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Found 4 results

  1. Hey NHLGamers, The ECL Playoff continue tonight! Starting at 20:50 CEST, be sure to join our ECL Playoff stream, as we cover two very exciting matchups tonight. The first one will be between ECL Pro teams Monarchs and Almost Famous, as they are finishing their semi-final series that currently stands 3-2 for Monarchs. Our second matchup of the night will be the Elite relegation faceoff between Nordic Stars and White Trash. You can find a prediction for that matchup by scrolling down. Games so far in this series: Game 1: Monarchs - Almost Famous 0-3 Game 2: Almost Famous - Monarchs 1-3 Game 3: Monarchs - Almost Famous 1-0 OT Game 4: Almost Famous - Monarchs 3-5 Game 5: Monarchs - Almost Famous 2-3 OT After these two settling who will go on to the ECL Pro Finals, we jump over to the ECL Relegation Faceoff, where the winner of the two teams will be seen in ECL Elite next season. The teams are playing a total of four games tonight, starting at 21:00 CEST as well and we will join in on the action as soon as the first series of tonight is settled. White Trash – Nordic Stars These two teams are certainly no strangers to each other, despite playing in different divisions this season, they spent the last two seasons battling for the promotion in Pro. In fact, these two have met in playoff series both in ECL 4 and 5. The series wins are currently even at 1-1. The Nordic Stars roster seems to have experienced quite a few changes over the years, as captain @Seahyena is the only player who has played in the previous two series between these teams. On the other end, White Trash captain @Zip player has also played both series, but so has @Kane, @rGinnu and @plymalkin. We’ll see how the third series in as many seasons between these two turns out. Nordic Stars were surely excited to have been promoted to Elite during the offseason. In our season preview, we expected the team to have a difficult time keeping up in Elite. The beginning of the season was a feeling-out process, but Nordic stars put themselves in a bit of a hole by going 1-8-1 to start the season. They managed to turn the ship around a bit after the first ten games, but it wasn’t quite enough. In the end, they finished with a 9-15-6 regular season record, which isn’t bad for a team that was promoted in the offseason and had a complete roster overhaul. The biggest factor this season for Nordic Stars was most likely not being able to gel enough to create chemistry in team defense. The team managed to score enough to keep up with the rest, but fell short when it comes to their goals against average, a statistic that ended up being 3,03/game. That simply isn’t good enough to win games in a tight Elite division. The opponent White Trash had yet another good season in Pro. They’re an established Pro team and must be very hungry to prove to the community that they can compete with the big boys in Elite. Our Pro season preview noted White Trash as one of the top contenders this season. They went into the season with a small roster and managed to close out the season with only 8 players making an appearance. The playoffs ended in the Semi-Finals against FILADELPHIA, a series in which White Trash without a doubt was the underdog. White Trash will be relying on their vast experience and good chemistry to edge out Nordic stars in this matchup. As expected, they will ice the same lineup we saw throughout the Pro playoffs. It's hard to predict how this series will go, as the teams come into this series from different backgrounds; White Trash has gotten this far by succeeding during the season, whereas Nordic Stars has had a tough one. The want to play and fight for the win will be a key aspect in which of these teams will be seen in ECL Elite next season. Below you will find the lineups for both matchups tonight: The games will be broadcasted on the NHLGamer Twitch channel, at twitch.tv/NHLGamerTwitch. The games will feature commentary by @Janikka and @Kenu. We'll see you there!
  2. UPDATE: We are also covering Carlsberg HC - Dynasty, starting at 20:00 CEST! Hey NHLGamers, The ECL Playoffs continue tonight and we might be celebrating an ECL Lite champion tonight! Starting at 19:50 CEST, be sure to join our ECL Playoff stream, as we cover an amazing three matchups. The first one will be between ECL Elite semi finalists Carlsberg HC and Dynasty. Below you'll find our prediction for this series: Games so far in the series (home team to the right): Game 1: Carlsberg HC - Dynasty 0-4 Game 2: Dynasty - Carlsberg HC 0-3 Game 3: Carlsberg HC - Dynasty 1-0 OT The first three games were played yesterday and while Dynasty started off strong with a 4-0 win, Carlsberg were able to end the night with a 1-0 OT win and a 2-1 series lead. Northern Ascendancy and Written In The Stars. Below you'll find our prediction for this series: Games so far in the series (home team to the right): Game 1: Northern Ascendancy - Written In The Stars 3-0 Game 2: Written In The Stars - Northern Ascendancy 2-3 While Written In The Stars was the favorite going into this semi final pairing, Northern Ascendancy managed to improve their game from what we saw in the quarter final round and ended up walking away from the first night with two deserved wins. The series is far from over, though, and we're sure Written In The Stars brought some new tricks up their sleeves for tonight and look to bounce back and tie the series. The teams have agreed to play two games tonight. After this, we go to the ECL Lite Finals, where EV Duisburg is only one win away from the Lite championship. The games are scheduled to start at 22:15 CEST. You can read our original prediction about the series below: Games so far in the series (home team to the right): Game 1: EV Duisburg - Cowabunga Hockey 2-1 Game 2: Cowabunga Hockey - EV Duisburg 0-1 Game 3: EV Duisburg - Cowabunga Hockey 2-0 As you can see, we predicted an even series here, so it's not a surprise that EV Duisburg has been able to win games in this series. However, what surprised us, is that they are already up 3-0 and could even sweep the series. All of the games so far have been really close, so don't miss the chance to see if Cowabunga Hockey can bounce back and even force a game seven, or if EV Duisburg will be hoisting the cup tonight. The teams have agreed to play two games tonight. You can see tonight's lineups for each team in the image below: The games will be broadcasted on the NHLGamer Twitch channel, at twitch.tv/NHLGamerTwitch. The games will feature commentary by @Kenuand @esdor. We'll see you there!
  3. Hey NHLGamers, The heat is ramping up, both outdoors and in the ECL Elite Playoffs, as we get into the semi final stage. Only four teams left and each of them needing four wins to make it far enough to play in the finals. Who will want it the most? You'll find our predictions below. (1) Written In The Stars vs Northern Ascendancy (4) Written held up to their expectations in the quarter finals dismantling Northern Stars in five games (4-1). Written In The Stars are often considered an offensive team, but it is their defensive game as a unit that is the one that puts the opponents to sleep. With solid goaltending by @JanneK. (Januri98), Written looks very hungry to win the championship. In the regular season Written won both games (6-0, 2-1), but it's the playoffs now and things tighten up. After me barking on Northern Ascendancy last weekend, they showed some character bouncing back against Unlucky Boys to win the series 4-3. After last night's heroics from @hpkfani (Mukimaisteri) - who scored all 5 of his teams goals in games 6 and 7 - this team looked fired up and took their game to another level. Northern Ascendancy plays a beautiful passing game with fast quick passes back and forth and it is going to be interesting to see how the Written defensive game is going to handle Northern Ascendancy's offense. I will put the slight advantage on offense to NOR, but the cohesive unit in Written is going to be too much to handle for NOR. Prediction: 4-2 Written In The Stars (2) Dynasty – Carlsberg HC (3) Wow - what a matchup this is going to be! Dynasty took care of what seemed like a somewhat uninterested team in SJK by beating them in five games. @ICappeI in net for SJK did everything and a little more to shutdown Dynasty, but he wasn’t able to stop Dynasty all alone. Dynasty gets good goaltending night after night and they defend like the best of them. Add @Buantso (Puantso) to the mix and you have a very dangerous, championship kind of team. This series against Carlsberg can be one of the tightest series we've seen. Carlsberg took care of Sjukstugan in six games ( 4-2 ) and got a good warmup for the next series playing against a tight defensive unit. @Penatski showed up again, playing an MVP type of game, but so did the defensive unit with @Janzuh and @vatalisti, as the latter looks like one of the best defenseman in the game right now. @Zande95 bounced back after a tough first night in the series and Carlsberg was too much for Sjukstugan to handle. What a battle of monsters this is going to be and expect this series to go the length. It is very hard to predict who advances to the finals, but I expect the team who has the hotter goaltender is the one who advances after an even game 7 and in this case its going to be @Sandr0hh. Prediction: 4-3 Dynasty The semi finals are underway now and have to be finished by the 24th of April 2018 (Tuesday). No extra time will be given! We wish the remaining teams good luck and most importantly: have fun! Please let us know when you will play your respective games so we have the chance to cover them on our Twitch channel. EDIT: The last day to play is Tuesday the 24th, not Monday the 23rd. Fixed in the article.
  4. Hey NHLGamers, the second round of the Pro playoffs are finished and we go on to the next round. All remaining teams got one step closer to their chance to play in the Elite division next season in ECL 7 by winning their respective series. The two finalists will be qualified directly, while the two semi final losers have their chance by playing against the Nordic Stars or Pata Hellalla in the relegation battles. We are excited for these tough battles, which we will do our best to cover on our Twitch channel. These are the upcoming matchups for the semifinals: (1) FILADELPHIA vs White Trash (7) FILADELPHIA sweeped their quarter final opponent Deadly Phantoms HC right away and don't seem to hesitate on finishing their season goal of qualifying for Elite! They needed only a total of 9 games in the first two rounds to go on to the semi finals and even with that low game count,@Erkki (I_Eki_I) and @Joonas Paatiala (Patzlaf) are in the Top 10 playoff scorers. They lead their Elite style offense, generating dangerous scoring chances and always seem to have the patience to make the right decisions. @xDoumi and @oGBioLan are strong on both ends of the ice and very decent on the opening pass. White Trash had to go the full distance in their seven game series against SIKA, just as in the first round. Lead by @Zip player, the dynamic offensive trio of @rGinnu and @Kane can score some goals and can make every defense hurt by gaining chances out of their mistakes. They showed us that they can stand the pressure by winning two game 7's. Are they able to shut down the weapons of FILADELPHIA and score efficiently enough on the chances they will get? Prediction: 4:2 FILADELPHIA (2) Monarchs vs Almost Famous (3) Monarchs impressed everyone so far this season. Mentioned as the underdog in our season preview, they topped their group and have only lost two games in this seasons playoffs so far. The team - previously called Lavetten - had a sweep in the first round and nearly controlled all of their second round matchup against Red Machine. Led by the captain @chavelski in net, the whole team showed up as a future Elite team. @pajenc , @Tacterz and @Zalaz know every trick of the game and are able to spin the defense's heads around. Almost Famous tries to accomplish the walk-trough from Lite to Elite in only two seasons. They flew under the radar at the beginning of the season, but were noticed by everyone, starting their first Pro-season 9-1-0, with wins over the top contenders Shameful Knights and Baltic Sea Eagles. As in the regular season, they defeated the Baltic Sea Eagles in the second round (4-1) and try to keep their hope of the Elite division alive. They don't win their games in a spectacular fashion, but @Ikavalko , @Rimpe and @Devilfish14 strike whenever they have to. As part of the regular season in group 1 they already played two games against each other. Both teams won their respective home games (3:1 and 4:2) so we can expect a really tough matchup and a long series! Prediction: 4:3 Monarchs The semifinals are underway (from 13th April 2018) and have to be finished by 20th April 2018 (Friday). No extra time will be given! We wish all the remaining teams good luck and most importantly: have fun! Please let us know when you will play your respective games so we have the chance to cover them.

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