I’d do one proper song in the future. At the moment I’m working but I will start my studies later on January. When did I start to play hockey games? I played quite much NHL 05 and NHL 07 on PS2. I truly started to play NHL when I got PS3 and NHL 08. I can’t even understand how much I played that game, it was probably around 500-600 hours and I got it on Christmas. I’ve played every NHL since that. Best hockey game? For me it’s NHL 2k10. I like to play offline and compared to EA Sports NHL’s it was much more realistic even though graphics weren’t the best. Only problem throughout the years was that I had to pretty much create every team and player to keep squads in date. I just wish there was a proper offline hockey which would be realistic and challenging to play unlike NHL series which is too unrealistic to play on offline. So if you guys want to try realistic ice hockey game in offline, get 2k10. How did I start playing NHL semi-professionally? Well the thing what I’m actually known for, is playing NHL around Finland and world for money. I assume it all started in NHL 10 when I was introduced to this one forum where people played NHL tournaments on online for fun. I participated and noticed that I’m actually pretty good at this game. I started my own league later on where my goal was to get the best Finnish PS3 players into same league where I could truly test my skill level and improve as a NHL player. I managed this league for few years. When NHL 12 came there was Finnish Championship tournament held where I lived. I just wanted to try out and test how I will perform there. As it turned out I won silver (thanks for the rape Hansulinho) and after that I decided to play NHL more seriously. Other games I play? I also like to play few other games like Fallout 4 and League of Legends at the moment (just finished Until Dawn). I was part of League of Legends eSports team year ago, but it all fell apart because I wasn’t just skilled enough back then. I could try once again later, but not sure yet if I really have the time to play as much as needed when I need to study and work and also playing NHL like you guys. Also writing these kinds of articles isn’t very fast thing to do! Why do I do these kinds of articles? It’s just simply because I enjoy writing and doing stuff that people can read. Even though I know my English isn’t perfect I like to do my own part for the community as I believe EASHL will be in eSports one day and when that day comes I would love to be part of it as I see myself vanguard of NHL eSports on my own way. Funny fact is that when I was ‘EHL Insider’ on ConsoleHockey, I used those interviews as a demonstration of skill to get a new job. The job was PR-man for the biggest basketball team of Finland which played Eurocup back then. I was able to get that job (for a while) even though I had no experience of that kind of work. Oh, it was total blast while it lasted. Accomplishments on eSports? I will keep this one short, since this sounds like I would be bragging since I’m ‘’interviewing myself’’. I have few Finnish Championship medals and few tournament Championship wins over here in Finland. I’m a member of official Finnish National team (Sweden got their asses kicked last year ;)). Accomplishments I’m most proud of are these two tournaments. First one was World Championship tournament in New York where I was 17th of 128. Next year the tournament was held in Las Vegas where I finally was 5th of 128. Those both tournaments had whooping prize pool of 200 000$. I’ve also made quite a lot of money by playing this game for money on online. Also by playing NHL I’ve had chances to get publicity on Finnish media which I never ‘’dreamed of’’. Even though it’s not hard to find out what my real name is, it’s the actual reason why I’m just being ‘FINSeRe’ here. At the moment I’m retired for a while since I don’t have too much motivation to play this game, because the limited amount of tournaments. Also these tournaments contain pretty bad prizes, so personally I think they aren’t worth of my time. Meanwhile I just enjoy EASHL (when it’s not lagging like hell)! What I want from this blog? First of all I want you to enjoy everything I write. There is no point to write unless there are people to read it. And if I want people to read my articles, it means I have to do good job with these and do quality writings. I just hope I can deliver. So as I told previously, I will be interviewing people. I want community to really know each other and this is one way to do it. I was supposed to do preview of the season before ECL started but since it wasn’t happening I’ll try to do this before play-offs, we’ll see. One thing I will be trying to do is ‘Week recaps’’ where I’m going to choose 3 stars of the week (or something similar). Not sure yet if it will contain anything else and when I’m going to start this, maybe after next week or next season? Also doing ‘Season recap’ after the season would be nice where someone would choose the best players of the season. Maybe doing this with the Captains? Also doing TOP-5 videos of this tournament could be nice (weekly/ monthly?), but as I told it won’t be up to me. I’m also not the best video editor even though I have one YouTube video myself (go check it out ;)). But this is definitely something I want to do, so hopefully we can start discussion on this! Anyways you are free to suggest what kind of material you want to see! Also if you are interested to help me out with this blog, be free to message me. What kind of future is there for EASHL? EA has been saying that they are trying to bring EASHL into eSports. And in my opinion honestly, I believe that they can succeed. Tournaments like ECL are just first step and we as a community are the vanguards. Actually we had Finnish Championship tournament few days ago in Finland which was broadcasted in national TV with studios and commentaries etc. I have to say that it was pretty cool and showed me that this game has potential to be part of eSports in the future. People also enjoyed this as I was checking twitter for the reactions. There is actually one thing. I’ve been fantasizing about National teams over here. It would be super cool and probably the next step for these tournaments. Having National tournaments on the offseason and seeing how players battle to get into the team. There would be something to achieve for the players. Only real problem is that do we actually have enough nationalities for this and what kind of skill cap there would be. Also how they teams would be chosen? And I don’t even have to mention about the connections. Maybe this is something for the NHL 17? I’m sure this will happen some day for sure but just not today --- I think this is what I wanted to say. It’s not easy to talk about myself when no-one is interviewing. I’m just going to say big thanks to Kenneth and Samuli. They have done great job with this site and are truly pushing EASHL community boundaries to a whole new level. And guys! Remember to keep up the discussion! It’s what I want and it’s what this community needs! Just be active so we can grow together! Now I’m just going to thank everyone who had the time to read this opening post. I hope you guys are interested to read what I write now and in the future. I would actually be very pleased if you guys wanted to follow me in social media! See you later! www.youtube.com/FlNSeRe www.facebook.com/FINSeRe www.twitch.tv/FINSeRe
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