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Found 8 results

  1. NHLGamers, The next championship to be crowned in the 9th iteration of ECL is the most prestigious of them all - Elite. Two teams entered. And once the dust had settled, only one was left standing. We present to you the ECL 9 Elite champions in Linkoping HC. This marks the third title for this franchise, and the second in three seasons - no doubt solidifying them as one of Europe's finest. Linkoping HC 🏆 Group stage record: 27-2-1 (1st) Round 1: vs Symphony (8) 4-2 Semifinals: vs Lulea Hockey (5) 4-0 Finals: vs HAVU Gaming (2) 4-3 GOALIES #
  2. NHLGamers, The next championship to be crowned in the 9th iteration of ECL is the second highest tier in our divisional system - Pro. Two magnificent teams faced off in the finals, but only one could call themselves champions at the final buzzer of game 6. We present to you, the ECL 9 Pro champions - Delusion, who had an unstoppable campaign and were only defeated an astounding four times! Delusion will certainly be looking forward to the next season of ECL, as because of their win Delusion are now promoted into the highest division - Elite. Vesa Pompa HC will continue their season with o
  3. LA Rulings - December 3rd, 2019 Case 1 (Freddy Mercury Institute vs. Rakish): FMI contacted League Administration about Rakish not responding to communication, nor showing up for their games at the default time. FMI contacted Rakish hours ahead and the captain of Rakish later admitted to making a mistake by not staying on top of the schedule. LA has come to the conclusion that Rakish failed to keep their end of what's considered good communication and as such rule 10.8 would be pertinent to this case. LA has thusly decided to award FMI with WO's from both matches. Ca
  4. Hey NHLGamers, Due to a recent case that LA was tasked with, we have decided to tweak section 14 (transfer regulations) of the rulebook. The amendment reads as follows: "14.11 Transfer Rule Exemption In the event that a player has not played a game in the current ECL season, they are allowed two transfer opportunities, provided that any transfer does not violate the rules outlined in section 14." The rationale behind this addition is so that players who, for whatever reason, have not played any games, are afforded the chance to find another team and play by be
  5. jahajaha93

    ECL 9 Neo Groups

    NHLGamers, Below is the complete list of the teams participating in our Neo division this season and in which groups they will play. ECL 9 Neo - 4 Groups ECL Neo will be played in four groups consisting of 8-9 teams each. With 2 games against each opponent, this results in a 14-16 game regular season for each team in which the top 4 teams out of every group will go to the playoffs (16 teams in total). Please note that due to Group 1 having an extra team and thus an uneven number of teams, we've added a double-header for most teams in group 1 on Wednesday 27th of November
  6. NHLGamers, ‘Tis the season... the season for world class NHL gaming once again! After an unusually long break for the ECL franchise, we return with a bang as we kick off FOUR divisions this season. Yes, you read that right, this season we’re introducing ECL Neo into our framework. The newcomer will be exactly that - a division for new NHL gamers to get adjusted to playing in a league and the requirements that it has on a team and its players. See it as an incubator for future potential. ECL Neo will also be suitable for players who want to play games at a less stressful pace as this
  7. jahajaha93

    ECL 9 Pro Groups

    NHLGamers, It's time to kick off the ECL season for our Pro, Lite and Neo divisions this week. With that being on the agenda, there was a need for some promotions for vacant spots in ECL Pro. These vacant spots have been left by teams who have either disbanded or simply not signed up for ECL Pro in ECL 9. After promoting the expected four teams (Oton Letkutemppu, Vesa Pompa, Cheers Hockey & We Kings) at the end of the ECL 8 Lite season, a total of eleven spots were open in the division for this season, out of which two were filled with automatic promotions based on performance in ECL
  8. Hi, NHLGamers! ECL 9 Elite season is just around the corner and you might have seen there were only 15 sign ups in ECL Elite. There is a need for one extra team in Elite and regarding this matter we leaned towards the rule book. The following rule was used to solve this matter: ”… If after this there are still spots to be filled in Elite, the best two teams from either pool (Elite relegates & Pro quarter-finalists) will play each other. These teams will be seeded based on points during the last season and wins in the most recent playoffs respectively. If, however, there are mo

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