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Found 2 results

  1. Good evening, NHLGamers! On the eve of NHL18 Beta, we've crowned the champions of our second Summer Cup - NG Cheap Shot. For team's captain @pelimies80 and assistant captain @xLVxRitchey this isn't anything new - they were part of Team pelimies80, winners of the first Summer Cup. NG Cheap Shot overcame NG 50 Shades of Blades' superb defense and took a convincing 3-1 series victory. Game 1 - NG Cheap Shot vs. NG 50 Shades of Blades 3-1 Game 2 - NG 50 Shades of Blades vs. NG Cheap Shot 2-3 OT Game 3 - NG Cheap Shot vs. NG 50 Shades of Blades 0-1 Game 3 - NG 50 Shades of Blades vs. NG Cheap Shot 2-1 OT NG Cheap Shot's roster Goalies #22 Supreex - L. Borga #40 zaukki159 - M. Peikko Defensemen #5 Noddactius - S. Noddactius #80 pelimies80 - T. Iceman Forwards #10 MCH_98 - M. Hendricks #13 Dominointi - I. SK #15 nispekt - T. Daddy #19 yrjoo - P. Bert #23 xLVxRitchey - B. Lotus #47 RONDEBOY__ - D. Dziurzynski #88 SomeJerk-_- - H. Steffe Series GWG - https://clips.twitch.tv/DoubtfulFairCobraSMOrc You can view our broadcast, including commentary, here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/161628574 Congratulations to both the winners and the runner-ups! Members of NG Cheap Shot will receive a copy of NHL18 and €30 gift card, members of NG 50 Shades of Blades will receive a copy of NHL18. All courtesy of Webhallen. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made this tournament possible - my fellow staff members, all the captains, players and obviously Webhallen for supporting us and sponsoring this amazing tournament. In adition with the NHL18 Beta approaching, we've planned a little surprise. Follow us on our social media channels in order to be notified of any further announcements. Sharpen your skates and get ready for NHL18 Beta! OxtreeLAT // NHLGamer.com
  2. Good afternoon NHLGamers, One look at the calendar and you might think its just another Monday at the start of July. Here at NHLGamer.com we know better though, for today is anything but an ordinary day... it is the start of the playoffs for Summer Cup 2, presented by Webhallen! Ever since the Summer Cup draft took place on May 28th, 30 unique teams and more than 300 of the top european EASHL players have clashed - repeatedly - in order to have a chance at the ultimate prize when it comes to summer hockey; the NHLGamer Summer Cup title. This year, conquering that title doesn't just come with bragging rights amongst your peers, it also means winning extraordinary prizes courtesy of our tournament sponsor Webhallen. Needless to say, the coming weeks hold plenty to get excited about! With that said, there are a ways to go before a champion can be crowned. First of all we have the intriguing (and brutal!) matter of getting 16 playoff teams to become just 2 finalists. Without further ado, here are your 2017 Summer Cup playoff pairings; NG Club Kannunkulma - NG Oispa Taitoo NG KELAMIEHET - NG Cheap Shot NG Blackout - NG International Army NG Parolan Visa - NG Puck Nation NG Nighthawks - NG Goose Egg NG 50 Shades of Blades - NG Paikallinen NG Texas 6 Rangers - NG Trashers NG Alcohology - NG Ultras You can find the entire playoff tree here Walkovers On a more somber note, we regret to announce that there was some administrational intervention required when it came to the matter of finishing the regular season. The following Summer Cup teams failed to complete the season on time and were dealt Walkover losses: - NG Hupimunat: 4 WO Losses - NG Hunky Dory: 4 WO Losses - NG Golden Nuggets: 4 WO Losses - NG Terror Squad: 4 WO Losses - NG PONTIKKAPOJAT: 2 WO Losses Playoff specifics The first round of the playoffs is to be played 3.7.2017 - 9.7.2017. This means the second round will start on 10.7.2017 with the rest of the playoff rounds following the same Monday-Sunday pattern. Should all playoff pairings in a round be ready ahead of time there is the option of starting the next round early, so do bear that in mind when scheduling games. The goal and intention of the NHLGamer Staff remains to have a Summer Cup winner crowned before the NHL 18 Beta is released. Furthermore, all playoff rounds are to be played Best-of-5. This is, of course, a procedure specific to our Summer Cup format (ECL remains Best -of-7), designed to make sure the 1-week time span is enough to complete each playoff round even during summer. Additional thoughts On a personal note I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the players I have gotten to interact with during this Summer Cup. Just like last season, I have made many new friends and aquintances among my own Summer Cup teammates but also among our opponents. In the end, bringing the community closer together is the ultimate purpose with the Summer Cup and if you'd ask me; I'd say it was another great experience! Good luck in the playoffs and as always... later skaters,

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