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SIKA will continue it's long journey in the next season of ECL Pro.

Our last season in the ECL Elite was incomprehensibly bad - and there's lots of reasons for that as so many unexpected things just happened before and during the season. To be honest, I think the relegation will be good for us as now we seriously need to step back into it as you really cant win anyone, or lets say anything big, these days if you're not 100% into it. You just need the whole package to be good, to be out there for your team and to have fun and that's not something what we were doing in the last season of ECL. SIKA will get back to Elite - at least I hope so.

Thanks for having us again in the competition and have a nice summer everyone! 


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Yeah so we're gonna party like it's 2012.


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Not for kings, nor for glory, but for the brother next to me! 

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