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Found 34 results

  1. Use this thread to find players as a team. Name: Wants: Other Info: MOD ABUSE: Any posts that are not related to recruiting or bumping earlier posts will be deleted and receive a warning.
  2. Since back in year 2012 was founded Old Farts 'Oldit'. Originally team was created with IRL friends who thought and still think this is cool way to spend 'spare' time as a hobby. We will be taking part in the next ECL LITE season. Current roster: Goalies NixaDaFuuQ @Nixa_da_fck Jauho50 @Jauho Trasttmossa @Trasttmossa Defenders Holmberi (A) @Lasu--79 peQmon @peQmon Rytze_ @TEST0-RYTZE Forwards Ankkalasvegas (C) @Ankkalasvegas Liukq (A) @Liukq Tuuski36 @Tuuski_36 Vilperi-90 @vilperi90 farssine @farssine We will be streaming ECL and EASHL games, so remember to follow us on social media! FACEBOOK TWITTER TWITCH If you have any questions, please make contact the captains.
  3. Follow us in Charleswood Chiefs on our journey in NHL 20! https://www.facebook.com/CharleswoodChiefs/
  4. Company of Geeks!!! We may use this thread for advertising things, like twitch streams if we ever get around to do it, or podcasts if we ever revive them as well. Who knows... In the meantime it's recruitment time! The old gang is looking to make a comeback on the NHL scene worthy of the CoG name. At the very least we need: - a Defenseman - a Goalie But we also need more players (preferably able to play several positions) in order to be active enough. The core of the team has played together for years and we have plenty of ECL experience. If you want to join the Geeks' ride back to their rightful status, go ahead and contact us: Billy44205 on PSN or on NHLGamer Ralfduran on PSN or Jesus on NHLGamer
  5. hi, i am new to this concept and would like to join the league i am a decent goalie and looking for a team to play for.
  6. BEAST HOCKEY -DISBANDED INDEFINITELY Follow us on Twitter: BeastEashl
  7. A strong mature group of league guys (MHL & LG) gathering up to win this thing. LF a Face off winning, Good Defense in our zone Center. Have a good plus minus. We are also LF 2 good backups to fill out the roster and that might get some games in. We would like another Defensemen and a fwd/G. Either have a high CR if ur not involved in any leagues or have ur league link with ur stats. We here to have fun but we also here to win. Can You Run With The Iron Wolfpack? We'll see 💪👊
  8. vSilenttio


    General SIKA-topic. Updates, releases, discussion and other information. Roster (updated 27.2.2019): Anenthran Darkki87 Dobzu FaithVvanco imosi1 MCH_98 Nikge_89 SpiderRoyal TEAMSEILA TurboWNKER3000 vSilenttio Twitter @TeamSIKA Twitch @SpiderRoyal YouTube @Team SIKA
  9. One of the most established and popular instagram EASHL teams, Fox Squad, is looking for committed, top tier players to compete in the NACL. Check us out on Instagram @foxsquad_eashl and contact us there. Our plan is to start in the free-to-play division so we dont have to charge our players, and we are fully open to the possibility to move up to the elite league with prize money.
  10. Old Farts are back Since back in year 2012 was founded Old Farts 'Oldit'. Originally team was created with IRL friends who thought and still think this is cool way to spend 'spare' time as a hobby. Now we've regroup with Old players and decide to bring back Old Farts to you. We're searching for every position players, but mainly active goaltender is biggest need. * * * Send here PM or PSN Rankaisija_ or ankkalasvegas And Lets have fun yet again!!!
  11. Tuukka.R


    So after someone created team Delusion before we did (toxic community) we change our name again. Radical's roster Penatski C (A) joukki13 LW (A) KingOfApes_ RW (C) F-B-I__A_N_D_Y_ RD Mayziix RD s_W1ld_Rus G Terasniska LD xDoumi LD Totalii RD Juizki G
  12. FOLLOW US https://twitter.com/StarsEASHL https://www.twitch.tv/nordicstarshockey As a proud Captain of team Nordic Stars, I'm happy to introduce you our lineup(video) for ECL7 tournament. Chaostive (C,RW) is missing on video because of late signing or early video production. Nordic Stars had a busy offseason. As our hard line defense has become our trademark, we wanted to make a mild facelift, and also focus on making our offence more efficient without compromising our defence. There has been many tryouts and a lot of games on hot summer nights as we went through our wishlist. We succeeded in finding enough skills and firepower to our offence, so we're kicking off this new season highly motivated, with eager minds and full of expectations. NS Roster video @taemtaem @Amigo @Chaostive @Jusuffi86 @Pair4You @RaNtA @Tapparafan Team Nordic Stars wishes a good and fun tournament for every player in every team. BRG. @Seahyena 
  13. Hi there NHLGamers, We come bearing sad news to you, as EA Sports has today announced that the Challenge Club-function will not be present at launch in NHL 19. Don't panic just yet, though! The devs also made sure to let us know that this feature will be available again in the first patch early October. Why? The all new World of Chel required a rewrite of the old dressing room function EA had. World of Chel has a bunch of new features, such as the outdoor ones and rollover lobbies, which have certain requirements for the dressing room function. The previous Club Challenge dressing room was very restrictive tech-wise and didn't allow for much improvements. This restrictive structure didn't align with the vision EA has for EASHL, as they are now building a new dressing room function to allow maximum control for the player when setting up games with friends. What? In NHL 19, a new dressing room function will be implemented. When patched into the game, you will be able to select between a few game types in the dressing room. For what we know as Challenge Club, choose "Private Game". You will have to select a password for your game, after which a protected lobby will be created. All invited players will now be able to join the lobby using your password. This is how EA describes the process: When you are in the Dressing Room, go to Matchmaking Settings. Set “Game Type” to “Private Game.” Create an alphanumeric password between 4 and 10 characters. Make it unique enough so only you and your friends and opponents will know it. You will then be able to select your side. You can choose between Any, Home, and Away. Ready up. From here, you will match up directly with other players that entered same password that you used. This new dressing room will provide more control to the player in setting up games. We'll also see the highly requested option for club challenges in EASHL 3's and also the option to randomize teams. When the dressing room is patched in, there will also be a number of more features to it, these will be announced closer to the patch date. When? You can expect the patch to be out early October. Assuming that this goes as planned, this will have no impact on the start of the ECL 7 season.
  14. Pohjoista Voimaa is Finnish club looking to play in next ECL tournament. We currently lack pure goalie and are looking for one. Our core has been playing together almost two years. For NHL 17 we have recruited quite many new members, but still have only adults in team. We have people who do have previous EASHL experience and people who do not. Next tournament is good chance to play 6vs6 games and see where we stand. Our roster (19 members) is currently following, in no particular order nessron (GM) rjounila (GM) imikkone (GM) isoputte way420go arnold1nhu jeppo187 asolo_74 codeinkreative johtava verjnuarmu666
  15. Looking for active players to join my team usually play 3s level 15 currently
  16. This topic will be NHLGamer's official feedback/discussion topic for the NHL 18 Beta. Share us your thoughts on the Beta here; what is good, what is bad, what is working and what is not. Is the defensive skill stick working and how about those new dekes? Then I'm hearing that the goaltending is different somehow - sure looks like faster/smoother, what do our goalies think? And then there's this thing called "L1"... How about the fact that we're going to play with the same engine for another year before the Frostbite arrives to NHL gaming? If you have videos or pics about some new, weird or cool stuff, please share them here as well! Every opinion and thought will be much appreciated. Lets get the feedback rolling, peeps!
  17. HCTakarauta is a brand new EASHL Team from Finland and we are looking for players on any position. We prefer finnish players but anyone is welcome, please send me a message if u are available. thanks! PSn. BetoniReisi
  18. This thread is for future of ECL tournaments. You can speak up your own/club wishlist what type of tournament you want to see in future and what rules/scheduling changes you would like to see.
  19. Hello there! Dobzu and I decided to create a new club to the NHL17. We have played several years in SIKA, and now it's time to start with a new team. Some key things in our team is to have a good team spirit. Playing NHL should be fun, and that's how we want it to be in EN HUND. But we are not playing NHL just to have fun, we also want to win. We are looking for RW and G. And one all-around player who can play almost any position. If you are interested to join our club, please contact me in here, or in PSN (TEAMSEILA). Our current roster: Forwards: Dobzu, LW Sambula, C Defencemans: TEAMSEILA, LD TurboWNKER3000, RD Goalies: -
  20. Exciting news NHL Gamers! The NHL 17 Beta codes have (at least partially) been sent out now and players around the world are downloading the beta as we speak! If you haven't received your code yet - despite applying for it - don't worry. It seems that those that are subscribing to the NHL Insider newsletter got it first. The rest will probably get it on Thursday the 28th, as announced earlier. We are currently waiting for the beta to download, but according to the information in the email, the modes featured in the beta are "Online Versus, EA SPORTS Hockey League, Creation Zone, and Hockey Ultimate Team™". Below is an image of what the email looks like for a PS4 user that gets a beta code. Good news - they are supplying you with two codes for your friends as well! If you didn't sign up on time for the beta (you could do it here, but it says it's closed for now), you should get in touch with your buddies and ask them if they can share a code with you. The beta size on the Xbox One is 17,93 GB and it's roughly the same on PS4. So let's all lace up those skates - I'll see you on the ice!
  21. Hey NHLGamers, today we're bringing you a boatload of additional news on EASHL for NHL 17 through EA's own Gameplay Series. Tip of the hat to @vSilenttio for bringing this to our attention! Here are the main talking points (in EA:s own words); EASHL Team Editor Use the all-new team customization tool in Creation Zone to make your team into a brand by editing your team’s uniform, pants, socks, shoulder patches and logos to build your unique EASHL team identity. With thousands of different possible combinations, this is your chance to make your team stand out from the rest of the hockey world. EASHL Arena Progression As you play games in EASHL you will level up your club to earn more arena customization options. When you first create your team, you’ll have access to two brand new community rinks which are only available in EASHL. From there you can unlock larger arenas as well as customize options like scoreboards, goal songs, LED stanchions, horns and more. As your team gains more experience and unlocks more customizable options, your team arena can evolve from a low-tech community rink to the latest NHL-caliber arena. *You will be able to use the Create Team/Create Arena feature outside of EASHL and that will not need you to unlock said content. EASHL Arena Types Small Community Rink: A practice-sized rink without bleachers or seats. This rink is truly grass-roots and does not allow for any customization. Large Community Rink: This rink can hold a small set of hometown fans and allows for a moderate amount of customization, such as branding your team logo at center ice and having goal horns and songs play after goals. Junior Arena: Large enough to seat several thousand fans and allows for a significant amount of customization such as entry props and LED stanchion effects. Semi-Pro Stadium: Here is when you start to feel like a professional hockey team. A semi-pro stadium allows for a larger capacity crowd and even more customization options. Pro Stadium: There are 10 different pro stadiums to unlock and these allow for the biggest crowds and the most amount of customization options such as scoreboards and signature effects. Player Classes Returning to EA SPORTS Hockey League in NHL 17 is the ability to choose specialized player classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A good team should have a mix of these player classes, with each contributing to a team's success in different ways. This class system helps deliver a balanced competitive experience on the ice, where player skill and your ability to play as a team now determines who wins and loses hockey games. We will be using the NHL 17 Beta to tune both earlier and new player classes, so make sure to give feedback during the beta. Forward Player Classes Sniper Forward Power Forward Playmaker Forward Grinder Forward Enforcer Forward Two Way Forward Dangler Hitting Sniper *NEW Jumbo Playmaker *NEW Two Way Dangler *NEW Defensive Player Classes Offensive Defenseman Defensive Defenseman Two Way Defenseman Enforcer Defenseman Puck Moving Defenseman *NEW Goalie Classes Butterfly Goalie Stand-Up Goalie Hybrid Goalie Anti-Griefing Improvements To make our EASHL online experience as fun and accessible as possible, we’ve listened to community feedback from our social channels and forums and will be implementing the following anti-grieving features for NHL 17. Goalies Quitting - In EASHL Club games, any game started with two (2) human goalies requires those goalies to finish the game otherwise their team is given a loss. For Drop-in games, any team that has their goalie leave is then replaced with a backup goalie who is smaller and has a lower skill rating to level the playing field. Improving Team Play - For drop-in games, our Coach Feedback System will keep tabs on your team play grade for skaters and goalies. If you aren't being a good team player and are intentionally creating a poor playing environment for other players the coach may boot you from the game. Examples of creating a poor playing environment are: going intentionally offside, continuously icing the puck, removing goalies from the net, etc. Reduced Number of Pauses - We have reduced pauses to one (1) per team regardless of mode or the number of players on the team. Each team will have one (1) 30 second pause. This will not consume your regular timeout that refreshes your lines. We have also surfaced the visual settings option in the limited pause menu so you don’t have to use your full pause to make those last-minute camera adjustments. We recommend you make those settings changes in the EASHL HUB so they are active for every EASHL game you play. Reduced Grace Period Before the Game Counts – Once the puck drops the game is officially on! Any teams that quit as this point earns a loss, while the team still playing earns the win. General EASHL Improvements Drop-In Games Improved Matchmaking - New to NHL 17, select the general position you would like to play before starting your matchmaking search. This will help bring players together and allow them to play their desired position. Matchmaking will also factor in your Competitive Gaming Rating to help find the best balance of skill and experience for both teams. Group Matchmaking - Introducing the new Drop-in Dressing Room that now allows you to invite up to five (5) other friends to join your team for a cooperative yet competitive experience against other drop-in players. Persistent Game Sessions - Players from the same team will stay in a Dressing Room after the end of each EASHL Drop-In game, to help improve consistency and chemistry between players. Online Connection Connection Quality Bar - Connection quality bar will now be highlighted in the pre-game matchup screen. Real Time Connection Quality - A real-time connection graph will now be highlighted in the pause menu and will show your connection quality from the last two minutes of game time. Game Server Selection - We will automatically find which game server is best for your entire team based on their ping times to each game server. Club Invitations Club GMs can now invite players to join their club by manually entering their friend’s profile names or by selecting a profile name in different in-game locations such as leaderboards or the Drop-in Dressing Room. Club GMs can effectively use Drop-in to scout players and recruit them to join their team. Viewing Club Rosters You can now select to view another club’s roster from within our Leaderboards screens and Recent Games screens. Source: https://www.easports.com/nhl/news/2016/nhl-17-gameplay-series-eashl // NHLGamer Staff
  22. Fellow NHLGamers, You can tell EA is ramping up the PR-machine for the Beta release of NHL 17 because today we have a new trailer for you! A few things to take away from this EASHL-related trailer - The customization options seem limitless! Everything from jerseys to arenas to goal songs to scoring lamps... the list goes on. This is a sorely needed re-introduction to the EASHL community. - Customization options are earned. As your team wins and levels up, you gets access to more and more different features. - Perhaps the biggest reveal from this trailer; four new player classes! Let's take a look at them. Dangler - Already introduced in the later stages of NHL 16 but to those who left the game around spring, this will be a "new" class. Suited for players who performs with small, fast, shifty players. Probably modeled after Johnny Gaudreau of the Calgary Flames. Jumbo Playmaker - This one is for the playmakers out there who haven't been happy with the size and strength of the regular playmaker class. The regular class will still be in the game but this jumbo class (quite obviously modeled after San Jose Sharks "Jumbo" Joe Thornton) will be able to take a hit and still make a play. Hitting Sniper - Basically Alex Ovechkin. Enough said. Two-Way Dangler - This one is interesting because it seems to be a defensive class in style but with very good puck skills. Very likely inspired by previous NHLer Pavel Datsyuk (We miss you, Dats!). Anyway, that's that! Let us know what you think of this new EASHL-focused trailer in the comment section below! Later skaters // The_Alpha_Furyan
  23. Hey NHL Gamers, As you may have noticed from our previous news article, EA Sports released a trailer for NHL 17 today. In case you missed it, we've embedded it below for you! We have already taken apart the first 'Vision' trailer for the upcoming NHL 17, and we made a few interesting findings - which we want to share with you! Please note: You can click on each screenshot to see them in full size! 1) Custom EASHL logos and jerseys are back The screenshot above shows an unknown team logo, which suggests it is a self-made one for EASHL. As it does not make sense to use custom logos with existing jerseys (licensing etc.), we highly expect custom jerseys to be back, too. 2) Customizable arenas Above screenshots show different arena designs with the same fantasy logo on the right hand side, which makes us believe that EASHL teams will be able to customize their own arenas to some extent. At a quick glance the screenshots may look like they are the same one over and over again, but when you look closely, you can see a difference in seat colors. 3) Tie-ups could return The trailer includes a longer snippet of 2 players motion-capturing tie-ups in front of the net. Considering they have been scratched in the PS4 and Xbox One versions of NHL 15 and 16, they could finally return for NHL 17. 4) New 'Trade in' feature for Hockey Ultimate Team The above screenshot shows a menu screen of Hockey Ultimate Team, titled 'Gold Coach Trade In'. The description says: "Complete this set by turning in any 10 Gold Coach items for a Gold Trophy Pack, which contains at least 1 Gold Trophy." We believe that EA created a new trade-in system that allows you to trade existing cards, which you draw from packs or bought off the auction house, for new packs of the same class. However, we are unsure what Gold Trophies are or allow you to do. 5) World Cup of Hockey is included We were hoping and expecting it would be in the game, but here is the confirmation - NHL 17 features the new World Cup of Hockey! 6) New celebrations The trailer concludes with several snippets of new goal celebrations, which means they replaced / updated some of the old ones or also added a few new ones. 6) New menus The game menu has received what we'd consider a major facelift. It looks very sleek, clean and what could hopefully result in a more smooth user experience; as we all know, the previous iterations of the menus have been quite sluggish to use. Apart from new animations or updated training arenas for EASHL, this is all we were able to catch. We will keep you updated with future developments about NHL 17, and expect major news to drop during the next E3 which takes places in Los Angeles from June 14 to June 16! What did you think about the trailer? Did you notice something we didn't? Please let us know in the comments below!

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