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Logo team (designer)

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Hi friends!
Before the start of the new season of ECL, I am ready to draw the logo of your team.
Today I updated the logo of my club - Prometheus.

At the moment I started working with a designer of the KHL, who developed several logos for the KHL clubs. It works for money, so if you have the desire and the means, please contact me (whatsapp: +79503161720)

I myself have developed a few logos for clubs NHLGamer (Nordic Blizzard, Nordic Nosebled, Infinity, Wrong Door Dangler, Lemon Dogs, Face wash Hockey etc.).
I'll do the work for free.




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Rebrending logo for "Infinity". My old job had mistakes.



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37 минут назад, Tauri сказал:

I love how always the best designer is the free designer.


Thanks. We have already discussed this with Kenu.

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Hello guys!
Due to the fact that they write a lot to me in Whatsapp and in private messages, I decided to lay out the order of the queue. Many probably think that I do not specifically read the message? But this is not the case, I do not read them, so as to get no confused in the queue. The refore, I open off my list of commands with which I will write myself in turn.

1. Prometheus
2. Symphony
3. Spartans
4. Supremacy
5. TheN

6. Infinity
7. Cowabunga Hockey

8. Pohjoista Voimaa
10. Written In The Stars
11. Free From Rodents
12. Nordic Vipers
13. -
15. Deadly Phantoms
Raging Monkeys
17. KaLu

*Bold text highlights commands that already have a new logo.

I hope that all teams will have time to draw a logo!

p.s. Write me on whatsapp: +79503161720

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Where does 6 years of NHLGamer work fit on your list? 🤷🏻‍♂️😄

Great work! Really adds to the professionalism of the teams and the site - thank you!

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