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Hi everyone. 

New to the NHL scene with 19 (last played 15) but really got in to 19 and looking to continue in to 20 when it comes out with a club. 


I only play Goalie (I am useless on the ice as my poke checks always trip and I cannot deke haha) and I have been playing on the pond (last 10 games ended 6-4-0 and one loss was because of daft CPU team mates).

Looking for a team either on the same time zone (GMT/BST) or maybe a team +1 or +2. 


Mainly looking to make friends and enjoy some online gaming again. 

Please note I am not seasoned, I have played a handful of online games, my online CHEL character is level 12 (not P1|12) so I am still learning, if you are happy to give a new player a chance, you can message me on PSN: Anfraxx_ or discord: Anfraxx_#8247

bit about me, I am 32 and from the UK, normally online most evenings and can play from about 7pm BST/GMT until around 10-11pm and most weekends too.

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Bump still looking for a team, would like an English speaking team so can communicate with all players on the ice. I'm not pro but I'm not awful neither, as long as the defensive line communicate with me for any gaps, all is good.


Would like a team close to my own timezone also, -5/-6 is just too big of a gap as I'd be going to bed when you're coming online.

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