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Howdyhou gamers!

Here is Speedy Bros Hockey and still going strong. The roster has been altered a bit, but the aspiration is straight up. We don't know what is the division where they throw us, but what so ever -we will play there. We are blended with experience and rookies. Stats is not major priority, but the roles are. We want to lift up new players to the ECL-world, but you better be careful -they are not green horns with the game, no no no. After all our defense is experienced.


Ampuhaukka78 (C), tzon93 (A) and Malcom330 (A)


* Ampuhaukka78 (RD)

* EemilK02 (F)

* Johtaja699 (C / RW)

* JykkeL (F)

* markuss7777 (LD)

* Mir02k1 (LW)

* Ojamoska (F)

* Pettersson12 (G)

* Raikku560 (G)

* riihimaenharski (C / LW / LD)

* tzon93 (F)


Our mascot is "Tirsku" and it is same dude as Eemil xD



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21 hours ago, The_Alpha_Furyan said:

Fun team to play with, tough to play against and should do well whichever division they end up in. Best of luck! 

Thx pointsdef !

Ofc its fun to play with us -last time you made 3+2 :x  U maniac...

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Speedy Bros Hockey was under the soil, but we digged up that and yesterday we harnessed it for a new beggining. Our roster is quite unknown, but the chemistry isnt -better than ever.


 * JusaSoLow, Kusimaakari, Lowryy8, mir02k1, Tuuski_36 and Zundeh


* Ampuhaukka78 and Taunomaisteri


Jabmodes, Jormatsefiina and Sohvaperuna_


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