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Found 4 results

  1. Many games have been played this past week. Passes have been made and goals have been scored and it is time for us to reveal our POTW. This week we have chosen @Klassikko_ of Perttilan Kommandot. The finnish defensman had 3 goals combined with 10 assist in 6 games and a spectacular +/- of +25! PSN-ID: Klassikko_ Team: Perttilan Kommandot Position: Right Defenseman Games played this week: 6 (North Pole Huskies, Scrubs of Sweden, FarmiNaattori) Goals: 3 Assists: 10 Points: 13 +/-: 25 @Willander97 had a chance to catch up with the man in such great form lately. Congratulations on being named the Player of the week! How are you feeling about that? - Thank you. I have to say that I wasn't expecting it so I feel very surprised. In the past you have been playing as a forward, what made you start playing as a defender? - We have many players who played last season in Perttilan Kommandot also. One defender wanted to try to play forward this season and I was interested in playing defense. Perttilan Kommandot is currently leading leading their group in Lite with a record of 20-3-1. What makes your team so good? - Like many other teams we also try to play as a team as good as we can. Every guy participates in defense as well as in offense. We also have a team captain (Jarmonen) who knows how to boost up the team before the games. He also possesses great tactical vision which helps us to win tight games. If you have to pick a player from the Lite division and add him or her to you roster, who would it be and why? - There are many good players in lite but I have to say @ahonaattori from The Dudes. This guy makes everything for his team so he would be a good addition for Kommandot also. Last question. How far will you guys make it in the playoffs? - We will go as far as we deserve. Hopefully we can use the marketplace which our captain has already booked to celebrate our rise to ECL Pro. Thanks for your time Klassikko_ and we wish all the best for PeKo and yourself in the postseason! ECL Lite Writing Team @Willander97 & @Tonimo92
  2. Hi NHLGamers, We are back with a small look into the fourth week of the Pro division. This season we are doing a player of the week segment, to highlight an individual and his team because of their success during said week. We will also do a small interview with our nominee and try to get to know the person better and get some insights of the team and the league in question. Without further ado we would like to present you our fourth Player Of The Week: PSN-ID: itspardytime Team: TIKI TALK Position: Right Wing Games played this week: 6 (vs God Tier, The Black Jacks and Checkmate) Goals: 10 (33 total, ranked 2nd) Assists: 12 (35 total, ranked 3rd) Points: 22 (68 total, ranked 1st) +/-: 36 (26 total, ranked 6th) To cap off the week, @Panarinz had a short chat with the man of the hour: A good week for your team and especially for yourself, with 23 points in 6 games! What do you think was the biggest reason for your success this week? - Recently we've talked a lot in our team about game strategy. Lately we've succeeded to improve our game level in both ECL and regular EASHL games. Also we decided to try some changes to our lineup, chemistry with Temex on LW was once again fantastic and we played the best hockey as a team so far. It's easy to score when all players deliver the same gameplan. What is your aim for this season? as a team and you personally. - The most important thing is to play high quality hockey and at the same time have fun. I think we have all the chances to go far in the playoffs and also you might see us back in Elite next season. Personally I try my best to cause chaos in our opponents defence. How did you come up with your PSN ID? - "Pardy" is close to my own last name. I wanted to create an account which is also fun and includes that Pardy commentary name. Itspardytime is my own wordplay but sometimes I miss my old Lautaset, some oldschool players might remember that PSN ID. :D What is the best player build in this version of the game for a winger? - It depends on the gamestyle of the team. All player types have own advantages and disadvantages. At the moment I use a pretty small sniper, that fits best for me. What is your strengths as a player? - I think I have decent hockey sense and I hate losing. Maybe you should ask that from the opposing defenders or goalies. Which team will win ECL 8 Pro? - There are many great teams but I think we have a pretty good chance to win Pro, so TIKI TALK. We thank Pardy for taking the time to sit down with us for this interview. Remember, if you want to be featured next week, work hard and help your team to success! Signing off for now, ECL Pro writing team @Panarinz & @Mannheimer1938
  3. Hello NHLGamers, For this season of ECL Elite we are tweaking the recurring segment that looks to detail the ‘hottest’, ‘coldest’ and… ‘mildest’? teams in Elite over the past week. There will be more of an emphasis towards the quantitative approach, so expect more graphs and fewer walls of text. Each article in this series will be released on Mondays and will thusly be based on the days in between each power ranking iteration. In addition to this it should be noted that each ranking will invariably be in some way biased as it is, at the end of the day, a subjective list. Note: Each article will be based off of results starting from the Monday, all the way up to (& including) Friday. Ergo, any games played over the weekend will generally end up being a week 'late' so to speak. The logic behind the ranking is admittedly a sort of internal subjective ranking that weighs up results, opposition 'strength' as well as thoughts on the general play during some games. As such a ranking is not 100% quantifiable in nature there will be some bias that creeps in. One thing I would like to make abundantly clear however is that points are not the be all and end all within these rankings; for instance, just because 3 teams have the same record does not mean they won't be ranked wildly differently, as the context behind said results are of great importance and simply cannot be understated. Previous rankings: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 - 1. FILADELPHIA (4-0-0) [+2] 2. Symphony (7-0-1) [+6] 3. Deadly Phantoms HC (3-1-0) [+3] 4. Rusty Blades (4-2-2) [-2] 5. Dynasty (3-3-0) [=] 6. Team Frosty (3-5-0) [-2] 7. Butterfly Effect (5-0-1) [+2] 8. Northern Stars (3-2-3) [+2] 9. AIK Hockey (2-1-1) [+5] 10. Almost Famous (5-3-0) [+3] 11. Bucketeers (3-3-0) [=] 12. Written in the Stars (0-0-0) [-11] 13. Unlucky Boys (1-3-0) [-6] 14. HC Wildcard (0-6-0) [+1] 15. Synergy Hockey (1-2-1) [+1] 16. Resurrection (0-4-0) [-4] Standings Timeline *The "playoff cut-off point", as well as the "relegation zone" lines are rough estimations of where the respective areas of Elite will fall once the regular season has been wrapped up. So, in other words, if a team is able to get over the green line, they 'should' stand a very good chance of making the playoffs, whilst if a team cannot make it past the red line, then there is a good chance that they will have to fight a relegation battle in order to assure their Elite spot for next season. Analysis As we enter the home stretch of the season it appears as though the ‘blocks’ outlined last week have remained somewhat, albeit with some notable differences. For instance, Symphony have moved up into the upper bracket off the back of a very strong surge as of late, consequently joining the likes of Written in the Stars, Dynasty, FILADELPHIA & Rusty Blades. Regarding the final playoff spots however we find some stark development. For instance, despite a week to forget from Team Frosty, they still remain within the group of 4 (Butterfly Effect, Deadly Phantoms HC, Almost Famous) who harbour the best shot at clinching a berth. Time is running out for Frosty however, as they are sitting on the cusp of 8th/9th thanks to a great performance over this past week by DPH who are now nipping away at their heels. If any of these teams fail to find traction and cannot gain any more points from the remaining games on their schedules then they may be in for a rude awakening as, whilst the group has thinned slightly with Synergy effectively being out of contention now, the pace of the teams trailing them cannot be written off. AIK Hockey, Northern Stars, Unlucky Boys, Resurrection & even Bucketeers all have had a noticeable uptick as of late and could conceivably put on a late push, of course some are more likely than others (e.g. AIK still have a couple games in hand compared to most), nevertheless, all of this just makes for perhaps a more interesting end to the season than years past. Projection The section looks to, well, project where a team will finish based off of all the games they have played thus far. -- And with that, we can now conclude the fourth edition of ECL 8 Elite's power rankings. Hopefully next week we will see the stratification continue so that we can pick out any further trends with ease. ECL Elite Writer @MartindalexC
  4. NHLGamer Summer Cup Weekly: Who’s hot and Who’s not [Edition 4 - Award post #1] Fellow NHLGamers, Continuing every Sunday – we at NHLGamer.com are presenting a weekly column for as long as the Summer Cup is in action. This column will feature a list of which Forward, Defenseman and Goalie have performed well enough on the ice to have earned the honor of being named to this weeks ”Hot”-list. In the interest of fairness, it will also feature one representative of each position who hasn’t performed as well, resulting in a spot on the ”Not”-list. Moving on, the list will work like a Power Ranking and not like a ”3 Stars of the Week” (like on the NHL website). A power ranking means that it’s not exclusively what a specific player has done in just the past week that matters, but instead what that player has delivered in total throughout the tournament when the list is published, that does. Say for example if Kenu scores 20 points in 2 games in Week 1, landing him on the ”Hot”-list for that week, he can still be on the ”Hot”-list for Week 2 even if he only scores 10 points in 4 games that week – because his total will still be 30 points in 6 games which, presumably, will still be at the top of the rankings. Do you catch my drift? Good! Then let’s get started. (Before you continue to rip me to shreds for being dead wrong on all my selections, I’ll remind everyone that this is a column of opinion and a playful, tounge-in-cheek way to celebrate what a success this Summer Cup has been. However, a comment of ”You’re an idiot Alpha, that’s just wrong” is always better than no comment so remember – share your opinions!) NEW THIS WEEK (Week 4): Hello NHLGamers and welcome to another Special Edition of the Summer Cup Weekly! I am foregoing the regular format to once again make a special edition of this newsletter. This time, there won't be any "Not" skaters and we'll solely be focusing on the "Hot" ones - namely the people who have managed to capture the various awards we are introducing through the Summer Cup. For ECL 1 we had best offensive player, best defensive player etc. for regular season and playoffs. For ECL 2, there were no awards handed out. This time, we are setting the bar high to deliver the most expansive awards ceremony in the history of the NHLGamer.com website and hopefully, in the process, introducing something that will remain for future tournaments to come. How will this work? Well, some awards will be handed out today - in this Part 1 of the Award Posts. These will be the regular season awards that really aren't up for debate, meaning: Most points, most goals, most assists, most points by defenseman, best +/-, best save % and most wins by goalie. Now, here's where it gets interesting. For this to work I will need all the captains ( @LastMandalorian, @selänne8, @Billy44205, @FINSeRe, @Juizki, @juha96, @Joonas Paatiala, @mir02k1, @Tuukka.R, @vSilenttio, @DieCutterMC, @pelimies80, @debi_85, @Basstian23) to submit nominations (from their own team) for the following, subjective awards (meaning the awards where OPINION matters greatly, and not just stats); - Team MVP (most valuable to your particular team, not always the "best player overall") - Best Defensive Forward - Best Defender - Best Goalie - Best Teammate (with a very short explanation why, for example "Was always available when needed" or "Was a positive influence") These subjetive, nomination-based awards will also concern the regular season so everyone has a chance to be nominated and/or win, playoffs or no playoffs! The staff will then look at these five nominations from each team and compare them to each other. Among these nominations, one skater from each category will be chosen who will then become: - Summer Cup MVP - Summer Cup Best Defensive Forward - Summer Cup Best Defender - Summer Cup Best Goalie - Summer Cup Best Teammate Once the whole tournament is over, these five awards will then be handed out in Part 2 of the awards post, together with the biggest one of them all; Summer Cup Best Playoff Performer. In the playoffs it's all about the TEAM so that's why we only have one award for the post-season, just like in the NHL. So, to summarize, today we are presenting the following stat-based awards for the 2016 Summer Cup, Regular Season: - Most Points - Most Goals - Most Assists - Most Points by a Defenseman - Best plus/minus - Best Save % - Most Wins by a Goalie Once the playoffs are over, we are presenting the following opinion-based awards for the 2016 Summer Cup: - Summer Cup MVP - Summer Cup Best Defensive Forward - Summer Cup Best Defender - Summer Cup Best Goalie - Summer Cup Best Teammate - Summer Cup Best Playoff Performer All in all, we are bringing you 7 stat-based awards and 6 opinion-based awards for a total of 13 (!) awards! Hopefully, you will see this as a fun addition to what has already been a fantastic NHL summer! Without further ado, here are the stat-based awards: Most Points - @selänne8 with 14 goals and 20 assists for a total of 34 points in 12 games. Very impressive, congratulations to you! Most Goals - @plee999 with a staggering 17 goals in just 10 games played. Well done! Most Assists - @selänne8 again with 20 assists in 12 games. Quite the playmaker! Most Points by a Defenseman - @The_Alpha_Furyan with 4 goals and 17 assists for 21 points in 10 games. Playing on a great team helps, thank you teammates! Best Plus/Minus - @Joonas Paatiala (Patzlaf) with +17 in 10 games. Tied with Plee but he already won the goals award so, this one is for Patzlaf. Best Save % - @FINSeRe with 87.93% in 6 games. Very impressive to be over 85% in EASHL - kudos! Most Wins by a Goalie - @OxtreeLAT with 8 wins in 12 games. A winning percentage over 70% while playing all the teams games? The definition of reliable! Congratulations to all the winners! Now captains, let's hear your nominations for the other categories! You can send them by message here or on PSN to any member of the staff. Later skaters, The_Alpha_Furyan
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