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  1. And so there were four. The ECL 8 Lite season has progressed al the way to the Semifinals in which we're seeing two very even matchups. We've certainly been treated to some surprises this season, as a majority of the teams that were higher ranked in their respective matchups so far have been eliminated. We're left with four very capable teams that all are deserving of promotions to ECL Pro for next season. Now it remains to determine the final marching order and crowning a champion. Without further ado, let's get into the details of our semi's: The ECL 8 Lite Semifinals are to be played between Thursday, 7th of March and Wednesday, 13th of March. (11.) We Kings vs. Vesa Pompa HC (20.) We Kings were disappointed when they lost in the second round to K A R H U T in ECL 7 Lite but now they have fought their way to the semifinals. Surprisingly, We Kings had a bit of a struggle against EV Fuessen eSports, Beast Hockey and Saucer Hockey even though they were one of the more impressive teams in the regular season. Vesa Pompa HC has stormed through the playoffs by only losing two games. They have the most firepower in their offense where one of the top versus players right now @Eken45jr plays right wing. Vesa Pompa HC is a team that relies to their offense to score a ton of goals and this is going to be a series where we are going to see a lot of those. Goaltending might be the difference maker. The team that has the better goalie is going to win the series. (14.) Oton Letkutemppu vs. Cheers Hockey (16.) There are two big similarities that can be found from these teams. Both are playing their first ECL season and both have defenders that like to hit a lot @Theoikeakarim for Letkutemppu and @Margoes - Maqruusi for Cheers). Oton Letkutemppu has lost only three games in the playoffs and they seem to be on a roll. On the other hand Cheers Hockey that consists of many former Squad Vilttiketju players let in only five goals in six games against the third best regular season team Dystopia. This serie is going to be a close one and we predict that the games will be defensive battles where either one can win in seven games. Who are you rooting for to win it all? Leave a comment down below! ECL Lite Writer, @Tonimo92
  2. Hey NHLGamers, The Quarter Finals treated us to some good hockey and in case you missed the games, you can see three of the four matchups by following the links here and here. As this was the Quarter Final round, I'm not sure if we can talk about big upsets at this stage, with so many talented teams remaining, but the home teams came on top in all series but one. NG Pena ja Setelit (#8) managed to beat NG Blue Circle (#3) in three games and statistically, that was the only upset of the round. As we move forward into the Semifinals, the matchups look as follows: (1.) NG KELAMIEHET vs NG Pena ja Setelit (8.) In the first pair we have NG KELAMIEHET and NG Pena ja Setelit, both teams that have got into the Semifinals by winning their three first rounds 2-1, 2-0 and 2-1. Can @FlyerKungen (13+12 in Playoffs) and @Filariou (8+15 in Playoffs) keep up their top-scoring performance, or will @MarkunPaukku (Mpaukku_, 12+8 in Playoffs) and @Penatski (6+13 in Playoffs) step up and challenge them for the scoring leader title? While @Caazual (AcED719) for NG Pena ja Setelit and @JanneK. (Januri98) for NG KELAMIEHET have equal stats when it comes to wins and losses, the latter has more impressive stats in Save% (73.77 vs 81.25), GAA (2.00 vs 1.50) and shutouts (0 vs 3). Whether or not the previous stats will matter - or indicate any strength relationships - tonight when the puck drops remains to be found out. This pair will decide which one goes to the finals tonight at 21:00 CEST on our Twitch channel, so don't miss the action! The semifinals are played in a best-of-three series and the games will be covered as follows: Game 1: Wednesday 18th of July 2018 21:00 CEST | LIVE STREAM (no commentary) Game 2: Wednesday 18th of July 2018 21:30 CEST | LIVE STREAM (no commentary) Game 3: Wednesday 18th of July 2018 22:00 CEST (If necessary) | LIVE STREAM (no commentary) (2.) NG HANAA vs NG Alahärmän Pullistus (5.) In the other pair we have two teams who swept their last round 2-0 and got to the semifinals perhaps with a little less sweating than the teams in the other pair. @Vilupoika won both the goal and point scoring categories for the regular season with an astonishing 37+25 in 18 games and his center @SadaPoika didn't finish too far off at 13+34. Vilupoika will definitely be the most dangerous one to get the puck across the line, so if NG Alahärmän Pullistus can keep him under wraps, that could be a key to victory. On the opposing side, @Hermurderer and @Naikou88 have really been lighting the lamp during the playoffs, while @kibenibe has been the dishmaster. Both sides have a strong defence and we could be seeing this being a battle between the goalies. In the NG Alahärmän Pullistus end of the ice, @vokial2 (SolidElli) has been putting up the highest save% of the playoffs at 86.58, 1.57 GAA and 2 shutouts. In the other crease we have @Viltzup with 78.37% and 1.60 GAA. Both stats are good and the difference in faced shots is huge in the advantage of SolidElli, 71-29. Could a low number of shots be an advantage for NG Hanaa? SolidElli has 6 ECL seasons under his belt, while as a goalie, Viltzup just finished his second ECL season. All of these are just numbers and Thursday night will show us which team comes out more prepared! The semifinals are played in a best-of-three series and the games will be covered as follows: Game 1: Thursday 19th of July 2018 20:00 CEST | LIVE STREAM (commentary by @Kenu & @Janikka) Game 2: Thursday 19th of July 2018 20:30 CEST | LIVE STREAM (commentary by @Kenu & @Janikka) Game 3: Thursday 19th of July 2018 21:00 CEST (If necessary) | LIVE STREAM (commentary by @Kenu & @Janikka) As a reminder, here is the schedule for the rest of the Summer Cup 3 playoffs: Semifinals: 16.7.-19.7. Finals: 22.7. We wish all participating teams and players good luck.
  3. NHLGamers, We have reached the semifinals phase of the ECL 5 Pro Playoffs and here are the playoff pairings and framework: FRAMEWORK Each pairing must be finished within 7 days from today, meaning last evening to play games is December 12th. Don't expect any extensions! All pairings are to be played in a best-of-7 series (teams on the left side below play home first) PRO PLAYOFFS Here is how last round ended: #1 Unlucky Boys HC vs. #8 THE UNITED KNIGHTS [4-0] #2 Nordic Stars vs. #7 Falun Coal Miners [3-4] #3 Gotham Knights vs. #6 Pata Hellalla [3-4] #4 Inter Iceland vs. #5 Evolution [2-4] This gives us the following pairings for the semifinals: #1 Unlucky Boys HC vs. #7 Falun Coal Miners #5 Evolution vs. #6 Pata Hellalla We offer our congratulations to Unlucky Boys HC, Falun Coal Miners, Evolution and Pata Hellalla for making the "final four" of ECL 5 Pro. All four teams will - at the very least - have the opportunity to play for a spot in Elite for ECL 6. An announcement from the LA department regarding the SJK-SKY case and the ECL finals will be released shortly. @The_Alpha_Furyan for NHLGamer.com
  4. Good evening, Gamers! It's now time for the Summer Cup Semifinals as we only have four teams remaining in the competition. It seems like all the big dogs (the top 4 of the regular season) have already been eliminated from the playoffs! However, the whole Summer Cup has been pretty even from start to this point, so I'm not sure if there are any underdogs in this competition. Anyways, here are the results of Round 2: NG Club Kannunkulma vs. NG Cheap Shot: 1-3NG Parolan Visa vs. NG International Army: 2-3NG Nighthawks vs. NG Trashers: 3-0NG 50 Shades of Blades vs. NG Alcohology: 3-0 The remaining two match-ups are very interesting to follow as both pairs have one clear favorite team (NG Nighthawks & NG 50 Shades of Blades) to get the chance to win those free copies of NHL18, while both less favored teams (NG Cheap Shot & NG International Army) fought for their playoff spots pretty much until the very last days of the regular season. However, they both have a great playoff-run behind them and we're pretty sure that they are not ready to give up just because their opponents might have had stronger seasons so far - at least on paper. The match-ups for the semifinals are: NG Nighthawks (5) - NG Cheap Shot (15) NG 50 Shades of Blades (6) - NG International Army (14) Stay tuned for one more cool thing before the Beta arrives - I can promise that it's something that people have been asking us to do. But before that - good luck everyone and have a nice week! @vSilenttio for NHLGamer.com
  5. Hello NHLGamers, As the second round of the playoffs has been completed, it's time to look at the match-ups for the upcoming round. Elite finals, Pro semifinals and Lite quarterfinals - it's crunch time. Here are the match-ups: ECL Elite finals Dynasty vs. Laser HT ECL Pro semifinals Carlsberg HC vs. Silver Sword GriffinsKattiautomaatti vs. Sjukstugan ECL Lite quarterfinals Hawks Hockey Club vs. HC Ancient WarriorsDEAD END KINGS vs. Banterfield BattalionEN HUND vs. Lavetten J P T J vs. Dynamo Danglers The third round of ECL 4 Playoffs is to be played 19.04 to 25.04. Good luck! NHLGamer.com
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