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Butterfly Effect

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It’s time to start something new..

Bye bye Red Machine 😮

Welcome Butterfly Effect 🦋


Vilupoika: LW

RutonMosse: C

jergelii: RW


Nassustelija: LD

will_yo7: RD

Crisu_rottis: LD/RD 





Chafak: RW -> Almost Famous

erholtzi: G -> FA


StyleZ-HaDeS: RD -> FA

willekunq -> RD -> Written In The Stars

Mommmi: RD -> FA

JaKurrii: C\LW -> Wasps Gaming

kojowaa: LD/RD -> Wasps Gaming

Thanks all the players who played for us last season, especially Chafak, Mommmi, JaKurrii and kojowaa u guys did great job with us couple seasons!  

- jergelii


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🦋 Some news and information for our Elite opponents 🦋

We have added one new player in our team.

Welcome jm__98___ 😍

Im going vacation in Los Angeles for few weeks, im going to miss like 60-70% regular season games of ECL so @JM98Jm is backuping me in rw position and maybe going to steal my spot?? You never know 🤯..

If Elite teams are reading this, im not going to schedule our games in 1.11-23.11. So if you guys have to reschedule games or something else please contact @Nassustelija or @Crisu_rottis

Goodluck for all teams in rest of ECL and also gl for best four teams who made in eSM-finals. 🏒

Captain and founder of 🦋 Effect

- jergelii

Edited by Jere Jortama
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Roster for ECL 8

LW: @Joukki

C : @xDoumi

RW: @jergelii (C) 

LD: @Crisu_rottis (A)

RD: @Totalii (A) 

RD/C/RW: F-B-I__A-N-D-Y_

G: @JanneK. (JANURI98)

G: @Roisto999

Try-out: Kingofapes_ (10 games)

Wow what a offseason.. 

Butterflies who joined another team 🥺

@Vilupoika -> Team Frosty 💶💶💰

@RutonMosse -> Symphony 🎷

@Nassustelija -> Written In The Stars ✍🏾💫

@After8 (will_yo7) -> Team Frosty 🙅🏼‍♂️💰

@eissi83 -> Unlucky Boys HC 🍔

@JM98Jm (jm__98___) -> Unlucky Boys HC 🚨🍔

After all difficulties im very happy to play with these new guys 🦋❤️

Good luck all the teams who are playing in ECL 8 👍🏽 

Edited by jergelii
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Butterfly Effect 🦋

Roster for rest of NHL19

LW Vilupoika 

C : jergelii 

RW : NikkeDangles 

LD : xDoumi 

RD : will_yo7

RD/LD : Totalii


G: Roisto999

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